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Silk Naturals – Harry Potter & Hawaii

Two of my favorite things come together at Silk Naturals! They just released two collections, Harry Potter & Hawaii. I’ve got my eye on Hibiscus & Mango, Hero, Dark Arts and Pacific. It looks like most of these new shades are vegan and I think some are gluten free.

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    • http://kelliegonzo.blogspot.com kelliegonzo

      i LOVE HP!! awesome!

      • Phyrra

        I was excited to see Hawaii and HP collections :)

    • Marcey

      Delacouer & Ginny look like beautiful gloss colors!

      • Phyrra

        They’re definitely cute!

    • http://wintrybeauty.blogspot.com Thia Winter

      I’m gonna have to check these out!!! :D

      • Phyrra

        What are you most drawn to Thia?

    • Marina

      Man I love HP! I’m one of the crazies who went to the opening of the park really early ;p Want these.

      • Phyrra

        I’m planning on hitting the park this fall :)

    • Dash

      Just wanted to mention since it wasn’t mentioned on the post that 1 dollar for each sale of this new collection goes to Women for Afghan Women.

      • Phyrra

        Oh wow, I didn’t know that, thank you for mentioning it!

    • http://eyeconicmakeup.blogspot.com/ Heather / Eyeconic

      This is the first place I’m ordering from after my low/no-buy is over… they have soooo much stuff I want. I need that Ginny gloss :D

      • Phyrra

        They’ve got some really lovely colors :)

    • http://a-crazy-peach.blogspot.com/ The Peach

      For some reason that Mango Buttercream is calling my name and I’m not usually into bright lips!

    • Tempest

      Not to be a downer, but is the HP collection copyright/trademark violation? Warner Bros. is suing a German condom company for hawking a “Harry Popper” prophylactic… I hope they don’t bother Silk! (I need the Delacoeur gloss!)

      • Phyrra

        I think it’s possible to use the names that they used without it being a violation, but i’m not 100% sure as I’m not a lawyer.

    • kawaiiferreto

      Oh FFS. NEED. Why is SN always so bad for my wallet? >.<

      • Phyrra

        Because they’re always so good ;)

    • http://libbyspinkvanity.blogspot.com Kimberly

      Teacher’s Pet and Guava….yea, baby!!! Actually, they are all awesome. :)

      • Phyrra

        They do look really lovely!

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      Holy crap, I NEED all the Harry Potter colours! :D


      • Phyrra

        They do look pretty awesome :)

    • Saila

      Noooo.. I’m such a succer for great themes/names and this is just going to ruin me! LOL. I love the HP lipglosses, they look yummy. I might need Teacher’s Pet, too.

      • Phyrra

        I’m all for cool themes, too :)

    • http://blovet.blogspot.com blovetbeauty

      aloha looks cute!

      • Phyrra

        I think so, too!

    • http://beautifulwithbrains.com gio

      I need to check these out, they are all gorgeous!

      • Phyrra

        They really are! Karen does such a great job with her products.

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