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A Few of My Favorite Games

I wanted to tell you all about some of my favorite games for console systems, as well as MMOs.

Monster Rancher
My first favorite games series is Monster Rancher, which was made by Techmo and released on the original PlayStation. It’s a life simulation game. You basically raise, breed and battle monsters. You got different monsters from different cds (music and games) and there were special monsters available. I actually went out and bought Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ cd to get a special Pixie Monster. In the original game, you’re a monster breeder and you want to raise a monster who can win all of the monster fight tournaments. You have an assistant named Holly.

Monster Rancher 2 takes place a little bit after MR1, and sort of runs during the same time. You have an assistant named Colt and you later on see Holly. Again, the cds and game discs you use unlock special monsters. There’s a place called Monster Rancher Metropolis that tells you what discs unlock which monsters and what stats they have. This was also on the original PlayStation.

Monster Rancher 3 was released on the PlayStation 2 and I absolutely loved it. The art changed to cel style shading for this one. It added an encyclopedia, so once you unlocked a monster you could generate it overand over again for different breeding projects. Your new assistant in this game is Fleria.

Monster Rancher 4, also for the PS2, was released in 2003 and was another game in the same vein. MR4 is my favorite of the series, I think. They added lots of new monsters. There were something like 34 types of monsters, making 328 types available. My favorite types of monsters were Dragons, Pixies, Mews, Plants, Tigers, and sometimes Suezo. This one was fun because you could breed monsters, train monsters, explore with your monsters, collect things, and do lots of battle. The story was pretty cool. I wish there were more games like this one!

I played these games to death! I used to play 1 and 2 while watching tv for hours. I played 3 and 4 even more. They were fantastic! I kept playing them literally for years because I could always breed up different monsters and I had fun with that.

Then we come to Monster Rancher EVO (aka Monster Farm 5: Circus Caravan). This also was for the PS2, released in 2006 and uhm, god it was awful. I love RPGs (we’ll delve into that later), but I HATED the mini-games that were a part of Monster Rancher EVO. They turned me off so much I couldn’t finish the game. HATED this game. This game caused me to go out and look for other games that were like MR1-4 that I liked.

In short, I hate mini-games that make it so I don’t want to play the rpg aspects, the monster breeding aspects, etc. The mini-games really ruined it for me.

However, I’m hopeful that there will be another addition to this series, as I’ve loved it for probably close to 14 or 15 years!!!

Viva Piñata
I eventually stumbled upon Viva Piñata for the XBOX 360. It’s a gorgeous game. It’s a life simulation game.

While it has annoying mini-games (for breeding) where the controls handle like you’re punch drunk, I could at least master them enough to play the game. I loved the colorful piñata animals, and decorating the garden wasn’t too bad. However, the game didn’t hold my interest the way Monster Rancher did. I only managed to make it through 2 or 3 gardens.

Nevertheless, Ray and Dave still bought me Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise. I haven’t played this yet, but I should, especially considering it’s got like 90 some species in this version.

Lunar: Silver Star Story
Lunar was a lesser known RPG that I fell in love with for the Playstation. It had a fantastic story, and even better, amazing (for its time) animated sequences. The main character is Alex, and he has a winged cat-like creature named Nall who hung out with him, and a friend named Luna. I loved this and I remember playing this game for weeks.

It encouraged me to by Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete. Both games were well-written, in my opinion, and fantastic for the time they came out. Lunar Blue had more of the gorgeous cut scenes that took my breath away. This time the main character is Hiro, and his flying cat creature is Ruby.

At this point, I’d played a lot of console RPGs and these two really blew me away with their fantastic story and enjoyable game play. They were pretty amazing to me.

Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda was one fo the first games I ever played on my original Nintendo. I quickly beat it, and then when Zelda II: The Adventure of Link came out, I played that one as well.

Then the Super NES came out, and of course they released The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past for it. I had to play it. Once again I loved it.

When the Nintendo 64 came out, I was a bit disenchanted with things, like the version of Mario out at that time, but Ray got me to play the Ocarina of Time, and caused me to fall in love with Zelda all over again.

Next I played the Wind Waker on the GameCube (I basically had a purple gamecube. LOVED IT) I wasn’t so crazy abou tthe Wind Waker art because of how young Link looked. They’d switched to cel-shading to probably have more appeal, but it was a bit of a turn off to me.

The last Legend of Zelda game that I played with Twilight Princess, on my wii. I never finished it because I got annoyed and tired of having to hack and slash (literally). Basically if the controls of a game are too much, I just get overwhelmed and lose interest in play, much like with the mini-games in Monster Rancher EVO.

Dragon Warrior
Possibly the first RPG I ever played was Dragon Warrior, which was also available on the original Nintendo. Somehow I fell in love with this world. You play a hero who must rescule the princess, reclaim the Ball of Light and restore peace to the land.

Dragon Warrior II was much better than 1. You have a party of characters to control and level up. I think this game was so special to me because it’s the prince and his two cousins, which reminded me of my brother and my cousin. Growing up, my brother, my cousin and I would play rpgs together, so I felt like this version of the game really resonated with us.

Dragon Warrior III was quickly devoured by me and my cousin Brian, as well as my brother, when it came out. You could customize your party and it was still a turn-based rpg. I loved it.

Dragon Warrior IV was different from the previous RPGs, as the game had a chapter for each main character and then a chapter for the hero. It was a ton of fun. My favorite was Princess Alena, but I also liked Mara and Nara. It also had Healie, a friendly slime!

If you’ve ever wanted your own slime, you can get them here on Etsy.

Dragon Warrior IV was the last DW game I played for a long time, until Dragon Quest VIII came out on the PS2. This was also turn based with fun battles and a good plot. The art is cel-shaded and looks like it’s in the DragonBall Z anime style.

Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness was an odd buy for me, and an odd game to put out on the GameCube considering its target audience. I don’t like the survival horror genre. However, I LOVE HP Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos.

This story again had fantastic story, great characters and was very well done. I think I played through the game 2 or 3 times since there were different endings. The main character is Alexandra (Incidentailly Ray and I both love the name Alex/Alexandra and if ever we have a child, that’s the name choice… so many games use a variant of Alex!). The game had a santiy concept where you could go crazy, which if you ever played the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG, you’re familiar with this concept. If not, you have sanity points, just like health points, and if you lose enough you break down. You see things that are not there. It was really awesome in this game.

Castlevania, in its first incarnation, was a platform game and it had vampires. I was sold! The story basically was the family of the Belmonts hunting vampires, trying to take out Dracula.

I started out playing Castlevania on the Nintendo and last played it on the Playstation, with the version Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which had rpg elements. It just was a ton of fun. I’m really looking forward to Castlevania: Lord of Shadows.

For the gamecube, I saw the game SoulCalibur II and I had to get it. It had Link as a player character!!!

Normally with fighting games, I would just mash buttons and hope I’d win. With SCII (on the PS2), I took the time to learn the moves of the characters I enjoyed playing, which included Link. In SoulCalibur III there was a bit more of story to the fighting game. It also had Tira Tira which I swear, some day, I will do a costume of hers.

Soulcalibur IV came out and we picked it up for the XBOX 360 (Though our 360 ended up damaging the disc after enough use). Again it was a lot of fun, especially for a fighting game.

Shining Force
Shining Force was a turn based strategy role playing game that I played on the Sega. It was actually a lot of fun, though there were lots of problems with the english translation.

Primarily I remember being excited by this game because you could have centaur player characters. You can see the full list of player characters here.

Final Fantasy
While I enjoyed the majority of the FF games I played, the one that really sticks out the most in my mind is Final Fantasy X. It was available on the PS2 and had a fantastic story, great cut scenes and gorgeous art. I loved how the game played as well. I really like turn based RPGs and I loved the whole unlocking with the powers and being able to summon.

Ray actually got completely addicted to the mini-game, Blitzball. Ray played it every chance he got.

MMORPGs – the newer addiction

As far as MMORPGs go, I started with Everquest. I mostly played Dark Elves, Enchanter, Necromancer or Cleric classes. I loved my Dark Elves. I loved the whole being dedicated to a deity, who then influenced your factions with other cities and people. I played Everquest for 5 years, yet I never managed to make it to end game.

In between playing Everquest, I played in every single MMO beta I could find. I played Dark Age of Camelot and Asheron’s Call for a few months. However, DAoC made me ragequit and go back to Everquest (aka Evercrack).

City of Heroes
Finally, I got into the City of Heroes closed beta.

I actually made it to ‘end-game’ content in the beta because the class/spec I chose (Ice Electricity Blaster), and the developers bumped us up to max level to fight the end of the world boss. It was the most fun I’d ever had in a beta! I played the game and ran a Supergroup and led teams on missions and task forces. The character creation was AMAZING for CoH. I loved the amount of customization that was available.

I probably would have stuck around in City of Heroes a lot longer if WoW hadn’t came out. While I really enjoyed playing my Blaster classes in CoH, I felt like a certain fantasy element was lacking.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft, aka WoW, is my current MMO addiction. WoW didn’t do anything groundbreaking, exactly. The developers looked at all the previous MMOs that had been out, and what they’d done right and wrong, and then created a game that reflected things players enjoyed about MMOs and took out elements that players hated. The things that WoW lacked were death penalties, so that if you died in WoW, you didn’t lose your level, or XP, you just had a durability loss on your equipment. The art was very stylized, so it could be played on the widest variety of machines at min and max settings. Character creation was ok, it wasn’t great. Since the art is stylized and limited due to the graphic limitations of the world, some people really hated the art style and called it cartooney. I embraced it and at least found it cute. The quests and stories in the game are pretty enjoyable as you level up, though there are a ton of annoying collection quests where you’re competing for scarce resources with a lot of other players. I tend to prefer to not have to compete for resources in a game, myself.

Basically in WoW there are several reasonos to play the game. You can play the game to level, to explore, to collect and to craft. You can also play to raid (at the end game level), or to pvp. Some people complain because the end game is so signficiantly different from the levelling game. For the first year I played WoW, I didn’t raid. I didn’t start raiding until the expansion, the Burning Crusades came out. I raided all through Wrath of the Lich King, and I will most likely continue raiding when Cataclysm comes out. That means I’ve been playing WoW for about 6 years. I started playing WoW during the closed beta.

Because of all the time I play WoW, and let me tell you that end-game raiding is a significant time sink, I rarely play console games. This is also partially because I’ve lacked the ability to get into console games lately and probably why I haven’t touched Viva Piñata 2 and I really should.

How about you? What were some of your favorite games? I know I’ve left out some,  such as Tetris, Sonic and Dr. Mario, and I didn’t touch on every RPG that I’ve played, but I did hit the ones that really stood out to me.

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    • sarah

      The N64 was the first system I ever owned, and we (my brother and I) had Mario 64, Pilot Wings, and StarFox 64. We got Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and loved them.

      One of my favorite systems I ever had, even though we had so few games for it, was the Dreamcast. But it didn’t last any time at all, which was a shame because it had a lot of really fun, creative games, but at least my favorites all got picked up on other systems.

      Now I just have a Game Cube, and I only have two games for it (Phantasy Star Online and Skies of Arcadia) but I’m enjoying myself with it.

      • Phyrra

        I think I played Phantasy Star, or at least one of their games.

    • http://www.annamaxblog.blogspot.com Annamax

      YES Final Fantasy X is my favorite too! People always give me a hard time, arguing XII is the best, but I just loved the story of X so much…I cry every time I hear that “To Zanarkand” piano instrumental…

      • http://www.annamaxblog.blogspot.com Annamax

        I meant to say..everyone argues that FF VII is the best haha not XII. I should probably learn my Roman numerals.

      • Phyrra

        Awww :)

    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittens

      I love Eternal Darkness!
      Damn flies on me screen!

      I am guilty of never finishing a game. Ever. Maybe and old mario game but other than that, nothing.

      Even Luigi’s Mansion! Ridiculously easy, yet I can’t beat Bowser at the end so I give up. All games, if I get trapped I give up.

      So I guess right now the 2 games I play the most are Chocolatier 1 and 2 and the Sims 2 or 3. But that will change as soon as I can get a new mario or zelda game. Until a hard part comes up of course :)

      • Phyrra

        Yeah the sanity was awesome! What is Chocolatier?

        • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittens

          It’s a pc/mac game where you do to different towns to get ingredients for a good price (it’s always changing) and you make chocolates in your factory and sell them to others to make a profit. New ingredients pop up and you can re-make the chocolates in your factory to see if you can push out more product faster. And you have to use up the fresh ingredients in time or they go bad.
          I LOVE IT! I played it all day once. It was kinda sad. All of a sudden it was 10:30 pm lol

          • Phyrra

            Wow, sounds like a good addictive game! I’ve done that with the Sims.

