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Brazen Cosmetics Screw Cupid Giveaway

Brazen Cosmetics is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day Screw Cupid Giveaway!

We’re giving away one Screw Cupid set!

This box set contains four exclusive colors, all opaque packed with color and sparkle.
* Tease: hot bubblegum pink with red/violet shift
* Miss Independent: cool reddish burgundy with mega sparkles
* Vixen: almost black/red duochrome with metallic undertones
* Last Call: rich matte black with touch of burgundy and a hint of purple sparkles
Each shade is served up in 5g pots with sifters

Additionally Brazen Cosmetics is offering Phyrra readers 20% off on Valentine’s Day stuff with the coupon code:

To Enter the Giveaway:
1. You must be a subscriber of my blog either through Blog Lovin’ or GFC.  You must leave an email address for me to contact you at if you win. You must leave a comment on this blog entry telling us about your worst Valentine’s Day or break up.
2. For an additional entry, ‘Like’ Brazen Cosmetics on Facebook.
3. For another entry, Tweet @Phyrra Enter the Brazen Cosmetics Screw Cupid Giveaway! http://wp.me/pWTUj-2Hu

The giveaway will run from Today until February 10, 2011 at 4pm EST.

Comments are now closed. Entries are being tallied and a winner will be chosen.

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    Hi, I'm Courtney. I write Phyrra- Beauty for the Bold, a beauty and lifestyle blog. I feature cruelty free and vegan beauty brands. I love bright makeup, colorful hair, sparkly nails, alternative fashion and standard poodles. On Tuesdays and Fridays I share videos.
    • http://www.mineraloholic.blogspot.com Alexandra Negoda

      Hi Phyrra, I am the follower of your blog and liked Brazan on the Facebook (Alexandra Negoda). My worst Valentines day was when I invited my boyfriend to romantic evening to my apartment (candles, bath, sexy lingerie, You know… ;-) ) and suddenly one of the waterpipes in the flat broke through and everything was flooded within couple of minutes. :-) So, all the evening we wiped and soaked the water saving the carpets.

      My email: sweetheart2004 at ukr dot com

    • http://www.thatgurlwho.co.uk www.thatgurlwho.co.uk

      1. I follow through GFC
      2. I like Brazen cosmetics on FB
      3. Tweeted about the giveaway, my twitter is @thatgurlwho

      My worst breakup was when my boyfriend of over two years split up with me about 5 days before valentines day 2009, so then on valentines day I went out with my girlfriends, had far too much to drink and there I first met the guy who I’m with now, so it turned out to be pretty good too :)

      • http://www.thatgurlwho.co.uk www.thatgurlwho.co.uk

        Forgot to leave my email *facepalm*


    • Halifax

      My worst V Day would be the one coming up next month, cause my bf is away and won’t be here to celebrate it with me

      Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Sparkled_Beauty/status/30988114117791744

    • Erin

      I follow your blog through GFC.

      My worst Valentine’s day was four years ago when, while out to dinner with my bf, we found out that his dad had a huge brain tumor!!!
      Luckily, he has recovered, with minimum brain damage.
      However, we now consider Valentine’s day cursed and try not to celebrate it. :(

      My Twitter name is reenxor.

    • Anne W

      1. am a GFC follower.
      2. I like Brazen on fb.

      I’ve been married for almost 7 years so nothing exciting happens on V day for me. The worst would be the year we were dating and my husband was out of town at a conference.

      anne.04 at gamil dot com

    • quinieleong
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    • http://fenuabeaute.blogspot.com Anna Crystal

      I follow via GFC and I liked Brazen on FB as Anna Jaeger.

      My worst V-Day? To be honest I’ve never been in a relationship nor did I ever celebrate a V-Day, to me it’s just nothing but stupid, but I LOVE the chocolate.

      chouhime AT googlemail DOT com

    • http://cheapchickpicks.blogspot.com/ eRiN

      I ‘Like’ Brazen Cosmetics on Facebook as Erin MacMahon
      I tweeted http://twitter.com/erinmacmahon/status/30995716457373696
      I follow as eRiN macmahon.erin [at] gmail.com
      Worst Valentine’s Day … they’re all the same! No guy >.< Worst breakup, maybe, the one where I realized he was in fact still in love with his ex despite having convinced me it was silly of me to worry about that.

