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Evil Shades Intrinsic Harmony Perfume

Andrea of Evil Shades has been working on a secret project and it’s now been released! She made her very first perfume. It’s Evil Angel Intrinsic Harmony.

It’s a sweet, sexy and slightly wild fragrance.

The scent description is:
A hint of soft black leather to entice the wild side, a subtle whisper of strawberry to settle the inner child, rested on a base of sweet water lily and jasmine with gentle wafts of coconut and blood red roses all to sweep you away to your “Intristic Harmony”

It comes in a clear glass 10 ml roller bottle for the full size.

The ingredients are:
Grapeseed oil, fragrance oils and essential oil

Sample size is .5 ML for $1.95

I like the idea of mixing leather into those notes!

Images courtesy of Evil Shades.

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    • Jade

      I’m not sure how I would feel about wearing leather, but it sounds like a nice fragrance. Is that manga-style figure on the bottle? It’s adorable!

      • Phyrra

        Yeah it is manga style, it’s so cute!

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    • Amber

      My sister actually designed the image for her label custom for the owner… Im biased but i think shes an amazing artist lol..

      • Phyrra

        Will your sister do commissions? Her art is gorgeous!