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Victoria’s Revenge by Aromaleigh – Swatches

I received my pr samples from Aromaleigh of the new collection, Victoria’s Revenge. It’s a really gorgeous, dark and sparkly collection that really showcases complex colors.




In particular I love:
Skeleton Key, Scratched Scruples, Bleeding Poppy, Ruthless Indulgence, Airy Ethos, Gaslight Tears, Obscura, Mania’s Locus

I really can’t wait to wear them!

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    • PurpleSaila

      Gorgeous! I know I love Mania's Locus, Cyanide Sorrow and Skeleton Key already!

    • Erline

      I love the names! Have my eye on Mourning's whimsy, Gaslight tears and Skeleton Key (happen to be watching the movie now). Can't tell but do Poison Utopia and Ruthless Indulgence have large pieces of glitter?

    • Cacau

      As soon it is released brazen & bitter is mine!

    • Nina

      quite a few of these remind me of the bete noire collection.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for the swatches :) I can already tell Skeleton Key is going to be a favorite of mine. I love them all, can't wait to play with them.

    • Jo`

      Wow these are gorgeous! I love them :) I have my eye on a bunch of them.

    • Lillian

      Oh my god, Ruthless Indulgence looks amazing!

    • invinciblesun

      I've never tried anything from Aromaleigh (I've been meaning to though). I think I'll start with this collection! :D

    • Luinae McAnish

      LOVE IT! I can't wait to order samples- Aromaleigh is so generous with them, thank God.

    • @booopers

      I'll end up getting the whole sample set but I definitely want to try: scratched scruples, skeleton key, phantasm, cyanide sorrow,oleander vapor, mania's locus, mourning's whimsy, obscura, frigid gloom, and gaslight tears.

    • Becca

      Oh dang, these are beautiful!! Yay, sparklies!

    • Nicole

      Oooh, these all look great – I also agree with your favorites picks!

    • bohemian

      these look amazing! thanks for the swatches.Ruthless Indulgence and Mania's Locus will be great together

    • @newtypegirlie

      I'm almost disappointed that Cyanide Sorrow isn't a teal or a blue color, haha. But these all look great (I especially want Ruthless Indulgence!!)

    • BLIX

      I think I want them all!

    • Phyrra

      I can't WAIT to see Skeleton Key on you!

    • Phyrra

      Yeah the names are awesome! I wouldn't say large pieces, but definitely visible.

    • Phyrra

      Hehe, I bet it will look fab on you!

    • Phyrra

      They're dark but not in the same way. They're very rich, decadent colors.

    • Phyrra

      Yay, me too ;)

    • Phyrra

      Which do you have your eye on?

    • Phyrra

      Yes it is! I wore it today!

    • Phyrra

      I definitely think this is one of their best!

    • Phyrra

      Definitely :)

    • Phyrra

      Yeah, they're so pretty :)

    • Phyrra

      Definitely a yay!

    • Phyrra


    • Phyrra

      I think you're right!

    • Phyrra

      Nod! I lurve teals!

    • Phyrra

      I think you'll do some amazing things with these colors!

    • Silhouettex

      I'm not fond of the names, but they look really pretty :)

    • Arrianne

      Ruthless Indulgence looks like a duochrome. Looks awesome!

    • Phyrra

      It's like a sparkly duochrome :)

    • Kate

      Those colours are amazing! I look forward to seeing some looks!

    • Phyrra

      I've done a couple so far :) I really like it. It's a very rich color collection.

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