    • Desiree

      I follow through GFC and I liked Brazen Cosmetics on Facebook as Dez Hollis. :)
      email is thumper1182 at hotmail dot com

      My worst Valentine’s ever had to be in high school. There was a boy I was crazy about and at a Valentine’s dance the weekend before, he’d started talking to me and we even made out. *blush* We get back to school on Monday (which was actually Valentine’s Day) and he doesn’t remember any of it happening and doesn’t speak to me the whole day. :( But I made up for it a few years later by getting married on Valentine’s Day. This year will be our 9th wedding anniversary. :)

    • Kerry

      1. I follow through Blog Lovin’ & GFC.
      2. I “Like” Brazen Cosmetics on FB.
      3. I Tweeted: KerryB678.

      Email: kerry elizabeth 97 at yahoo dot com

      My worst Valentine’s Day or break up.. um.. I guess every break up felt like the worst ever at the time it happened, but in the long run, I’m glad they happened or else I wouldn’t have met my husband. Honestly, I’ve never really had an awful Valentine’s Day… this is a really crappy answer.. lol.

    • http://madein1985.blogspot.com H – MADEIN1985
    • http://kathyfuckingjacobs.blogspot.com Kathy

      I follow through GFC, and like Brazen Cosmetics on facebook. My email is kathyeffingjacobs at yahoo dot com.

      My worst Valentine’s Day was *several* years ago, with my second boyfriend – he dumped me on Valentine’s, by IM. (Until I went over to his dorm and made him do it in person.)

    • DalaLuz

      Screw Cupid! :-)

      To be fair, I refuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hate being extra romantic just because custom tells you to. No thank you, I pass. My worst breakup was bad, but today I am very happy I finally found out I had been living with an ass for years, because my current sweety totally rules, I am still very happy sharing my life with him, and he has seen me at my worst and is not even bothered… *love*

      So I hope that all this gooey loveliness does not disqualify me from your Give Away… Darn, life should be much more miserable ;-) And as I’ll take chocolate & flowers any day of the years, it is very sad that today is a day without chocolate & flowers.

      I follow you on GFC and twitter as @DalaLuz Here’s my tweet: http://twitter.com/DalaLuz/status/31002939338264577
      I liked Brazen Cosmetics at FB as Lucia de Meijer-Kerns
      My e-mail is lucia(at)erickerns(dot)com

    • http://makeupjunkie88.blogspot.com/ Priscilla
    • kamala

      the worst was when i was in elementary school (and a total nerd…ok i’m still a nerd). All the kids exchanged those little valentines with each other. We all made little “mailboxes” for our desks i which to receive our valentines. Everyone gave everyone else valentines…except nerdy, weird little me. My box was totally empty!
      I was so sad.

    • kamala

      PS: I follow on GFC.
      kamala1127 at aol dot com

    • Margaret

      Worst breakup ever had to be on public transit. I cried the whole hour trip on the train home and you better believe I did not get asked for a ticket.
      All my Valentine’s Days have been good though, because I spend them with friends. :)
      I follow through GFC.

    • http://www.Mrskittykaboom.blogspot.com Jeni

      I follow using GFC email:[email protected]

      My worst valentines memories are those of grade school. Its pretty standard now for children to give the entire class valentines, but not when I went.. 2 years in a row I didn’t receive even ONE note with crappy candy inside. I was certain there was something wrong with me.

      I liked on facebook as: J.DeWolf

      I tweeted as mrskittykaboom: http://twitter.com/#!/MrsKittyKaBoom/status/31038645838290945

      Thanks for the entries & hosting! These colors look so nice, I would love to be able to try them out. :) Good luck everyone!

