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Saturday Stuff

I received something very special in the mail today.

It was a gift from Kelly of Whimsy Beading of a beautiful bracelet that she handmade. (She has more lovely bracelets in this style here.)

It’s seriously beautiful. I need to wear it with a slinky black dress, and commission a choker to coordinate with it.

Next in the mail came my sample order from Concrete Minerals. I did their purchase 5 samples for $4.99 and they also threw in 2 extra samples for free. Shipping was only $1.99, which is pretty reasonable.

Seance – deep purple with lavender sheen
Zealous – vibrant turquoise
Juvenile – acid green with turquoise sparkle
Kismet – bright pink with gold undertones
Prude – pale shimmery pink
Mad Hatter – dramatic reddish-purple with green sparkle
Bang-Up – electric blue with gold sparkle

*Mad Hatter & Bang-Up were free shades
I’m particularly interested in trying Juvenile, to see how well the turquoise sparkle shows up.

Last, after I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, I stopped by Ulta.

This is what I picked up:
Piggy Polish Beach Break – reddish fuschia with multi-color sparkle
Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation in Translucent Light
Ms Mancire 3 mini salon boards

I’ve really been dying to try this powder because of the fact that it’s SPF 50. I first saw the lovely Blix with it and that piqued my interest, so I want to try it.

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    • RaeRae

      Oooh Juvenile does look good! SPF 50 sounds bloody good, but I don't think Physician's Formula is really available in the UK. I want a moisturiser with SPF in it, it would be so much more convenient than remembering to put sunscreen on everyday (which I am a failure at, I'll have nobody else to blame when I'm wrinkly and sundamaged)

    • Heather / Eyeconic

      I just found out about Concrete Minerals a couple days ago. I was actually going to ask if you had heard of them- I figured if anyone had it would be you. :) I think their stuff looks nice, I'm interested in seeing your opinions of the colors.

    • Mika_chan

      This is so pretty! I love cuff bracelets.

    • SillhouetteScreams

      That bracelet is so intricate and pretty, she definitely has talent! How amusing, I was actually just looking at Concrete Minerals a couple of days ago, but didnt stick around because I hadnt found any good reviews.

    • Phyrra

      I'm not sure I like the ingredients in the Physicians formula. Wearing it today to check it out. I always put on sunscreen as I have it in my moisturizer :)

    • Phyrra

      I'm wearing Prude today as a highlighter and it's a nice soft color.

    • Phyrra

      Thank you!

    • Phyrra

      Yeah the bracelet is amazing! I'll be able to give you an idea of their products shortly. So far I like the one eye shadow that I tried.

    • @whimsybeading

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I love making this style of cuff bracelet. I can never keep enough of them in stock to list them in our Etsy store, but I shouldn't really complain!

    • Phyrra

      You are quite welcome! I just was so blown away by how beautiful it is!

    • BLIX

      Ooh! Pretty bracelet! The bead colours are especially nice. I had just heard of Concrete Minerals yesterday. Although I don't really know anything about them. I suppose you will inform us soon! :-) I'm diggin my sunscreen powder so far. Sunscreen lotion breaks me out. And I like the idea of this powder even more so since it is SPF 50 and it has the Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation.