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First Impressions on the Clarisonic Mia & Mail

This was recently sent to me by Beauty from the Earth, which was very nice of them. This includes some of their eye shadows, blush, a makeup palette for pressed eye shadows, a powder container, and their custom made pressing medium. I’m really interested in their pressing medium because I’ve only tried to press with rubbing alcohol in the past, with varying degrees of success.

Mississippi Mud – dark matte brown
Big Island* – dark sparkly brown
Rome – a complex purple with brown undertones
Black Cherry* – matte burgundy brown
$10 Pineapple* – pale sparkly yellow
Sweet Nibblets – mustard yellow matte
Beam – bright yellow-orange with medium sheen
Karma – purpleish pink
Illusion – deep teal bue with shimmer and shine
Prissy – Prissy is a light pastel pink that is silky smooth and feels like velvet.
Dol Face – bright pink shimmer

*denotes shades that I don’t currently have an official description for

I recently placed an order with Glamour Doll Eyes so that I could try out some of their Goody Balms.

Leg Warmers – an awesome purple made from my favorite purple eye shadow from GDE, Glam Girl.
Material Girl – the perfet bright pink, smells like strawberry

So this is what I’ve received in the mail recently.

Also, I’ve finally had the chance to try out my Clarisonic Mia.

I’ve only used it once, but WOW. These are my first impressions.

First off, it didn’t irritate my skin. It didn’t hurt. The sensitive brush actually seems fine on my sensitive skin.

Second, it tickled my nose!

Third, I always find it really hard to feel like I get my nose area and where my piercing is located, that area clean and exfoliated without feeling like I’m ripping my piercing out. This brush works awesome in that area!

Fourth, after using it my face feels so smooth!

Fifth, I’m not sure that I like the cleanser that came with it, but I think I can use other cleansers, such as the Purity Made Simple sample I received.

I’m not sure that my Angels on Bare skin can be used with it though, which is a bummer because I LOVE my Angels on Bare skin. I honestly feel like my Angels on Bare Skin is why my skin looks so healthy, feels so good, and hardly ever breaks out.

Any thoughts? Does anyone know if Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin can be used safely with it? What cleanser do you use with the Clarisonic?

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    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13297145361711483500 JennBee

      Yay! Glad you're liking the Mia so far! As far as I know, you're supposed to be able to use the Clarisonic with just about any cleanser. I really love using my Purity with it. What I usually do is massage the cleanser into my skin for a few seconds, then use the Clarisonic on top… works like a charm!

      Also yes, the Mia is a smaller, travel-friendly version of the original, I believe. Super cute, too! :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10280163498395893797 Justine

      You have me very curious about the face cleaner, now…I had figured it was just hype & ignored it. Now I may have to give it a second chance and think about it some more. ~grin~

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Jenn,

      When I used the clarisonic to take off my makeup last night after I got home from the party, I swear it felt like my face got deep cleaned! I used it last night with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple and really liked it.

      Yes, the Mia is travel size, which works perfectly for me.

      Hi Justine,
      While I'm certainly not going to say I've reviewed it after only using it for 24 hours, I'm leaning strongly towards it's not hype. I'm super impressed with it.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02016577008160386411 krista carlson

      You can use any nonabrasive cleanser with it the clarisonic…don't use any kind of exfoliating wash with it. You may want to alternate when you use the brush if you use the Angels with bare skin. I don't use their cleanser. I use a C wash and Cetaphil. You can use the brush 2 times a day or once a day or whenever you want. I use it mostly at night to get a really good cleanse. I feel it has really made a difference in my skin….I have the pro one because I bought it at a spa…that is what they sold. I do an initial cleanse. then the second cleanse I use the brush. I don't use it to get the makeup off first….Purity I don't like. I kept giving it a try and it breaks me out yucky….

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14826519045476463458 Lillian Funny Face

      Glad to hear the Clarisonic is working… though in a way i wish it wasn't living up to the hype just because now i really want one!

    • Taryn

      I wouldn't use Angels with your Clarisonic. If it's not a liquid cleanser, it could gum up the mechanism. I used a thicker clay-type cleanser once with my regular Clarisonic and the brush head wasn't spinning correctly. I took it off and there was a build-up of gunk underneath and it took a long time to clean out. Just a heads up!

      Love your blog, BTW. I've read it for a long time, but this is my first comment. :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Krista,
      I think that's what I may do, use Angels on Bare Skin in the morning by itself. Then at night use the Clarisonic to take off my makeup.
      Eep! Not good to hear that Purity broke you out.

      Hi Lillian,
      I need to review it longer before I can really say much more, but I do feel like my skin is smoother ;)

      Hi Taryn,
      Ewww that's not good! Thanks for letting me know that. I think I'll be using Angels on Bare Skin in the morninig and the Clarisonic at night with an appropriate cleanser.

      So glad you like the blog :)