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Spell Victorian Couture Collection Look

I did a look today with Spell Cosmetic’s Victorian Couture Collection.

Shade Descriptions:
Midnight Fire – black with red reflects
Nevermore – dried rose with silver metallic relects
Freudian Slip – high lustre victorian lilac
Victorian Vampire – plum with red reflects
A Lady Never Tells – a lilac with subtle undertones of gold

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Spell Midnight Fire – on lid
Spell Nevermore – crease
Spell Freudian Slip – inner corners of eye and browbone
Gel Eyeliner in Black Out – upper lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero – lower water line
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom – lower lash line
Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara in Black

Spell Blush in Royal Flush

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese

Spell Baciare Lip Creme in A Lady Never Tells – light color
later applied on top of A Lady Never Tells
Spell Baciare Lip Creme in Victorian Vampire

Also, I tried blotting these colors after I had them layered and they looked awesome. I should have taken a picture of that, but I was pressed for time so I couldn’t.

And here’s a picture of Phaedra that was just too cute to pass up.

I really like this little collection. I’m especially happy with Nevermore and Victorian Vampire. I think that A Lady Never Tells doesn’t really work well with my skin tone. The eye shadows all coordinate together beautifully.

What do you think of this look?
How do you like the Victorian Couture collection?

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    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17065906903362178204 Lisa Kate

      I really really like this. I actually think you look great with A Lady Never Tells!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17073037723228196185 Saila

      Lovely! Very effortless sexy. I agree that Victorian Vampire looks better on you, A lady Never Tells is a bit too snow bunny.

      Oh, Phaedra is too cute! Give her some loving from me :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02016577008160386411 krista carlson

      I love these colors…I still have never tried spell….Phaedra is the cutest thing I have ever seen….love her….

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07579730245266470510 Tally7

      I have mixed feelings about Spell. I only ordered from the once, mind you. I got their Vamp Up gloss in Bordello and their shadow in Blueberry Fizz. I love the gloss. However, 10$ is a little steep to pay for lip gloss (luckily I got it in a 2-for shadow/gloss deal), when you can buy MAC for $14 (and a larger quantity goes into MAC). Plus, MAC has longer staying power. I wasn't impressed with Blueberry Fizz. There wasn't very much pigmentation there imo. I got more of a blue/purple duochrome effect and more pigmentation from Aromaleigh Mystere Pure Hue. (Not saying they are the same colors, they are not…no repackaging accusations here.) Again, $8 is steep for a shadow that wasn't very pigmented or duochromey as others I could buy for between 4 and 5 dollars. Although this current collection looks pretty, none of the eyeshadows stand out as unique to me. Just being honest here with my thoughts.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10536582976939616057 Courtney

      I love this look with the vampy lip! This is a hot one.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Lisa Kate,
      Thank you! I think I just felt a little odd when I looked in the mirror, I'll give it another try.

      Hi Saila,
      Thank you!
      I felt like the colors just melded together nicely. Ray and Dave both really liked this look.

      Hi Krista,
      I definitely recommend spell :)
      Thank you!

      Hi Tally,
      I really love the Blueberry Fizz color. Most of their glosses are $7.99 (the vamp ups are the only ones at $9.99). You're welcome to be honest. I definitely like Spell though. In particular in this set I really love Nevermore :)

      Hi Mermaidbird,
      Thank you!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12352578858633293051 Betty Ray

      This is a gorgeous look on you. I especially like the one with the lighter lip color – it just really draws the attention straight to your eyes. Beautiful!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15051730340510767550 Lindsey

      I was going to say the same thing about A Lady Never Tells on you. I think Victorian Vampire looks fabulous on you, but ALNT just washes you out.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Katrina,

      Thank you ;)
      I'll be trying the lighter lip again, but I'm always drawn towards dark, vampy lips.

      Hi Lindsey,
      Thanks :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07579730245266470510 Tally7

      Yeah, sorry about that, I realized a couple hours after I posted that that their glosses are normally $8. And I do actually like the looks of Nevermore. It reminds me of flowersofromance which I love. Maybe they would be hit and miss for me like The She Space is for you. And thanks for letting us be honest. Unlike SOME people, ahem, companies.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07030636021944222413 VampiressDoll

      Totally pretty! You always make some amazing looks. :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09221277198375464536 squidmarket

      I love Nevermore,it looks really good in this look.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Tally,
      No problem :)

      Hi VampiressDoll,
      Thank you! These colors were made for each other, so they really harmonize nicely.

      Hi Squidmarket,
      Thank you! I think it's an awesome color.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07579730245266470510 Tally7

      So, I probably will give the spell lipglosses another try. I do really like Bordello, although it dries my lips out a bit in the end (probably because it is a plumper?) What is the difference, in your opinion, between the Baciare and regular glosses? I am looking at this collection's glosses in particular and Haley's Bite. Thanks!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Tally,
      I like the glosses and lip cremes. I finally realized if I BLOT the lip cremes, I like them better than if I don't blot. Previously I'd have said I liked the glosses better.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15065481313903966194 Kanerou

      Wow, now I'm tempted to try some of those colors. So pretty!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Kanerou,
      This is probably my favorite collection from Spell cosmetics.