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October 1, 2009 11:12 pm

Morgana Minerals Halloween Treats Are Out!

It’s my FAVORITE time of year! It’s Fall and all the Halloween collections are coming out Morgana Minerals has released their Halloween collection, and they’ve got some really cool colors!

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Spell Cosmetics Releases the Jewel Thief Collection & Velvet Mattes

Spell Cosmetics just released their much anticipated Fall collection, The Jewel Thief. These are high luster shades when worn dry, but they turn metallic when used with a damp brush.

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Meow’s 2009 Halloween Collection is here!

Meow’s 2009 Halloween collection is here! Eye ShadowsHorrorDead of NightDirt Nap – rich – dare we say it? earthy (dirt!) brown with black undertones sparking with bronze iridescence and metallic

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