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I wanted to let you know that I’m still working on my review of Evil Shades. I also just received the following products courtesy of the following companies, so I will be reviewing them.

Heavenly Natural Beauty

Eye Shadows:
Happiness – vibrant creamy orange (vegan)
Grace – pastel green (vegan)
Trust – a steely shade (vegan)
Loyalty – rockin fuschia violet (not vegan)
Laughter – stunning sky blue (vegan)
Kindness – ivory (vegan)
Awareness – a pink in honor of breast cancer awareness (vegan)
Cappucino – deep dark matte brown (vegan)
Adoration – a sweet light lavender (unsure)

I’ve tried Heavenly Naturals before, but until I emailed Rene, I didn’t know for sure that she did make the majority of her products. She does have some colors that are repackaged. She also gives 15% of all of their profits to make the world a better place, which I think is pretty neat. The colors she sent me are all from her new Virtue Collection.

Silk Naturals

Perfecting Powder
Sheer Blush in Maybe Baby – MAC Blushbaby Clone, matte warm nude blush
Perfecting Glow in Liberty – light shimmery golden perfecting glow

Black Dahlia – deep brownish plum shimmer (vegan)
Raisin – matte deep brownish plum (vegan)
Nectar – Clinique Black Honey clone, sheer deep brown berry shade

Foundation mixing kit

Eye Shadows:
Rizzo – smoky grey velvet satin
Cougar – medium tan sparkle
Papyrus – MAC Rice Paper clone, warm highlighter shade
Poly – MAC Parrot clone, medium/deep blue shimmer
Bewitched – deep purple shimmer
Slick – Bare Escentuals 1980′s clone, metallic brownish silver
Rebel – Bare Escentuals Rock Star clone, sheer black glittery shadow
Aubergine – blackened plum

Silk Naturals makes their own products and anything not made by SN is clearly marked as such. She also makes great vegan versions of popular shades. She sent me Poly, which is a clone of the coveted MAC shade Parrot, and I’m excited about trying this shade. I’m also looking forward to trying her lip products, too.


Eye Shadows
Mushroom – pale silvery taupe
Rose Mallow – opalescent blue pink
Shooting Star – periwinkle blue with pink shimmer
Paradise Teal – intense lustrous teal
Palm – lustrous golden green
Roseglow Gold – rich deep gold with a warm rosy underglow
Sparkling Cypress – deep greenish black with gold flecks
Moon Shadow – very low luster deepest charcoal navy
Mojave Indigo – low luster deep plum
Moon Flower – very low luster palest grey
Sunset Sand – low luster golden peach beige

Lip products:
Roseglow Gold – Rich deep gold with a warm rosy underglow
Fire Poppy – warm poppy red

Fresh Lemon Cleansing Mousse – This fluffy whipped cleanser with the delectable scent of fresh lemons gently cleanses and revives oily and acne-prone skin. Foams lightly and rinses clean to leave skin feeling fresh and soft.

Purifying Cleansing Oil – Although it might sound counterintuitive to use oils to cleanse oily skin, natural plant oils have been used as highly effective skin cleansers for millennia! This light oil cleanser infused with soothing organic herbs forms a molecular bond with your skin’s natural oils to completely lift away dirt, makeup and environmental pollutants. May be followed with Tea Tree Gel Wash, Lemon Cleansing Mousse, Morning Mist Cleansing Whip or your favorite water-activated cleanser.

GeoGrafx also blends all of their own products from scratch, including skincare products, and they do custom blending for wholesale clients.

I’m looking forward to trying their products as well.

Honestly, it makes me happy to be introduced to new companies that make their own products.

Have you tried any products from the above companies?
If so, what did you think?

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    • http://apriltini.livejournal.com/ apriltini

      I'm really interested to know if Slick and Rebel are very good dupes of the BE colors. I imagine a bunch of people would be interested in piecing that collection together. Rizzo is gray? It looks taupey/mauve to me, and like something I want. :D

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Apriltini,
      I've never worn any Bare Escentuals, so I'm not sure if they're good dupes, but when I wear them I'll make sure to take good pictures :)
      Rizzo looks sort of taupe grey to me, if that makes sense? I'll try to get swatches or a look done soon with them.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07579730245266470510 Tally7

      Oh, yeah, way back I was into silk naturals. Never bought anything though. I am interested in what you think of them! I like the fact that they do "dupes".

