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Meow’s Winter Spirits & Snowflakes – 2 EOTDs

I’m sick and working from home today, which is good because I feel awful. However, I decided to do two different EOTDs for you since I’m home sick. These are with the new Meow Winter Spirits and Snowflakes collections.

Winter Spirits Colors I used
Rose – chilled radiant raspberry
Chianti – magenta-hued garnet
Merlot – plum with midnight undertones and berry overtones
Pinot Noir – vivid dark plum with flashes of berry infused fire

The Sample Bags

My Skin Swatches Indoors

My Skin Swatches Outdoors

Right Eye
Winter Spirits Rose – inner 1/4 of eye, from crease to brows
Winter Spirits Chianti – outer 3/4 of eyelid
Winter spirits Merlot – outer vee and crease
Winter Spirits Pinot Noir – wetlined along lower lash line and outer upper lash line
MAC Pro Lash black mascara

Snowflake Colors I used
Snowball – pure white with blue iridescent sparkle
Blustery – sheer icy cool teal with blue iridescent sparkle
Avalanche! – Grey-blue with blue iridescence
Brrr – bright medium blue with blue iridescent sparkle

The Sample Bags

My Skin Swatches Indoors

My Skin Swatches Outdoors

Left Eye
Snowflake Snowball – all over eye area
Snowflake Blustery – all over eye lid
Snowflake Avalance – dry in crease, then foiled in crease, then a bit more patted over dry
Snowflake Brrr… – wetlined outer upper lash line and lower lash line
MAC Pro Lash black mascara

I think that the Snowflakes really benefit from being foiled/wetlined. I really loved how soft and pretty Blustery, Snowball and Avalanche were. Brr reminds me of the feliner Hiss. It’s a really pretty bright blue.

I LOVE Pinot Noir and Merlot. Rose was really difficult for me to get to look just right. It looked great on the inner corner of my eye, but trying to get it applied to my browbone was more difficult than I expected. It went on darker than I thought, so I wiped it off and applied with a different brush to try and get it on lighter.

I love how rich and warm Chiante, Merlot and Pinot Noir are, while I find the Snowflakes fun, cool and flirty.

What do you think of my Eyes of the Day? What do you think of the Meow Snowflakes Collection and the Winter Spirits Collection?

Don’t forget about Meow’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale and Contest. You can see the details here.

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