    • http://facebook.com/tabortotts Lori Tabor

      my email address is [email protected], im entering a chance to win the screw cupid set. my worst valentines is going to be the one coming up, my bf and i have been fighting for days, i hope it gets better from now and then, but im not sure, we have counseling appt on tues so lets hope so! i am also following on twitter,

    • http://facebook.com/tabortotts Lori Tabor

      i already follow you on FB and now on twitter (missloritabor)

    • http://vanity-noapologies.blogspot.com/ vanity
    • Pixel

      I follow through GFC
      My email is caitlin07 at rocketmail dot com

      Worst Vday… That’s tough… Last year I spent it at the bar with my ex cause neither of us had anything better to do.
      My senior year of high school, there was a blizzard on Vday, so I was stuck at home and couldn’t see my boyfriend.
      One year my boyfriend gave me a teddy bear, except I found out later my friend had bought it cause he was too cheap.

      Yeah, I hate Vday.

    • http://schadenfraulein.tumblr.com Barbara

      I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin’ and the email is the same I use to comment here.

      Well, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because I don’t being told when to be romantic and it seems insincere. Yet, I think I have a story to tell. When I was in high school, I didn’t have a bf come Valentine’s (not that I cared, because I’ve known the guys at my HS since grade school so I thought it would be gross, almost incestuous, to date them in HS). But damn, did my “friends” make me feel like a loser for it. Like they would ask “Did you get anything?” knowing full well what the answer was already. It was hard not to get annoyed by that, as much as I tried to let it roll off my back.
      It’s amazing, looking back on it now, how such little things like that become the most important things for a teen.

      Even though I don’t celebrate VD, I look forward to the next day chocolate sales. English toffee and caramel-filled chocolates are my weaknesses.

    • http://www.candyandglitter.webs.com Sarah

      I follow your blog via GFC: Sarah Rockel
      I tweeted: https://twitter.com/SarahRockel/statuses/31051066485252099

      I started dating my husband when I was 16, so every valentines day has been perfect since then (I’m now 27 and we’ve been married 3 years). Sorry, I’ve never had a bad one! LOL!

    • http://thestudentsguidetonailpolish.blogspot.com/ September Lena

      Lol, at first I read “Screw Cupid” with a meaning it probably wasn’t intended to have, originally :P

      I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day!

    • http://www.doubl3helix.blogspot.com Amber

      1. I follow your blog!
      2. I also follow Brazen on facebook.
      3. Twittered here: http://twitter.com/#!/doubl3h3lix/status/31058720565760000

      I’ve never has a break up on Valentines day (thank goodness) One of my first boyfriends back in HS bought me a necklace for valentines day one year, and because he had told my friends he was spending a lot of money on me I felt I had to do something similiar. I ended up buying a gaming video card for his PC that he had been eyeing at the time, which was around a good 100$. He gave me a very sweet heart shaped necklace, which was nice until I saw it at Claire’s later that week for less than $10.00! Ouch!

    • http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/ Cassy
    • http://emilysmakeupbox.blogspot.com Emily

      I’ll enter!
      I follow via GFC
      emilys dot livejournal at gmail dot com

      V-Day 2002, I spent in tears because I’d just found out my grandpa wasn’t expected to make the night. Bad enough I was single, but even if I hadn’t been, that would have been the worst.

    • Tara Wilson

      I would have to say my worst V-Day was in 2010. My divorce was finalized on the 12th and on the 14th, my ex rubbed in the fact that he had a 19 year old girlfriend (he’s 37) and I hadn’t been able to move forward yet. It was pretty messed up, but this year I am flyin’ solo and completely happy.

    • http://www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com Anastasia

      Worst break-up story? PREPARE FOR MISERY.

      Back when I dated Jeremy, my first serious long-term relationship, and also my first D/s relationship, at the beginning we both agreed we were monogamous. He lived 4 hours away by train, so we’d go visit one another and stay over often. I got along with his family great, spent Christmas with him. He even bought me a little diamond ring.

      We’d been together nine months when he, drunkenly, called me from a club and announced that there were “loads of girls here who’d get off with him and it wouldn’t be a big deal”. I hung up. Next day he told me that he’d been thinking about it for a while and wanted us to be poly amorous. I told him that wasn’t something I was OK with, and that poly isn’t one person deciding they want to sleep around, and the next weekend I took a trip down to see him to see if we could work things out.

