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Favorite Shades – Purples

These are my favorite purple shades. Check them out!




My purples were so big that I had to break them up into 3 images!

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    • fashionedfinn

      Oh, these are amazing! <3

    • Makeup Zombie

      Um yeah…..I've been on the Fyrinnae site now for a good hour trying to decide on a few samples. I actually “wish list-ed” Delvian and Parental Advisory. Now that I've actually been able to sit down and go through their site, I am just in awe of the color spectrum. I can't wait to order. And of course I have to try the Pixie Epoxy. This is awesome that you do this…and girl…I'm jealous! :)

    • KittenMittens

      oh….wow…my brain can't handle all the purple goodness!

    • @glittertoucans

      I'm wearing Neon Femme and Temptress right now. Lovely colors!

    • Dennipep

      They all look pretty and yummy!

    • Zahrah

      I <3 Purples.. Cheers for the list.. I have a few of them – but love trying new shades!

    • Bhevarri

      Oh, Purple, how I love thee!

    • Mika_chan

      Omg. OMG. I'm a purple eyeshadow freak, and this is like purple eyeshadow porn to me!!

    • HYB

      I lovelovelove purples. The shespace had some gorgeous purples, but since they're discontinuing almost everything you can't probably get them anymore :/. Dreamworld has some gorgeous pinkpurples/purples in their Amazon and Valkyrie collection. Hi-Voltage's Outer Space, which is lingering on the lines on blue and purple, is gorgeous. It can be more blue or purple depending on what you use it with. I used it to darken Cupcake sprinkes yesterday and ugh, the most gorgeous bluish purple ever. Cupcake Sprinkles might be my favorite purple though, it's so unique and truly pretty.

    • Thia Winter

      OMG All your AL purples are some of my faves too!! And LOVE Delvian, cupcake sprinkles, and am getting Glitterboi in my order that's coming (YAY along with Trickster) I have a lot of the same ones but not all….I haven't gotten to try some of the other companies yet. Thanks for the HUGE PURPLE LOVE!!!

    • bohemian

      I have mirelle and colette from Aromaleigh,I love them both.I got some of those purples with my last order from Stardust.Purple shades are always magical for me:)) I definately need purples from Fyrinnae:D I will order when my blending skills get better ,I don't want waste them:P

    • Jade

      Has anyone got the full-size Aromaleigh purplerain and bodyelectric? PR is a really lovely sparkly purple, and BE is supposed to be royal blue, but my samples are the exact same color… I've tried swatching them dry, wet, over primer and with Pixie Epoxy and every time, I can't tell the difference between them at all. All my other Aromaleigh samples in the same color family have been so beautiful and different (except iseered and helterskelter, they're almost the same, but so are their descriptions) I was a bit disappointed, because I was expecting bodyelectric to be really BLUE and it's just so not! Can't wait to get my hands on Cupcake Sprinkles from Fyrinnae, though :)

    • Tally7

      Thanks for the pics! Purple and Greens are my fav.s! Happy Easter if you are into that :). I just bought 's Hacker and think it will be an awesome purple… we'll see.

    • Phyrra

      I <3 my purples :)

    • Phyrra

      Glad you like it :)

    • Phyrra

      Hehe purple overload!

    • Phyrra

      They are lovely!

    • Phyrra

      They're all a lot of fun.

    • Phyrra

      Definitely let me know what you try.

    • Phyrra

      I'm right there with you on that!

    • Phyrra

      ROFL! Glad you like it!

    • Phyrra

      I'll have to check out High Voltage's Outer Space. I'll also peek at Dreamworld. I had a few DW colors up there :) I didn't like the SheSpace Shadows that I tried.

    • Phyrra

      Yay! Glitterboi is so fickle, changes depending how you look at it. I love it.

    • Phyrra

      If you get the pixie epoxy it will help with the application of complex shadows :)

    • Phyrra

      My full size BodyElectric is really shimmery and leans more blue. Email Aromaleigh's customer service and they should be able to help you. I've always experienced great c.s. with them.

    • Phyrra

      Thanks :) Hacker is pretty. I think I used it in a look recently.

    • Sarah

      parental advisory is one of my favorite colors. I love to wear it on a black primer base…

    • Birgitte

      Great pics! I LOVE purple!! Can't wait to get my Morgana order now, I ordered Transylvania Twist, Nightshade and Shrieking Violet. Happy I did :) Sugar Pill Poison Plum – is it worth the price?

    • Ashley

      Great collection! I love purples so much. Actually, green, blue, purple, and pink, in any combo makes me extraordinarily happy. That's one of the reasons why I liked the movie Avatar…all those colours were so vivid! My fave purples from Aromaleigh are 'Clara,' 'Vigil of Change,' and 'Ephemeral Violet.' I really like MAC's 'Parfait Amour,” but I really need to work with it to make it stand out. Last week I ordered a bunch of Fyrinnae. Their shadows are so different from everything else on the market. Once you try mineral based shadows, you can never go back!!

    • Phyrra

      Oooh I need to try that.

    • Phyrra

      I like the finish on the Sugarpill pressed shadows. I think it's worth it.

    • Phyrra

      Those are all nice purples! And yeah MAC's purple is hard to get to show up compared to mineral makeup.

    • nkaneko

      This is a gorgeous collection of purples! Aromaleigh's Mireille and Colette are so pretty and sparkly – I am going to have to try them with Pixy Epoxy. I also love Meow's Necromancer – it is a go-to blackish purple for me and it looks great over the MAC V greasepaint stick. I only bought a sample of Skeptic last October when Meow's Friday the 13th collection was available and am waiting patiently for the next Friday the 13th to come around so I can pick up a full size. I am so impressed with Fyrinnae's teals and will have to try out a few of these purples, especially Glitterboi, when I next order from them. I am really enjoying your “Favorite Shades” series and am curious to see what color will be next. :)

    • Phyrra

      Yay I'm glad you like them :) And yeah, V is fantastic. I love B and Greasepaint Black, too. Yes, you will adore a fs of Skeptic. I think it's my favorite meow color. I just LOVE those duochromes. Glitterboi is awesome. Glad you like the series!

    • BLIX

      Oooh! I have a lot of these…but there are some I don't have and I think I need!

    • Phyrra

      Which ones do you need? :)

    • Silhouettex

      That Grapal Gloss looks so pretty *__*

    • Phyrra

      OMG it is! LOVE!