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Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Primer & Flirt! It Curls Mascara – A Review

I’ve tried 3 times to write these two reviews separately and it just doesn’t seem to be happening, so I decided I’d just write them together. I’ve gotten the best, consistent results with using this mascara primer and mascara combination in the past few weeks, though I do have another mascara primer to try out soon.

Hard Candy’s 1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Mascara Primer comes in a soft tube with a fairly simple brush applicator. The formula is conditioning, much like the first lash primer I tried by Aromaleigh, as well as having fibers. I purchased it for $6 at Walmart.

1,000 Lashes comes in Primer (white), Midnight Black, Underground Brown, Indigo Blue, Heart Throb Pink, Mermaid Teal, Lush Green, and Divine Purple. I’d be interested in trying the Mermaid Teal shade at some point in the future.

Now, I have sensitive eyes and I wear contacts. There are some mascaras and eye products that I can’t use because they cause my eyes to itch or they flake off in my eyes, causing severe irritation. I haven’t had that problem with this primer as it seems to stay put on my lashes and not come off in my eyes. Yay! There’s very little that feels worse to me than having something in my eyes, under my contacts.

With a name like 1,000 Lashes I expected my lashes to be fuller, thicker and longer. Remarkably, I feel like I get these results!

First, let me show you what I have to work with. These are my naked lashes.

My lashes aren’t bad, but they’re not that long or thick or full. They’re not impressive, but they’re not hideous.

Now, if I add the 1,000 lashes Primer, you can see how my lashes are now longer, thicker and fuller, without being clumpy or gunky. They’re also not white.

When I’ve tried some other mascara primers – I’m looking at you, my Urban Decay Lingerie for Lashes Duo – my lashes would just get gunky, clumpy, and turn into a hot mess.

Finally, here’s how my lashes look with Flirt! It Curls Mascara on top of Hard Candy’s 1000 Lashes Primer.

My lashes look long, full and thick, not clumpy, and do a pretty good job at framing my eyes. I definitely think that this primer works with my lashes.

Next, Flirt! It Curls Mascara. I received this mascara as a gift from a fellow beauty blogger friend, Cybele Says. I was excited to try this, because I kept meaning to find a Kohl’s and pick it up. It retails for $14 and comes in 3 colors: Bronze Belle, Bouffant Brown and Bombshell Black. I, of course, have been using Bombshell Black.

Again, I will reference you to my naked eye.

My lashes need some oomph. Additionally, I’m mascara challenged. I suck at doing the zig zag motion from left to right while going up and down. This is why I tend to prefer larger brushes that I can just blink my lashes against to get the mascara on my lashes. That’s why I really need a primer, since it makes a huge difference in how my lashes look. Yes, I’m practicing, but so far I still don’t have the zig zag twist technique down.

With It Curls! Mascara, I get a nice black color and I get some curl. The curved brush makes it easy to evenly apply the mascara, and the formula doesn’t clump up on me. The only thing I don’t like about it is its $14 price tag, as I think that seems a bit high. That’s about what I’ve paid for some of my MAC mascaras, which, to be fair, haven’t worked as well for me. Though it could also be my lack of familiarity with the Flirt Cosmetics brand, as this is the only product of theirs that I’ve tried and I’m not sure what the overall quality is of their line.

As I’ve said in my previous Mascara Musings, not every mascara works for every person, since everyone has different lashes and what might work for my lashes might not work for yours. However, I really like both Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Primer and Flirt! It Curls Mascara. They both work well for me.

Would I buy the Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Primer again? Absolutely! It works really well for me and at $6 it’s a steal.

Would I purchase Flirt! It Curls Mascara?
Yes, though preferably on sale. I still feel it works better for me than previous mascaras that I’ve tried, such as MAC Zoom Lash, which did not make my lashes full of win. I feel like this is a good product for me.

Have you tried Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Primer? Or Flirt! It Curls Mascara?

Or for that matter, have you tried anything by Flirt Cosmetics?

What do you think of the results I’ve had with these products?