      I stayed with him that weekend, and began to notice him acting strangely. Every time his phone bleeped for a text message when I was around, he wouldn’t check it. Every time I walked into the room he suddenly put his phone away. He had train tickets lying around his bedside table which he shoved in a drawer when I went in. We were laying watching a movie together, his phone went off and I asked why he wasn’t checking it, and he said “Of course not, I’m here watching a movie with you” and kissed me.

      Sunday evening, I asked to borrow his laptop to look up a walkthrough for a stupid cave in one of the pokémon games (DON’T LAUGH) I’d gotten lost in. When I typed “g” for google into his address bar, his recent traffic appeared (as it does) and I noticed a logged-in inbox link to the dating site we met on – but it was a different username. I clicked on it and read the profile, and saw him pretending to be single and searching for another long-term partner. Another me.
      The profile was 3 months old. I closed the tab and looked up my walkthrough and pretended I hadn’t seen anything. It was Sunday night, after the last train had gone, and I was worried if I started a fight he might throw me out.

      So, I pretended everything was fine, although was quiet and trying very hard to keep calm. After he fell asleep, I grabbed his phone out of his jeans and ran to the bathroom to check his messages. My suspicions were confirmed – while we had been cosying up together watching that movie, some girl had been sending him dirty texts. He had dozens from her and others and they dated back months.

      I was absolutely sure, then, but I wanted to have this fight at home. I wanted to be home in my own house and call him and tell him to go die in a fucking fire, the cheating, scummy shitbag. He left for work the next morning without waking me and I grabbed my stuff and headed for the train station.

      You’d think this would be more or less the end of the story, but no. Unfortunately, over the weekend it had rained – a lot – and caused major flooding along the East Midlands, which is where I lived. I got to the train station and got into London, and where it would normally take another 3 hours to get home, I realised it would be a lot longer. The train station was absolutely packed and the electronic boards read everything as cancelled. There were train staff standing around trying to help people. I explained I needed to get to London and one of them shrugged and told me I should get the tube to a different London station, and try to get to Birmingham.

      I had to take three different tube trains to get to the right place, and then found a train heading to Birmingham. It seemed like only the hugest cities had trains running to them. Several hours later we got into Birmingham and the situation was no better; I was advised by train staff to grab a train to Manchester. And away I went. When I got to Manchester, I was told to RUN to the other station at the opposite end of the city and try to board a train to Huddersfield. I took off, running through the rain in an unfamiliar city and managed to get there in time, and boarded.

      The train to Huddersfield was promising because it was, at least, taking me closer to where I needed to be. Unfortunately, it didn’t get there. The train stopped halfway at some no-name place with about 6 houses, and we were told to get off and that a rail replacement bus would be picking us up. We waited for three hours, and nothing arrived. When finally the passengers got through to the ONE man manning the stupid tiny station, he disappeared for a while, and then another train showed up and promised it was going all the way to Huddersfield.

      It actually did, and we arrived around 2am. Unfortunately, there were no more trains going anywhere I needed that day. I spoke to the station manager, who said that I could get a train to Sheffield in the morning, but there was nothing else until then. Having nowhere to stay, I hunkered down with my bags in the little waiting room and slept in the train station.

      The next morning, I managed to grab the train to Sheffield. The situation wasn’t much improved although by the afternoon I had managed to make it to Nottingham, right next door to Lincoln where I wanted to be, only to be told that no trains were running from Nottingham to Lincoln, no buses were running from Nottingham to Lincoln, and they couldn’t guarantee that they would be tomorrow, either.

      At that point, being so close to home, and having spend two days trying to take a trip that should have taken 4 hours, I just wanted to get home immediately. I paid for the most expensive taxi I ever have in my life, and dropped around £40 to get one to take me back to Lincoln that day.

      The trip was an absolute nightmare and through most of it I’d been trying not to burst into tears and think about my failed relationship or cheating swine of a soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, whilst getting rained on, being freezing, sleeping in a train station and travelling to several major cities on a total of eighteen different trains. At this point, I don’t even fully remember the insane number of changes and cities I ended up in. When I finally did get home, I changed into pyjamas, got into bed, texted Jeremy and told him I knew what he’d been doing and he was a fucking dirt bag and could go to hell.

      And that was my worst break-up ever.