    • http://iwilllightthenightwithsparks.blogspot.com/ Carla

      Woo, Zelda, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy! :D

      Right now the main games I’m playing are Pokemon (SoulSilver and Diamond) and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands. I’m primarily a portable player (love my DS Lite!), so other than FFIX and VIII, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, all of my favourite games are for DS or GBA (though I’m not having the easiest time finding GBA games and I only own one game). Haven’t finished it yet, but I love FFIV, and I’ve been meaning to restart LoZ: Phantom Hourglass (and actually properly start Chrono Trigger). And I love the Guilty Gear series for fighting games (even though I suck at it).

      I’m not good with MMOs, I’ve tried a few of the free ones (FlyFF… there was a couple of others that I can’t recall right now), and I just couldn’t keep up with it (I’m somehow even more anti-social when I’m gaming. o_o).

      • Phyrra

        How is Harvest Moon?

        • http://iwilllightthenightwithsparks.blogspot.com/ Carla

          I find the Harvest Moon games very addictive (I own about four of them). I think the biggest disappointment of them was Island of Happiness because they had just changed the controls and look of it and the actual gameplay wasn’t as intuitive as the other games (luckily, they fixed those issues with Sunshine Islands). For something that’s incredibly simple (maintain a farm! Make friends with the neighbours! Raise cows and sheep!), it’s really really fun in general. It’s one of those games that when I start playing it, that’s the next two days gone right there. ._.

    • Rebecca

      Have you ever played Okami for WII or PS2? Judging from your picks i think you would love it! I played it, and it perhaps my favorite game. It has the most beautiful graphics as it is all in Japanese water color. You play as a white wolf who is the incarnation of the Sun Goddess Amatersu. Your main objective is to rid the world of demons and bring color/flowers back. it’s not overly cutesy, there are some pretty awesome battles and you fight some nasty demons. I think it is one of the most underrated games.

      Also love FF, Zelda, and Calibur. How does monster ranchers compare to Pokemon, as they sound similar and I played Pokemon to death

      • Phyrra

        No, I really should play Okami! I’ve seen it and heard it was cool :)

        Monster Rancher is different than Pokemon, but I think it’s mostly that I felt like there were more RPG elements in the MR series.

    • http://www.tiannemarie.blogspot.com Tianne

      I am not as much of a gamer as I would like to be :) I loved Eternal Darkness and I played Twilight Princess on the Game Cube as well…less hacking. The other games you mentioned have blipped past my radar but I’m eyeing FF XIII for the 360.

      • Phyrra

        The FF games can be a bit annoying with the way some of the characters can be whiney, but usually the world and game play is fun.

    • http://www.turquoiseandsparkly.blogspot.com Corbyjane

      I’m not much of a gamer, but some of these look really fun! My sole videogaming experience is limited to:

      1. Croc 2
      2. Age of Empires 2
      3. Age of Mythology
      4. LegoRacers
      5. Mario Kart.

      aaaaaaaand that’s it.

      • Phyrra

        Mario Kart was fun :)

    • http://ladywench.net LadyWench

      WoW, obviously (FOR THE HORDE!! :D Been playing since a little bit into Vanilla, was never high enough to raid until BC came out because I never really had people to run with. Now I’m a Kingslayer. I’ve come quite a ways!), I’ve always been a pretty big Castlevania fan. I have a huge soft spot for Mario games, especially the DS RPG type ones (though I have yet to finish Bowser’s Inside Story, I’ve been slacking!).
      One of my all time favorites is actually Bioshock. I love the art style, I love the story line, I love the somewhat Steamy elements (and a flying city in the next one? Shut the front door!). I have a REALLY bad habit of not actually finishing video games, but Bioshock is one of the few.
      My first MMO was actually UO, I played the hell out of that for a while!

      • Phyrra

        LOL! I <3 Wow!
        Ray loved Bioshock :)

        I’ve played all the mario games on the nintendo, snes, but hated the n64 and some of the other ones after that. I lost my patience for a lot of platformers.

        Oh and I loved Spyro the Dragon, but forgot to mention him!

    • http://www.parched.etsy.com Parched

      I also love RPG’s

      My first games were:

      Suikoken (a game where you collect npc’s to take back to your castle to work, and get to choose among them for your party…500 npcs to collect)

      Wild Arms: You have 3 in your party, each with a different skill, and you have to switch control between them, using them all to solve puzzles to progress.