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    • cinseven13

      I like that the Primer doesn’t go on white. I don’t use a lash primer often, but will pick one of these up for when I do want one.

      • Phyrra

        Yay! Let me know how it goes for you.

    • http://lacquerloveblog.blogspot.com Serena

      That lash primer really makes a difference. And at that price I can afford to try it out and see if it works for me. I’m using Maybelline Full n Soft right now, and I like how I get a “my lashes but better” effect with it. I don’t like lashes that look too fake or clumpy. I prefer a more natural look.

      • Phyrra

        I hope it works for you, it’s the least expensive primer I’ve tried, yet it’s been the best. :) Other good lash primers that I’ve tried have been the Lash conditioner that Aromaleigh sold (it was private label so I bet other people are selling it), and L’Oreal Lash Primer from the Tube Mascara. The Tube Mascara sucked for me, but the primer was good.

        • WendyD

          Awesome to hear! I like the primer that comes with Beauty Tubes too, but I’ll be purchasing the Hard Candy one when it runs out, since the Beauty Tubes mascara itself is terrible. I love that it doesn’t go on white either!

          • Phyrra

            Yeah I hated the beauty tubes mascara, I could just not get any results with it.

    • Jade

      I bought my mom a Flirt! eyeliner. I was a pretty sparkly brown color and showed off her blue eyes very well. She’s color-shy and it’s the brightest piece of makeup I’ve gotten her to use haha.

      • Phyrra

        Good to know! And good for you getting her to try some color!

    • Shannon

      I will definitely try that lash primer from Hard Candy on your recommendation; our local wal mart just started to carry the Hard Candy line. Not sure where we would find Flirt in Canada tho. I’ve had problems in the past with MAC mascaras but recently tried Plush Lash and have fallen in lurve…suprisingly good results buuuuut, I’m a mascara ho, so I’ll keep trying out different kinds LOL thanks for the rec!

      • Phyrra

        I’m not sure if you could purchase Flirt online at Kohls.com or what. I’ve tried so many MAC mascaras, Mascara X, Zoom Lash, Pro Lash, etc, and they’ve all had less than stellar results for me. However, my application technique sucks and I heavily rely on my brush. So without a good brush, I’m out of luck. Glad you found it helpful :)

    • http://Poppyluxedesigns.blogspot.com Kimberly marquez

      Wow, $6 is really a steal for that primer…I may need to pick it up next time I go to walmart! I was just at kohls today and almost bought the flirt defining mascara but just had a hard time paying twice what I pay for my normal mascara that I love! Good review. Thanks!!

      • Phyrra

        I totally agree! I love my Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe Mascara and get pretty good results with it and it is about $7 or $8, so half the price of the Flirt. BUT I honestly feel like my results are better with Flirt, so I’m leaning towards Flirt.

        I kinda find it sad that I haven’t been able to get good results with more expensive mascaras.

        Glad you found it helpful :)

    • sarah

      Awesome! I’ve been shopping around for a new primer cos my Bed Head TLC primer won’t last forever and my lashes are blonde and need the extra coverage. Good to know this stuff is worth the six bucks!

      • Phyrra

        I definitely think so Sarah!

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      That primer looks awesome! I expected it to come out white but it just makes your lashes look naturally long and great

      • Phyrra

        Yeah, I’m not sure how it does that, either, but it’s cool :)

    • http://www.auntiepupule.com/blog/soos.php Soos

      Thank you for the reviews you do. I wear contacts and am sensitive, too, so the Hard Candy primer sounds wonderful. I’ll be at my Walmart later this week, looking for it. The last time I was there, they had little samples of glittery liner, mascara and eyeshadow primer taped to some of the products. This helped me decide to pick up some eyeshadow, lip gloss and eyeliner.

      • Phyrra

        You’re quite welcome Soos! I just know for the longest time I couldn’t wear mascara because everything bugged my eyes.

    • http://www.aijuswhanakno.com Mika Chan

      Ooo between you and Brian, I REALLY want to try Hard Candy now. I’ll have to look and see if I can get it online.