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04115089023525905294 Heather / Eyeconic

      I like Heavenly Naturals, I'm actually wearing one of their eyeshadows today. They've introduced a lot of new colors lately, so I plan on ordering some and doing a review. I hope you like them, because I do. :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07430139486378135381 Amanda

      I've never used any of these brands, but I have used oils to clean my face before (OCM or Oil Cleansing Method) and it works amazingly well! I still use it if I start breaking out. Jojoba oil is my friend.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Tally,
      Once I get a chance to play with them I'll be happy to let you know :)

      Hi Heather,
      I do like Heavenly Naturals. I've done some fun looks with them before, and I really love their colors, Vanilla Crush and Rare Beauty.

      Hi Amanda,
      How do you use them properly? I'm a little unsure of the 'right' way?

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17689704006893553239 Julia

      Knew it, some of the heavenly naturals products are really similar to swatches on TKB..

      Onto Silknaturals: Fabulous. Yep, I started onto their lip balm/gloss in a tube. (Regulars have beeswax, but their vegans don't have it) I found a perfect color for my lips, so pretty and pink yet so natural like I've eaten a berry! I've fallen madly in love with their lip choices. BUT their eyeshadows are the underdogs.

      Now every week, they have a surprise gift, mostly eyeshadows. I've gotten some colors from them and I have to say they're just as great as Aromaleigh's and doesn't cost as much. The pigmentation, the swatches, cheap prices and their friendly customer service are thrown into this big winning combo and a happy customer!!!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07430139486378135381 Amanda

      I use straight jojoba oil, because I have oily, acne-prone skin. Other people I know of use olive oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, camellia oil, or a mix of any of these. I know that's not very helpful, but you KNOW when you hit on the right oil for your skin. :)

      I massage the oil into my skin, using between a nickel or a quarter-sized amount. It's going to be a really decent amount- you want your fingers to slide across your skin. I massage for probably about a minute and a half. It feels great and it really allows anything clogging the pores to come out. When I'm really breaking out, the oil will start to feel gritty after a bit, because all the gunk clogging my pores will just slip right out. Gross, yes, but fabulous! It's great for removing blackheads.

      So after all that, I wet a washcloth in the hottest water I can stand and gently wipe off the oil. Some people put the washcloth over the face and allow it to "steam" the oil off, but that takes too long for my liking. I rinse and wipe gently as long as it takes. I quit wiping when my face feels clean but moisturized. It feels like a small bit of oil is left on the skin- it won't feel tight or squeaky, which most people associate with "clean", but even though there is a small bit of oil left, the skin shouldn't feel greasy. It feels a lot like the soft, moisturized feeling Angels on Bare Skin leaves behind.

      I want to kick myself when I remember how much money I spent on "oil-free" products to control my oily skin and breakouts over the years. Had I just remembered the chemical principle of "like removing/dissolving like", I would have had great skin years ago using OCM!

      OMG, longest comment ever. I'll shut up now. :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Julia,
      Yes, some of them are, but most seem to be original.

      What's your favorite colors/products from Silk Naturals?

      Hi Amanda,
      I love olive oil to eat, but I'd not tried it for cleansing before.

      I'm trying to figure out how I can incorporate this with using my Mia and Angels on Bare Skin.

      I really need to use the AOBS in the morning, because I think it keeps me from breaking out, and I've been using the Mia in the evenings.

      And no, I wanted to know, this is great detail! I just need to work up the courage to try it.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07430139486378135381 Amanda

      I have friends who do OCM once a week instead of as their daily cleansing routine. it might be a good place to start.

      The first time I tried it, I was SURE it would cause me to break out. I actually waited until I had a week's vacation from work so I didn't have to show up with nasty skin if it did! *paranoid*

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Amanda,
      Do you think I can try the extra virgin olive oil that I have for cooking?

      And lol! I totally get the waiting.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07430139486378135381 Amanda

      Absolutely. That's exactly what I used when I started. I still return to EVOO during the drier winter months.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      Hi Amanda,
      Well it seems like the body of PCO I have (pictured above) will work, and so will my olive oil, so I just need to go and try it :P I don't know why I'm so hesitant about it. I love it on my food.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07430139486378135381 Amanda

      I was hesitant because I'd always been told oil was the cause of my breakouts, like it was this evil substance out to wreck my skin. It took a huge leap of faith for me to try it- had it not been for the enormous thread at the Long Hair Community, I never would have dared. Those ladies helped my hair SO much that I gave OCM a try, too.

      Wow, the thread is still there! 72 pages worth!

      The PCO looks great. I'm thinking of trying it myself when I'm off my no-buy.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02168093054712781267 Phyrra

      I'll go check it out :)