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Candy Decadence in the Obscura

Today I did my makeup in a different way than normal. I put a teal color – Ozone – around the middle of my eyes (my upper lid and my crease). Then I put Scratched Scruples all over my lid. Then in the crease I put Private Lunacy. The effect it had was that my lid started out blue, then became blue-green, then green, then yellow-green. I really liked the effect. If I try it again, I need to get the green to be a bit more visible and the line between the green and the yellow-green to be more fluid and less sharp.


I really love how this one turned out.


I love how teal the reflect is in this lippy. It just looks so awesome on my lips :)




Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Aromaleigh Ozone – upper lid and crease
Aromaleigh Scratched Scruples – lid and on top of Ozone in upper lid
Aromaleigh Private Lunacy – crease
Aromaleigh Sylph – on browbone to highlight, inner corners of eye
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy – upper lash line, extended out
Aromaleigh Obscura – upper lash line, extended out, and lower lash line
Urban Decacy 24/7 liner in Yeyo – lower water line
Lorac Dark Brown Brow Pencil
L’Oreal Lash Primer
Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

Too Faced Lust to Love Blush Duo

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 in Translucent Light
Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Snow Lynx

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Candy Decadence
Fyrinnae Ryunome – just a dab at the center of the bottom lip, blended out

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    • MissTat

      I love seeing that lipcolor in a look! I just ordered a bunch of lip lustres yesterday and now the excitement of the wait begins… :) ( i always get super excited every time I order anything ) Great eyeshadow, as always

    • Michelle

      I love the color placement. It looks gorgeous :)

    • @FAttraction_MUA

      I LOVE your looks! They are always absolutely amazing!! How do you get your crease so vibrant? When ever I use a bright color is never comes out as bright as it is in the jar. :( Thanks!

    • Phyrra

      I use a good eye shadow primer :) I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It helps that these shadows are VERY pigmented, too. However, if the color isn't bright enough, you can always use a mixing medium like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

    • Phyrra

      Yay thanks!

    • Aubrey

      Oh WOW! I love that idea for color placement! Absolutely brilliant!

    • Phyrra

      Thanks :) Hopefully next time I can execute it better

    • KittenMittens

      I love the green for the crease!

    • Makeup Zombie

      Your right, the lips look killer!! I really like your hair with your bangs to one side!

    • Julia Mathias

      Candy Decadence looks so good, I can't wait for mine to arrive (this is the part where living in Brazil sucks)! And I loved the method you used, I might try that!

    • Mama Laura

      I love color placements like that!

    • VampiressDoll

      Hotttt! I love that lip colour too. x

    • Nina

      I always love your teal and lime green combos… so pretty!

    • BLIX

      The lips totally make this look. So seductive. *drool*

    • Phyrra

      Yay thanks! I really love how this layering turned out.

    • Phyrra

      Thank you! I'm growing them out right now, along with the rest of my hair :)

    • Phyrra

      I hope it comes soon!

    • Phyrra

      Yay thanks! What's your favorite combo like this?

    • Phyrra

      Yay thank you!

    • Phyrra

      Yay thanks!

    • Silhouettex

      Wow, the duochrome in the lip colour is awesome!

    • BeautysBadHabit

      I tried Ghostly Voice over a plum-black (like MAC 'Cyber') yesterday and wondered if it was similar to Candy Decadence….

    • Phyrra

      Yeah it's really strong!

    • Phyrra

      I'm guessing it would be a bit more blue?