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September 2008

Hand-crafted & painted pendant

This is a necklace I just finished last night, but I’m really unhappy with the necklace I strung it on. It was a necklace sold as a stacking set, but

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Meow Sexy, Swanky & Heavy Petting FOTD

I did a tri-color lid look with the Meow Fall colors today. I paired Sexy, Swanky and Heavy Petting. After seeing how gorgeous Sexy looks on, I’m going to have

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Meow Claws-trophobic & Heavy Petting FOTD

I did another Meow Fall Colors look yesterday. I wanted to use Heavy Petting, so I decided to try it with Claws-trophobic. I like it a lot, thoughI think next

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Meow Huntress & Sabertooth FOTD

I wanted to do another Meow Fall colors FOTD today, and incorporate Waveline. So I grabbed Huntress and Sabertooth. I went very soft with my application since I wanted a

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Favorite Shower Gels

Since the shower gel I picked up for me tonight has become an instant favorite of mine, I decided to list off some of my favorite shower gels. Sephora –

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Shopping Adventure at International Mall

This evening my husband and I went to International Mall so I could check out the latest MAC releases. I was pretty disappointed with Suite Array. As Muse and many

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More Beading

I did some more beading last night. I finished putting clear acrylic paint on my black heart (lol), and decided to go ahead and make a necklace for it. My

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