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Mineral Makeup 101 Basics Video Tutorial

This is just a little video tutorial on some Mineral Makeup 101 – How to apply mineral eye shadow with the dab/pat methods. There are many other methods, including foiling, using Pixie Epoxy (my personal favorite), or other mixing mediums as well as using bases like Paint Pots or Shade Sticks.

I showcase ecoTools brushes because I own about 40 of them, they’re easily accessible to most people, and I think they’re really good quality. You can buy several good sets from Amazon.com:
Alicia Silverstone set
6 Piece Eye Brush set
And you can also find them at Target, Walgreens, Walmart and other stores.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Archetype China White – inner v, inner lid, inner crease
Overall Beauty Elf Toes – middle lid, middle lower lash line and middle crease
OVeral Beauty Metal Rose – outer lid, outer lower lashline and outer crease
Fyrinnae Nijiro – to highlight
Too Faced Lava Gloss in Chocolate Lava – upper lash line
Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Primer
Flirt! It Curls mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Flipside – to define brows

Cliche Cosmetics Blush in Pink Poodle
Hard Candy Pinup – to lightly contour

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese

MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry
Evil Shades Lipstick in Diabolical

Please let me know what you think of this video, as I did very minimal editing with it and left in a lot of how I blend with these types of shadows.

The video tutorial will be posted here shortly:

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    • Rebecca

      Wow great video! Do you have one or are you planning on doing a tutorial about applying mineral foundation and blush? I have purchased some recently and just have the worst time with it flying everywhere, so I actually apply it with a sponge hehe. So I would loooove one similar to this eye shadow tutorial. Thanks!

      • Phyrra

        I’ve done one in the past, but I will probably do a new one :) Again, the whole dip the kabuki in the powder and tap off the excess (much like with the eye shadow) really helps with mineral makeup. I haven’t tried a sponge but I bet it works well, too.

    • http://www.meowmisu.blogspot.com Nina

      that inner corner color is just amazing!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Nina :)

    • cinseven13

      Loved it!

      • Phyrra

        Aww thank you Cin! *hug*

    • http://martiandelightsdicountmakeupcosmetics.blogspot.com/ Lorraine

      Thanks for the video… just worked out where I was going wrong with my fallout … I don’t tap the brush ! It’s such a silly thing but I am sure it will make a real difference !

      • Phyrra

        It really does help Lorraine!

    • http://themprettycolors.blogspot.com Sarah B.

      Hi Phyrra!

      Loved your tutorial!
      I always wondered how to pack up the shimmer shadows!

      I was wondering if you could make a vid or txt 101 on the must have make up brushes and their functions. Or maybe just an eye brushes post :)

      Just a suggestion anyways!

      • Phyrra

        I can certainly try :)

    • http://shopmystash.blogspot.com Darcey

      Very nice, Phyrra! It really helps to see how you do it. I have a question: Did you use Pixie Epoxy in this look? About how often do you use Pixie Epoxy in your everyday looks?

      • Phyrra

        Hi Darcey!
        No, I didn’t use Pixie Epoxy in this look.
        I list Pixie Epoxy when I use it in a look :)
        It really depends on how often I use it. Some weeks I’ll use it nearly every day, and other weeks only once a week. I primarily use it when I want brighter/sparkly looks :)

    • http://kathyfuckingjacobs.blogspot.com Kathy

      Great video, and a really pretty look! I’m going to have to try Overall Beauty. Thanks!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Kathy!

    • http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com Stavroula Plag

      Useful video!! :) Btw you look so cute in your videos! :)

      • Phyrra

        Aww thank you Stavroula! I always feel like I look like such a dork!

        • http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com Stavroula Plag

          You look kinda strict in your pictures here, dunno why! The first time I watched one of your videos I was like “really??? she looks and sounds so sweet” ! :)

          • Phyrra

            Awww <3 Thank you!