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A Day at the Beach Collection by Suds n’ Sass

Elizabeth of Suds n’ Sass sent me her new collection, A Day at the Beach.

Eye Shadows:
flip flops (green with blue sparkles), seagrass (yellow green), surf’s up (aqua), Tidal Wave (deep teal), tattoo shop (ultra sparkly deep purple with multi-colored shimmer)
boardwalk (midtone brown with pink sparkles), beach sand (light peachy-pink flesh tone), poolside (slightly dusty light blue), piercing parlor (pretty silvery-grey), pink horizons (pale petal pink)
sandcastle (pale yellow), golden rays (light sparkly yellow), banana taffy (midtone shimmery yellow), summertime (goldenrod yellow), polka dot bikini (deep coral),
beach babe (midtone brown), Sunburn (reddish brown)

cotton candy, raspberry snow cone

suntan, bronze goddess

My favorites:
Tidal Wave, Seagrass, Surf’s Up, Tattoo Shop, Piercing Parlor, Flip Flops and the blush Cotton Candy.

This is a really cute collection from Suds n’ Sass and I’m happy to see her making shadows again.

See any colors you adore?

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    • http://makeupzombie1.blogspot.com/ Makeup Zombie (Wendi)

      I adore Flip Flops and Tattoo Parlor. Excited about tomorrow!

      • Phyrra

        Yeah they look fantastic :)

    • http://PaintedMoogle.blogspot.com Aubrey

      Ooo! I like Tattoo Shop. I’ve never ordered from Suds n’ Sass before… maybe they should be next!

    • kawaiiferreto

      OOOOH. These look lovely. Seagrass looks gorgeous! I also like the look of Poolside, Sandcastle, Banana Taffy, Summertime, Surf’s up, and Tattoo Parlor (I think I like that one just because anything with tattoo in the name needs to be mine!)
      I actually like pretty much all of these colors, and raspberry snow cone looks like a gorgeous blush color!

    • http://www.kitschysuburbia.blogspot.com Meg

      Pretty colors – the names SCREAM summer! Because of your and MZ’s reviews/swatches, I placed my first order this afternoon. The hubs is going to murderize me. LOL

      • Phyrra

        Oooh what all did you get?

    • Invicta

      Great names ( reminds me of Daytona Beach) plus most of them match up very nicely to their respective eyeshadows. Although…I’m so happy I’ve never had a Sunburn that bad :>

      • Phyrra

        Ug, I’ve had a sunburn so bad that I had blistering like with a 2nd degree burn and had to take medication. That’s when I found out I really can’t tan (I fell asleep by the pool).

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      Summertime, Banana Taffy and Piercing Parlour look really pretty :D