    • http://bhevarri.blogspot.com/ Bhevarri

      I subscribe through GFC, and my email is bhevarri at yahoo.com

      I haven’t really had any bad valentine’s days, since for the past 6 years I’ve had one fantastic person to spend it with… until last april =( ON APRIL FOOL’S DAY NO LESS! It has been awful dealing with the breakup. Horrible. And now, it’s sort of like having some milk in front of you. You really want the milk, but you can see, and smell that it’s spoiled. But you still want that damn milk, and you know if you drink it it’s just gonna make you sick, but there’s still the off chance it won’t make you sick at all! Ugh. Sucks =(

      I liked Brazen on FB
      and I tweeted here- https://twitter.com/#!/Bhevarri

    • Michelle

      Ok, I follow via GFC and left my email in the comment form. My worst breakup was about seven years ago. It was one of those things where we still loved one another but knew it was for the best if we split up. It sucked.

    • http://vulcanbutterfly.blogspot.com/ Vulcan_Butterfly

      I’m a follower through GFC and my email address is [email protected]
      I moved out with the person who is now my fiance when I was 18 so we could both afford to pay rent and go to university. A couple of years into living together in a tiny box of an apartment, we decided we couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with each other. The problem was that neither of us could afford to move out! It was really “special” trying to see other people when we lived in the same house! Valentine’s Day was, shall we say, AWKWARD! In the end, we decided to get back together so it all worked out in the end, but that story of our past is rather embarrassing!

    • Michelle

      I follow you on BlogLovin’, I have also liked Facebook and Tweeted. My e-mail is in the form.

      Hmm…I don’t too much stock in Valentine’s day. It is fun and cute but not the end of the work. Last year I decided to make a fancy dinner (in lingerie no less) for the BF, and he ended up having to stay at work for 5 hours longer than expected. Oh well, food was good! :)

    • http://www.thecleverhedgehog.com Pegs

      Worst Valentines day ever? 2005 in University I was single, was having a breakdown over a statistics assignment & another course’s middterm that was slated for the next day. To destress I went out my fellow single housemates for ONE pity-pint at the pub. One housemate proceeded to pick up the creeeeeeeepiest nastiest creeper of a guy EVER and brought him home with us and had loud-you-know-what with him in the communal living room until 3-4am. Yeah, I’m no longer friends with her.

      GFC Follower – peggylikesstuff
      email: peggylikesstuff at gmail dot com
      Liked Brazen Cosmetics on FB (Peggy R.)
      Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/peggylikesstuff/status/31153984844603392

    • http://www.lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com Lillian

      Please enter me, i tweeted and ‘liked’ :)
      I’ve only had one break up and it wasn’t exactly terrible but it was very depressing. I was 14 (i think) and very depressed and thought no one would ever like or fancy me, i found out a boy did and was so astonished and overwhelmed with gratitude that i basically did whatever he asked. Then after a few weeks I began to suspect he was just using me, so i asked him and he just flat out admitted it. I broke up with him then obviously and he just didn’t seem to care at all, which hit me badly. I was at school and went into my science class and just started crying.
      I’ve never had a really bad valentines day, though once i found a heart shaped lollipop attached to my door and got all excited that i had a secret , admirer and it turned out to be a friend of mine, which was slightly disappointing :P

    • Petra

      I follow you through google friend connect as RoboPetra!

      Worst break-up.. well we had already broken up in high school then met a again about three years later. He started wooing me pretty determinedly and just when I was thinking of getting back together again, he vanished from the radar. Two weeks later I found out from a mutual friend he had gotten another woman pregnant and married her. He had been seeing her the entire time he was trying to get back together with me. I felt so stupid. Also, I felt like punching him in the face. Alas, he had the sense not to show his face to me again.

      email: artepnorig at gmail.com

    • alex

      He forgot about valentines day. I went big and felt like a fool

    • janet

      my husband left me for my best friend. He told me he loved me but he just wasn’t in love with me. This was three kids later, about ten years of marriage, and way over ten years of being together. Oh and the worst part is that he told me that he didn’t like the fact that I didn’t want to do anything with my life, after many years of me supporting his life changing decisions, staying home to raise our kids, keep a nice home and everything that goes with that, and on top of it all I took a grave yard shift at a restaurant to help out with the bills. Never mind that maybe I put my life on hold!

