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Saturday Sugarpill Sweetness

Yesterday I decided to wear bright mattes. I put Buttercupcake on my lid, with Atlantic blue on the outer corner and in the crease. I decided the crease needed some brightening so I used Poison Plum. I knew Vapour would be the perfect brow highlighter, but I feel like I should have used something else for the inner lash line and inner v.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill Buttercupcake – on lid
MAC Atlantic blue – outer corner of lid and lower crease and lower lash line
Sugarpill Poison Plum – crease
MAC Vapour – on browbone and inner lower lash line and inner corner of eye
Black Wet n’ Wild Creme Liner – upper lashline
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Yeyo – lower water line
L’Oreal Lash Primer
Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

MAC Full Fuchsia

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese

MAC Lip Pencil in Life’s a Breeze
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Trickster

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    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittens

      hothothot! I love Buttercupcake! If I wasn’t poor and flying away in a month I could easily drop $100 on sugarpill stuff I’ve been eyeballing since she’s opened shop lol

      • Phyrra

        You totally should pick some up whenever your time/budget allows. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

    • http://www.scrubbingupwell.blogspot.com ScrubbingUpWell

      Pretty colour combination, Buttercupcake looks gorgeous.

    • http://thestudentsguidetonailpolish.blogspot.com/ September Lena

      Purple + yellow = one of my favourite colour combinations. You rock it nicely. Buttercupcake is stunning :)

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Lena!

    • http://strawberryess.blogspot.com/ Amanda

      Oh wow I love the colors together,,, great look… I love it

    • http://www.twitter.com/pretty_serious Lena

      How do you get your mattes to apply so smoothly? Mine always end up looking like a patchy hot mess, even with primer.

      • Phyrra

        Hmm, I used TFSI in this look. I think I used the medusa’s makeup lid brush to apply Buttercupcake, urban decay’s crease brush to apply Poison Plum, aromaleigh’s pointed crease brush to apply Atlantic Blue in the lower crease and the outer corner of the lid, ecotools highlighter brush to apply vapour on the browbone and blend out the edge of Poison Plum.
        It may just be that I was sort of patting the color on and then brushing, as opposed to brushing?

    • “Persephone”

      Oh, wow buttercupcake rocks!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Victoria :)

    • http://nikhedonia.wordpress.com Eplefe

      I thought I commented on this earlier. Hm. Buttercupcake looks a lot darker on you than it does on me. Love the look, though! Really gorgeous combination. :’)

      • Phyrra

        I think it came off very dark on my lid, but it doesn’t always, and I’m not sure what I did to create that effect. Glad you like it!

    • Integgy

      Absolutely gorgeous! there’s something about the combination of purple and yellow that deeply appeals to me. It’s something I haven’t done a lot, but when I have, I’ve loved it. I’m thinking I’ll have to incorporate it into my own looks more.

    • Keira

      I love these colors! So vibrant! Beautifully done <3

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Keira!

    • http://lacquerloveblog.blogspot.com Serena

      Interesting colours…Purple and Yellow were my elementary school’s colours.

      • Phyrra

        Cool! I think mine were blue & white.

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      Awesome colour combo, Buttercupcake looks more intense than usual here!

      Maybe you could do Lumi on the inner V? I think it would play nicely off the yellow and blurple :)

      • Phyrra

        Oooh, I bet Lumi would have been awesome on the inner v. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Therese

      Such a saturated combo! I just don’t have the guts to walk around with such strong eyemakeup..Sugarpill is def on my wishlist. Midori and now Buttercuo <3

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Therese! It was funny, I was at Sally’s with this makeup on and a woman stopped me to tell me that my makeup went beautifully with my hair. I was surprised and flattered.

    • http://drugstoreandbargainlover.blogspot.com/ Stavroula Plag

      I love that purple!!!! <3


      • Phyrra

        Thank you! It’s an awesome purple!

    • http://www.aijuswhanakno.com Mika Chan

      This look is very unique! Those were also the colors of my first high school, lol.

      • Phyrra

        Hehe, neat! My high school ended up being Black and Gold.

    • http://themoonmaiden-blix.blogspot.com/ BLIX

      This combo is awesome! I finally ordered from Sugarpill. I got all the pressed shadows but no loose ones. Looking forward to doing some looks with them. :-)
      Poison Plum looks so amazing!

      • Phyrra

        Yay! I can’t wait to see you wearing them! Your looks always inspire and dazzle me.

    • Kathryn Dresbach

      love it!! i love purples and the warm buttercup looks great!! good combo! you look so pretty!!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Katie!