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Polished With Curls

I had a lot of fun putting this look together. It’s not really a normal look for me, but I definitely felt very polished.

Shiro Meowth – inner lid, inner lower lash line and from crease to eyebrows
Shiro S.S. Anne – middle lid, middle lower lash line, middle crease
Spell Tiger Eye – outer lid, outer crease blended inward and outer lower lash line
WnW Black Creme Liner – upper and outer lower lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero – lower water line
Smashbox Brow Tech Wax
MAC Contrast – to define brows
L’Oreal Lash Primer
Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume

Spell Soft Focus Neutral – blush
Spell Goddess Glow – highlight

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese

Morgana Minerals Lipstick Pot in Raspberry

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    • http://nikhedonia.wordpress.com Eplefe

      Gorgeous! The curls look great on you! <3

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Eplefe <3 I’m still learning how to curl my hair well.

    • http://morrigans-beautyblog.blogspot.com/ Morrigan

      Very pretty look, and I love those curls on you :)

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Morrigan!

    • http://libbyspinkvanity.blogspot.com Kimberly

      It is a different look for you, but still very pretty.
      I like your haircut too. :)

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Kimberly! I <3 the new bangs.

    • http://www.outinapout.blogspot.com Jessica Allison

      Wow! Where are you going Miss Fancy Panties?(I always feel a little dirty saying “panties”). Very pretty, and though I’m typically if the “neutrals are boring” variety, this isn’t at all! I love the hair too!

      • Phyrra

        I was all dressed up with no place to go! Glad you like it Jessica :)

    • Tina


      • Phyrra

        Yay! Thanks Tina!

    • http://www.aijuswhanakno.com Mika Chan

      Wow! Your lid is so shimmery and pretty!! I love your hair curled too <3

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Dominique! It’s all due to UDPP Sin + Meowth

    • Kerry

      You look gorgeous.. classic with a twist! :)

      • Phyrra

        Yay thanks Kerry!

    • http://historicalhound.blogspot.com/ Hoyden

      That’s a totally different, yet awesome look for you.

      I love the curls!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Hoyden :) I’m going to continue to practice curling, coz sometimes it’s fun!

    • Pixiealamode

      The curls are soooooo cuuuutttteeee!!!!!!! I really like your neutral look today it’s so soft and pretty.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Pixie!

    • Sara

      I love the curls!! They look so soft and pretty!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Sara!

    • http://morgainesmakeup.blogspot.com/ Diana

      Great look and i LOVE your hair!!!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks so much Diana!

    • http://www.shirocosmetics.com Caitlin

      Lovely! I’ve been eyeing those lipstick pots for a while, and now I’m thoroughly convinced I have to have some…

      • Phyrra

        OMG you totally should Caitlin! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this raspberry one.

    • Rebecca

      You look so glamorous! I love that you have been doing some great neutral, yet sexy looks lately as I have had to start toning down my eyeshadow for my job. Given me some good inspiration.

      • Phyrra

        I’ll try to incorporate one a week Rebecca, and probably do some of my favorites, like using Fyrinnae’s Nijiro :)

    • http://kathyfuckingjacobs.blogspot.com Kathy

      So pretty! I really like the Raspberry paired with the neutral-ish eye (instead of a more “classic red” red).

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Kathy! That’s why I grabbed it actually, I wanted a slightly more fall feel for the lip and the raspberry shade seemed PERFECT :)

    • http://www.whimsybeading.etsy.com Ms Whimsy Beading

      You look wonderful!

      • Phyrra

        Yay thanks K! *hug*

    • http://witch-words.blogspot.com Jadelyn

      Oh, wow, I’d had my eye on Raspberry from Morgana. It’s every bit as gorgeous as I’d hoped! I’m definitely putting that on my to-buy list!

      • Phyrra

        Yay! I hope you love it Jade!

    • Sandra L

      Hi! Wow, that’s a classy (in a good sense) look. I really love that lipstick, it looks very much “fall season”

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Sandra! That’s exactly what I was trying to go for :)

    • http://eyeconicmakeup.blogspot.com/ Heather / Eyeconic

      So pretty! I think SS Anne is such a flattering color on anyone, I need to use it more. Your hair looks fantastic! It’s adorable :D

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Heather! I’m still trying to get the hang of clipless curling irons, but I think my practice is helping me improve :)

    • http://wintrybeauty.blogspot.com Thia Winter

      I love the look but your hair is ADORABLE!!! :D

      • Phyrra

        Aww thanks Thia!

    • http://www.myrandomstash.blogspot.com/ Roxanne

      even when eyes are more tones down that what you use to wear the lip color makes it stand out more, the curls looks soft and compliments your face; lovely :D

      • Phyrra

        Thank you so much Roxanne!

    • “Persephone”


      • Phyrra

        Thanks Persephone :)

    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittons

      I love the curls!!!!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Mindy :)

    • http://www.robynsnestblog.blogspot.com Robyn

      Cute curls! It’s fun to change things up.

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Robyn! I’m glad you like them!

    • MelissaDonC

      Hot lips! I’m liking all your new looks you’ve been doing!

      • Phyrra

        Rawr, thanks Melissa!

    • cinseven13

      I **love** the curls!!

      • Phyrra

        Yay thanks Cin!

    • http://themoonmaiden-blix.blogspot.com/ BLIX

      Polished indeed! You look glamorous!

      • Phyrra

        Aww thank you Blix!

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      Wow Meowth is really dark on you! On me it’s pale as hell XD

      Love the lip colour :)

      • Phyrra

        I did use it with UDPP Sin, and that does darken things a bit.

    • http://www.eaumg.net Victoria/EauMG

      It’s your take on Old Hollywood glamour! Love it :)

      • Phyrra

        Aww thanks Victoria!