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January 28, 2011 10:46 pm

Mithril Makes The Best Swords

Today I put together a look with Mithril, a dirty silver-gold. I added in lots of blues around it.

CSN $45 Giveaway

Wall art and decor is always something I have trouble choosing for my own home, so I feel like my walls are a bit bare. When I see neat pieces

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Brazen Cosmetics Screw Cupid Giveaway

Brazen Cosmetics is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day Screw Cupid Giveaway! We’re giving away one Screw Cupid set! This box set contains four exclusive colors, all opaque packed with color and

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Shadow Transformation

Shadow Transformation… the art of foiling, only I prefer to do it without water.  There are a few techniques for how to foil eyeshadow. This comparison of shadow transforming products

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