      FFVII: I didn’t beat the last guy. I really love finding loot, and cut-scenes, and story, but by the time I got to the last guy, I knew there was no more story, so I lost interest.

      After that, it was “game-on” so to speak.

      I used to MUD (text based MMO), and mod on a MUD, I played Everquest briefly (all the stories about addiction and the people I knew who seemed to be addicted put me off), Sims, Animal Crossing, Monster Rancher

      Legend of Mana (game play effects the story, so you can play it several times and it be like a different game)

      Chrono Cross (beautiful)

      Persona 2 (hilarious characters, interesting battle systems based on tarot cards)

      Thousand Arms – RPG where you are a magical blacksmith that gets his power from mackin’ on chicks. You have to take them on dates, and buy them presents. It’s really cute and different from other things I had played. Very anime.

      Gauntlet – basically a cooperative hack-n-slash, but I like cooperative play.

      Sonic Spinball – hahahaha.

      Chu-Chu Rocket, Katamari Damacy, Super Bust-a-Move – puzzle games.

      I mostly play music based games lately. I have a full 2-player metal set-up of DDR at home, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Karaoke Revolution.

      • Phyrra

        I met Ray on a MUD! I remember them :)
        We have Rock Band and Karaoke, they’re a lot of fun for parties.

    • http://madeleinebouquet.blogspot.com/ Laura

      Yay, a game post! I started out on Atari, then moved to Nintendo, then Playstation, then PS2, and now Wii. I always liked the Soul Calibur games. Although I haven’t really played a lot of console games lately. Right now I’m playing Lord of Ultima(free MMORTS). I like being able to decide if I want to fight with others, or just be a peaceful farmer.:) I’ve always wanted to try WoW, but I’ve never taken the plunge.

      • Phyrra

        Yeah the Soulcalibur games have always been awesome :)

        Some of the Free MMO’s are fun :)

    • Kira

      My favorites:

      The Monkey Islands

      Grim Fandango

      The Longest Journey …

      … *sigh* they don’t make ‘em like they used to.

      • Phyrra

        Ray loved The Longest Journey! I remember it being cool but I watched him play it.

      • Theresa

        My brother made me play Grim Fandango and I absolutely loved it! He also turned me onto the Monkey Island series as well.

    • Nic

      I <3 you right now. Seriously, I LOVE that you posted about anime and games!

      I currently have a DS lite, a Wii, PS2 and PS3. Sadly my boyfriend is the one with the Xbox 360..or perhaps not so sad because I just don't have the space for one right now!

      My favorites: Kingdom Hearts. HUGE love for this series because it's Disney and Square Soft, er excuse me ENIX (meh). But still, amazing mix and story. Final Fantasy VII. You didn't mention it, PLEASE tell me you've played it?! I also am a big fan of X.. played some of VIII, X2, and XIII, but am guilty of not finishing..which is the problem I tend to have.. I like to do everything in a game and as a result draw it out and end up not having the time to go back and finish.

      God of War trilogy! I love Greek mythology plus Kratos is just BA. Sonic – granted I don't have a Sega system but they released a huge block of games one disc for the PS2 so it works for me.. and brings back fond memories since I did play this on my friend's consoles back in the day. Uh oh I'm starting another novel here so I'll try to just list them..

      Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Mario (this is probably too broad but the most recent one I love is the 4 player version for the Wii.. red box, don't recall the full title) METROID!!! (holy crap on a cracker, I could write paragraphs about this series..but I won't) Dragon Age Origins, HALO!!!, Silent Hill (2 & 4)

      There are various other games I've only watched but not had a chance to play myself that seem really good like Bioshock, Alan Wake, Prince of Persia.. I wish there were more hours in a day sometimes!

      • Phyrra

        I did play Chrono Chros and Chrono Trigger, and I remember enjoying them. I loved Metroid back inthe Day. I liked Kingdom Hearts BUT I got annoyed at too much fighting vs. the story.

    • Daniel

      Cool list! Though you should have taken off some points on Viva Pinata. Any game that can make the act of breeding annoying has failed in epic proportions. =p

      Myself, I’ve always played a pretty wide variety of games, but I’ve found that I like strategy and rpgs the best. I think its more I like to feel immersed in the world and I like games that don’t feel like games, but rather worlds that I can escape in. In the real world, it takes a long time to influence your life, and luck is a big factor, as opposed to a game like the sims, where success is predictable.

