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SkincareRX Coupon for 20% Off

SkincareRx gave me a 20% off coupon. I believe it’s good for any of their sites.

Coupon Code: SKFRIEND20

I recently won a gift certificate for their sites and used it at Apothica.

You can check out other Sales I know about here.

Happy New Years Eve!

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    • http://manicuredlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Soos

      Thank you for the code. I tried to order a belated gift, but was frustrated trying to get through the shipping portion. I will call them tomorrow.

    • http://manicuredlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Soos

      I just tried again, and the code and the shipping went OK. Mahalo!

      • Phyrra

        Yay it worked!