      Oh, and F that “zig-zag” method. I never use it.

      • Phyrra

        I like some of the products, but I’ve found them to be hit or miss, too.
        The baked blushes
        the primer
        the nail polish
        the purple curl up and die mascara

        the long stick eyeliner that wore off in like 10 mins
        the baked eye shadow duos with no color payoff
        the black curl up and die mascara

    • http://wintrybeauty.blogspot.com Thia Winter

      Well, I haven’t tried the primer, but I’ve tried the 1000 lashes teal mascara and absolutely HATED it. LOL…but that primer looks interesting so I’m sure I’ll give it a go!

      • Phyrra

        I think it varies by color. At least with their other mascaras I’ve gotten different results with different colors. In the Curl up and Die formula the purple was a bit dry but worked pretty well, where the black was wet and goopy.

    • http://gessoscientist.blogspot.com/ Rachel

      I’ll have to try that primer!! I know Hard Candy doesn’t test an animals.. so, it’s a go! Thanks for the post :D

      • Phyrra

        You’re quite welcome Rachel!

    • http://slmakeup.blogspot.com Rachel

      I did not like the Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes in black. It got in my eye and flaked around on my face.

      Something I’ve noticed I do when I put mascara on is I move my head left and right while pulling the wand through with my hand. Perhaps that would help?

      • Phyrra

        Ewww, flaking is bad. I could try moving my head, though knowing my luck I’ll poke myself in the eye :P

    • Spooki

      my walmart doesn’t sell the lash primer but i did pick up the purple mascara. it’s a really nice purple but i wasn’t too impressed with how my lashes look, but almost nothing compares to maybelline’s colossal volum’ express.

      • Phyrra

        Maybe the purple would work best on the tips of your lashes after you’ve applied your favorite mascara? That’s what I’ve tried with some of my colored mascaras.

    • MelissaDonC

      I am a total mascara junkie! I’ve tried every MAC one, and hated them all, I’ve tried all the lancomes, clinic, pretty much every brand at Sephora, and by far the best mascara’s I have ever used are Makeup Forever Smokey lash (non-waterproof) and good old fashioned maybelline in the pink and green tube! I am definitely going to give the hard candy a shot, and the Flirt! If I can avoid Kohl’s; that place is a nightmare to me!

      • Phyrra

        I’m with you on hating the MAC ones. I’ve gotten the best results with Flirt! It Curls and Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe, and before that the Benefit mascara I tried, and before that Bare Ecentuals Magic Wand Brushless mascara. But I totally suck with my application technique. I don’t think I’ve ever tried the good old fashioned Maybelline though I always see it in the checkout lane at target!

    • http://iamnymphette.com nymphette

      Ohhhhhhhhh I need to try that primer!!

      • Phyrra

        I would love to hear how it works for you :)
        What’s your favorite mascara(s)?

    • Jackie

      Flirt lipsticks are some of my favourites. I have about a million of them. They have one line that’s a more sheer texture, and another that is more of a creme, and I just absolutely love them. One shade, “Wicked,” is an absolutely amazing bright tomato pin-up red, and I have a million awesome nude pinks from them, “Enlightened” being my favourite, right now.

      • Phyrra

        I’ll have to make it to Kohl’s to check out the lipsticks. Thank you so much for telling me that they’re good :)

    • http://www.auntiepupule.com/blog/soos.php Soos

      Update: I picked up the LAST HC primer at my local WalMart. I’ve been using it since. I would say it does a decent job of improving the wear of whatever mascara I use (Lancome Definicils at the moment). It doesn’t thicken as well as my usual lash base – Lancome Cils Booster XL, but it costs $6 vs $22, so it is perfectly fine for everyday.

      • Phyrra

        Yay I’m glad that it works for you :)

    • MelissaDonC

      Update: I bought the hard candy primer and I love it! I already have really long lashes but this makes them so much fuller, I used it under my maybelline mascara and it worked great I have not used it under my MUFE yet!

      • Phyrra

        Oooh let me know how it works for you ;)