      I like Oblivion a lot because of this. I had a lot of mods that made it more difficult and realistic. I really felt a part of my character, whether I was an impoverished thief, with no place to sleep and nothing to eat, to an upstanding warrior, setting up camp in the woods and hunting deer and collecting rainwater for sustenance, traveling from place to place, ready to take up arms for any just cause, no matter how difficult, to a powerful wizard, basking in obscene wealth, and sharing his power with a posse of loyal followers, saved from hardship and poverty, adorned with the finest weapons and armor, or for servants, the most beautiful clothing.

      That’s the kind of stuff I like. A game where I can enter a world and build something, then close the game, and come back to it the next day.

      Civilization, Tropico and city-building games like it, the Total War series, those were my favorite games. I never liked the RTS games where you start out with nothing, spend an hour building up an army, win a decisive battle, and then start over, although I did enjoy Company of Heroes simply for the high action and strategy.

      My dream game would be…an open world, just like our own. Mountains, deserts, grasslands, tundra, oceans. Heavily scaled down. First person with an overhead strategic view. Everything would be customizable. A system that allows the player to create their own weapons, tools, vehicles, everything. Not like Spore where its simply aesthetic, but where choosing the material of a sword’s handle will have multiple effects on it’s durability, weight(which would several have effects in itself, from power, muscle conditioning of the soldiers who use it, to needing more wagons to transport them) and the ability of the soldiers(and the player) to use certain maneuvers in battle. The length of a gun barrel would affect it not in practice, but just like it would in real-life. Soldiers and the player would have to lower it to pass through tight doorways.

      That’s another thing…technological, government and economic advancement. The player would start out with throwing stones and wooden clubs, and would hunt, trap and fish, having the option share and trade with other tribes, and choosing to adopt Darwinian “every man for himself” policies or choosing to share food with weaker members of his tribe.

      Through time and research, the player would advance through the dawn of human civilization to our modern age of superorganization, weapons of mass destruction, and enlightenment. The player could choose all sorts of policies, reflective of the real world, from China’s one-child policy to the Soviet Unions religion ban to Middle-Eastern Sharia law. The player could choose to censor everything, or adopt free speech, or to ban guns for citizens like the UK, or to force able-bodied men to join the Militia, like in Switzerland. Unregulated Capitalism or Communism..and everything in-between, with complex consequences, positive and negative, for every decision. Full-Fledged Democracy, or a Republic where the player may be kicked from their position of power and become a normal citizen, or a Sovereign Monarchy, where the player will control everything in the nation for as long as it lasts…or as long as his or her people tolerate it.

      The player would have a house and family, just like in the Sims, and could choose to be wastefully opulent or only taking basic necessities.

      They could have any role…from humble farmer, to general-store owner, to soldier, to a king who rides into battle along with his men, to an armchair leader…I could play that game forever.

      That’s my dream. That would be epic…hahaha and epicly expensive to make. Maybe someday though…it wouldn’t be a dream if it was easy.

      • Phyrra

        This reminds me that I forgot to mention Pharoah! I didn’t mention PC games, because I’ve played so few. American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland, The Sims and Pharaoh are like the 3 I’ve done.

        Are you playing Minecraft by any chance? You might like it.

        Your dream game sounds cool!

        I’ve watched Ray play Oblivion, he LOVED that game.

    • http://sakuradesu.com Sakura

      WoW is my all time fave game. I’ve been playing it for 5 years and half now. And I’m more a lvling-questing-exploring rather than raiding.
      I don’t play everyday because I don’t have time. But to me is more than a game. Blizz has taken care of every single detail. I love wow stories, its music, its characters.
      My faves are Arthas(LK) and Sylvanas, I really love them, and they hate each other haha.
      and yours??

