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Holiday Gift Guide – Part 3 – Games

This is another installment in my Holiday Gift Guide. This one is for video games.

1. World of Warcraft Cataclysm – $39.99

Ray and I purchasesd the collector’s edition of Cata and we purchased the regular version for Dave since he said he dind’t particularly care for the extras. For your WoW addict, this is a necessity. This is for the pc or mac.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – $59.99

While this isn’t my type of game to play, I enjoy watching it. I was amazed at how the horses moved in the game. The story is particularly interesting, and it has my girl, Lucrezia Borgia. The game play and story in this game is pretty awesome. I linked to the PS3 version, though we own a PS3, XBox360 and wii because Ray purchased this on the PS3. He nabbed the collector’s edition, which may or may not still be available at your local Best Buy.

3. Little Big Planet 2 – $59.99

Ray, Dave and I loved playing the first Little Big Planet game, so I’m recommending this one for the holidays, though it appears that the release date keeps changing. I like that it’s a co-op and it helps you work on coordination and communication, especially when you’re trying to play with three people! So if you don’t want to wait for 2 to come out and haven’t tried 1, I’d recommend 1 as well.

4. Disney Epic Mickey – $49.99

The concept of Epic Mickey intrigues me, as it sounds like it may be a bit like Okami. It’s for the wii, so the controls may or may not irritate me. The game is supposed to be a mix of platforming, action-adventure and roleplaying. For the record, if the controls get in the way of the game play for me, I tend to not want to play the game.

5. XBox360 Kinect plus 2 games – $199

or the PS3 Move – $99.99

Dave is DYING to try one of these out. This is what he wants for Christmas. Since I was such a big proponent of the wii for our household, and I was so let down by it, I’m skeptical of both the Move and the Kinect. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these two.

6. Fable 3 – $59.99

This is the third installment in the Fable series, which we all enjoyed playing. I mean, who didn’t wanna be a ‘chicken chaser.’ This one should be as fun as 1 and 2.

7. Rock Band – $21.99

Any version of Rock Band I recommend. I LOVE Rock Band as it’s a fun party game. I typically sing and Ray will play guitar. Dave tends to watch as he’s not fond of making music.

8. Sorcery – $38.99

This is the game I want for christmas and it won’t be out until April 30! *cry* It looks really awesome, as long as the controls don’t get in the way of the game. You can see the AMAZING video here.

9. Endless Ocean: Blue World – $18.45

This looks like a really fun, family friendly game where you dive and check out fish. I worked on getting my diving certification but because of a combination of my ‘touch’ of claustraphobia and my asthma, I’ve not been able to complete my diving certification and I’m not sure if I ever will be able to. So games like this, which remind me a bit of Ecco the Dolphin, allow me to experience a world I may never be able to visit due to my physical limitations.

10. Viva Piñata Party Animals – $8.90

I’m a fan of the Viva Piñata series (though I still need to play my Viva Piñata 2: Trouble in Paradise) and a fan of party games. This looks like a fun party game for all ages.

You can see my other Holiday Gift Guides for this year - Part 1Part 2.

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    • http://www.annamaxblog.blogspot.com Annamax

      I really hope someone gets me Cataclysm! haha

      • Phyrra

        Aww I hope someone gets it for you, too!

    • http://sillylilacs.blogspot.com sillylilacs

      1. I am SO glad I quit WoW or else I’d never make it through college :D but yea, Cata has been good, played it once at my friend’s…oh the temptations to start WoW again lol

      2. The fact that Fable III was only released it xbox is…poopy =( really hoping they’d be out with pc version sooon XD

      • Phyrra

        I had to be strict when I was in college. No Everquest until homework / papers were done.

        Hopefully they’ll come out with a pc version for you!

    • http://www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com Anastasia

      Good guide! I never do games in buying guides because I don’t pay for games <<; unless it's an MMO or something like the KINETC. The MOVE, by the way, is supposed to be vastly superior in terms of technology and performance than the KINECT, even though the controllers look like sex toys. And it's cheaper? Which is weird for the PS3, historically the most expensive, technically superior but least supported of gaming platforms. (How many PS3-exclusive games are there? Like… four?)

      I'm playing Fable 3 at the moment and can confirm the funnness. I skipped 2 but I'm hearing that it's vastly better. Comparing it to 1… It has more content, and a lot more side content. It's kind of like it's been morphed with the SIMS, they really encourage you to talk to EVERY NPC ever and build up relationships and take over business and generally has a huge community-based feel. It means you can take long detours from the plot to just build up relationships or have kids or decorate houses or whatever you like, though.

      One thing about it I HATE is that there's no healthbar. It uses a system like a FPS where the screen gets darker and tooltip starts to comment you're 'getting hit a lot' and health potions become available for use if you have them. Because I cannot gauge if my enemy is nearly dead, if I am nearly dead, etc, I have to just risk death or use a health potion everytime one is available, and there's no indication of how low your health actually is when that happens, and that's incredibly frustrating.

      There's also no experience/levels per sé, because everyone nowadays is moving away from traditional RPGs which makes me very sad 'cause hello, traditional RPGs were awesome, please keep making them, but you earn guild seals you buy skills and so on with, and your weapons get little stars so, yeah, you pretty much DO gain experience and level up, it's just it's all kept hush-hush and no one talks about it.

      Finally, John Cleese is your butler, and that fact is made of win.

      Is very worth playing.

      • Phyrra

        I think some game designers feel that levels / experience detracts from the role-playing experience. I don’t agree with this, but I do applaud the different styles of game design.

        Ray loved all the side quests in the original Fable and Fable 2.

        Yeah, I’m obviously leaning towards the Move, especially after your lovely comments, which made me giggle.

    • http://www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com Anastasia

      Oh, and rifles are AWESOME.

    • Desiree

      Hubby already ordered Cataclysm, think he just got the plain jane version. So I guess that’s his Christmas present. lol I’m going to have to sneak onto his account while he’s at work to try out the new races. I couldn’t be a proper geek girl if I didn’t. =P

      • Phyrra

        I really can’t wait to make a worgen! Can you say Caniche? :P

    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittens

      A NEW MICKEY GAME!!! HOLY CRAP!! I’m always looking for a way to play Mickey’s Magical Quest, I wish I still had my damn super nintendo. I love Mickey games! I have one for my game cube (can’t remember what it was called, had glass shards and stuff, magical mirror?)
      Sure it’s kids stuff, but IT’S AWESOME!

      • Phyrra

        Did you play Kingdom Hearts? I can’t remember when we last brought up gaming if you had or not, but it is another Mickey game, too :)

        And YAY! Glad you like it, too.

        • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittens

          I have part 2 I think, for my ps2 but I got bored or stuck, one or the other lol.

    • http://allimcbally.blogspot.com/ Allison

      We walked into a Playstation Move arcade here in Zurich. They had a bunch of games set up. So the arcade itself was just bonkers! I was pretty impressed with the system. It definitely beats out the Wii. We however will be getting a Kinnect for Christmas since we only have the xbox.

      • Phyrra

        Wow sounds like the arcade was a cool experience! What game are you most interested in for the Kinect?

        • http://allimcbally.blogspot.com/ Allison

          The arcade was awesome. I imagine they might have other ones in the US and elsewhere in the world. The acarade was definitely good marketing.

          Well the Adventure game comes with the kinnect we got. I wouldn’t find getting one of the fitness games. But nothing really peaks my interest at the moment. I’m hoping there are more games out when I’m home in Jan/Feb so I can bring a new one back.

          • Phyrra

            It sounds like the Adventure Game is fun :)

    • Tina

      We have the Kinect — an early Xmas present for my boyfriend. I also bought the Dance Central. It is SO fun! It’s like you are dancing in the videos. The Kinect does a pretty good job of detecting your body and your limbs and providing feedback if you aren’t doing something right.

      • Phyrra

        That sounds cool! I’m often not very… coordinated with dancing. I do ok with yoga, though :)

    • MelissaDonC

      I just got a Kinect too! I absolutely love it; I bought dance central and Pre-ordered Zumba which was released the 18th I believe, but the sensor seems to be quite accurate to me! I also have a PS3, but based my decision on the kinect per reviews and the speed of game production.

      • Phyrra

        Zumba looks really cool! Dave and I were looking at that. We’d also discussed taking dance classes in the past, so it was cool to see a game like that.

    • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

      I want Rock Band! But I think I need to complete Guitar Hero III in hard mode before I’m worthy of it.. =)

      • Phyrra

        I actually went the Karaoke route, then got Rock band. However, that’s because I LOVE to sing. I just wish they had songs I want to sing, because often they lack bands I like. I mean, c’mon, why is there no Depeche Mode?

        • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

          I tend to stay away from microphones, I don’t want anyone to hear my horrible singing! But I did try it with my best friend and it was quite fun =) And yeah, some Depeche Mode would be great!

    • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com robyn

      Slightly off topic, but I need your help games-wise. Do you know of any resources for table top RPG noobs? My other half got some SW d20-based thing and we does not know hows to work it! x

      • Phyrra

        Uhm, it depends, is it a generic d20? or is it based off of some other world? I might be able to find you something. I’ve primarily played White Wolf and D&D, but a bit of Amber (diceless), Rifts and some other things, too.

        • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com robyn

          *shouts at boyfriend*

          It’s based off D&D

    • http://eyeconicmakeup.blogspot.com/ Heather / Eyeconic

      I had no idea the PS3 released a motion sensor thingy! I do have a Wii and I LOVE it, the Just Dance games are the best. It might be broken though >:( We got a warranty, but even so, I’m moving out in January and I will miss it soooo much :P I might buy a game system for myself at that point, but I’m not sure which one. Probably a Wii because- DON’T JUDGE ME- I can illegally download tons of games for it, which is what I do now. Video games are so expensive!

      My boyfriend is getting a Kinect and I’m going to buy the dancing game for it :D

      I feel like just yesterday my favorite game was Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Magical Mystery Mall for the original Playstation… hahaha.

      • Phyrra

        See, I like the wii, but I hate when the control gets in the way of me playing the game. I.e. if I wear myself out playing Legend of Zelda, and I want to progress the story but I’m too damn tired or annoyed at the controls, I’m going to give up.

        And I’m still stuck in the past with games in some ways. I want more Monster Rancher 4! Still my favorite game Ever <3

    • Amanda

      I just got cata today and its awesome!!! What do you all think of it?

      What server do you guys play on? I play on Bladefist. =D

      • Phyrra

        Stormrage ;)