      • Phyrra

        I love the blood elves, the night elves and Sylvanas :)

    • http://www.littlemissmetamorph.blogspot.com kristen

      my favourite games are the action adventure and action rpgs – in no particular order -
      1 – Mass effect series – This is why ive been a little quiet on my blog, i adore this game. im working on making a costume from it of one of the blue skinned aliens from it.
      2 – Fallout3 – This was another of those day missing games, where id forget what time it was and play for hours. I just love those type of games where you interact with other characters, but alsohave to fight your way through it too.
      3 – Tomb raider games – love Lara, she is the ultimate female action hero. I also like the ancient places she goes to!
      4 – Primal – a great little game, about a girl who wasnt entirely human and had to enter her other realm world to save it from darkness. Theother realm was made of 4 areas, earth air fire and water and shed take on elements of the creatures living there. she also had a gargolye as her companion.
      5 – Velvet Assassin. I do look sneaky games, this was about a female british assassin during ww2. you had to use your brain to get around and not be discovered.
      6 -Bioshock /2 I freakin love the visual look of these games, the art deco feel decayed mixed with steampunk – amazing.
      7 – Star Wars lego – silly silly games but with hilarious cut scenes, just an enjoyable bit of fun.
      8 – The Chronicles of Riddick escape from butcher bay and assault on dark athena – I liked that these were continuations of the Riddick storyline as the films are some of my all time favourites.

      i know there are more games i love, but my memory has drawn a blank.

      • Phyrra

        Primal sounds cool!

    • Hanna

      I’d have to say my favorite style of games is totally RPG. My fiance & I generally only play rpgs. However I’m much more into hack & slash than menu base fighting. Menu fighting always pissses me off. I tried to play White Knight Chronicle but the way the menu was setup it was horrible. Thinking about that game today it still makes me mad haha. I’d have to say my faves at the moment are:

      Sacred 2- this game is so addicting. Plays very similar to diablo but sacred 2 is for the ps3. I’ve been playing S2 for around 9 months straight & I’m still not bored with it. It has an absolutely HUGE map & hundreds & hundres of side quests. Has classic characters such a seraphim, dryad, elf, etc. You can choose to be either light or dark for all but 2 characters & you can also choose between a few different gods each one gives you a different special power. I’ve been telling everyone to play S2.

      Kingdom Hearts- what’s not to love about KH. I’ve played all of the ones released on the playstation format. I can’t wait for a new one.

      Dark Cloud 1 & 2- both of these are probably at the very top of my list. So addicting.

      Soul Calibur- of course this is on here. Who doesn’t love it. I love the new one out on ps3. Just like one of the others it has the custom characters but you can do way more with it now. You can change the body type. You can make them really skinny with no muscle tone or you can give them big muscle. You can always change the size of their boobs, eyes, jaw, lips, etc.

      Ratchet & Clank- I’ve played them all. The cut scenes are hilarious. I’m one of those greedy people in games that wants to collect everything so I go nuts getting all the bolts.

      Sorry I wrote a novel! I left off so many games since this comment is already so long.

      • Phyrra

        I LOVED Dark Cloud! I can’t believe I forgot to mention them. With KH I got tired of too much fighting/grinding.

        I also liked Jak and Daxter. I think I tried the first Ratchet and Clank.

    • Sandi

      I’ve been a diehard WoW player since vanilla. I’ve gone through phases of near obsession to bored with it, when it felt like work to have to make it to a raid time. I’ve been a guild leader and felt like I was a babysitter and I’ve been in guilds where I have made some real life friends. HOWEVER, I actually just canceled my subscription. I’m not going to SWEAR I won’t go back, but I just am not enjoying it anymore. I feel like I’ve done all I can do with the game and I really don’t like all the talent changes of 4.0.1 – with more changes coming for Cat. :( I just feel like the game is getting really dumbed down and not challenging anymore. My hubby feels like I have deserted him. LOL. I’m sure I will miss it….I’ve played for SO long, I just wish we could get expansions without making the game so easy. Anyhow, WoW is the only MMORPG that I have ever played, so I am in search of a new one to try because I really love the interaction with other people as opposed to solo games.

      • Phyrra

        I’ve been playing since the closed beta and I’ve seen my chosen class, Warlock, go through a LOT of changes. I didn’t start raiding until TBC days, when I did the Sacrifice Succubus and Spam Shadow Bolt spec. I HATED having to tank Leo. During Wrath I have raided with a fire destruction spec which I loved. Right now, I’m trying to get used to the new fire spec with the new spells thrown in. I don’t feel that it’s dumbed down, just different. I think that change is definitely necessary in WoW, especially since it’s been around for over 5 years, for it to stay fresh and keep people interested.

        If you’re wanting to check out a pretty game, the new DC Universe game looks like it will be awesome, at least from the previews I’ve seen.