    • http://prettymom.org coco

      i’m a follower. my email is prettymom [at] gmail [dot] com.
      i tweeted the giveaway:

      don’t really have worse breakup story to share because when it ends, it ends. i always believe there are something better out there and now i’m married to one :)

    • Pixiealamode

      I’m subscribed to you through blogger and through my blog role.
      My e-mail is pixiealamode at gmail dot com.
      Ok my worst break was a doozy. My boyfriend of six month started ignoring me randomly. He became mentally abusive, calling me names and saying things that were really hurtful. I was pretty hard core in love with him so I didn’t know what to do. I was fifteen, far to young to be in this type of relationship.
      My Mom broke it off after she saw him get physical with me. MY MOM. It was pretty tough to see him leave but I felt better after he was gone.
      Ten months after we broke up I met my fiance. The love of my life. XD Yay for happy endings!
      (I’m about to go tweet and like the page btw.)

    • http://sarahazhezha.blogspot.com/ Sarah Mar’atul Azizah

      follow via Bloglovin’ ( azhezha )
      like Brazen Cosmetics ( Sarah Azhezha )
      follow and tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/azhezha/status/31324979723243521

      the worst is when he have an important activity on his university, just after we made valentine plan! then i just go out lunch alone to decrease my regretfull feeling :(

      btw, thanks for the giveaway dear ;)

    • http://bettydoesrandom.blogspot.com/ Katrina

      Hey there Phyrra. Love the new header!!

      I can’t remember a bad V-Day because I don’t put much emphasis on that, but my worst break up was probably my first. In high school. Looking back, he was so verbally abusive, I’m lucky we broke up!

      I like Brazen on facebook. Those 4 colors would look great together I think!

      kathollywood (at) gmail (dot) com

    • http://www.swatchstorm.blogspot.com Cait

      I am a follower through GFC under Cait. Email is swatch(dot)storm(at)gmail(dot)com

      My worst VDay so far has been when I forgot it! I felt like such a doof especially since my BF at the time really put a lot of thought into that holiday :(

    • http://colorfullydelicious.blogspot.com Marci

      I love the pink colors in this set. I would like to enter the giveaway. I follow via GFC. I liked Brazen Cosmetics on Facebook and I tweeted (marciissocool).

      As for the worst breakup….

      3 years ago, I was dating a guy named Jason. Things were going great, and I thought we were in love. I know he wanted to go to NYC to live and work there for a few months and I was fine with that, I would wait for him to come back. We spent the summer months having the greatest time, but come September, he was acting a little strange. We would fight over little things that weren’t really important, and there was a bit of stress, but for the most part we were still very happy. His family had a get together party, which I attended. It was nice, and everyone was lovely to me. The next day, I called him to see how he was doing, you know, the regular chit chat. It was at that point I found out that he was on a bus to New York! Without telling me, without saying goodbye…this sparked the fight of the century. He said he had his reasons, but mostly they ended up him being a coward and not wanting to say goodbye. I told him that if he couldn’t do that small of a thing, that our relationship was over and that he should not expect me to be waiting on him when he got back. It took me quite a while to get over that.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ericaWINS Erica K

      GFC <3
      erica.kempf at gmail dot com

      my worst break up was when my ex left me because he had "urges" for other guys :/

    • Kelly

      Wowww, I think Anastasia takes the cake for worst break up. I’ve never really had a horrible Vday, I don’t think. Not one that I can remember anyway.

      Following on GFC.
      Liked Brazen Cosmetics on FB. (not going to put my full name, but I’ll tell you privately if you need! :x)
      Tweeted, @larkiinn.

      These colors are gorgeoussss. I love Miss Independent. Thanks Phyrra!

    • http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com Stavroula Plag

      1. I’m a subscriber of your blog through Blog Lovin’ and GFC.

      [email protected]

      My worst break up will have to be one about 6-7 years ago, when the guy told me he wanted to be on his own without giving me any explanations.

      2. I ‘Like’ Brazen Cosmetics on Facebook under Stavroula Plag

      Thank you :) x

    • Darrick

      I follow via email.
      I’ve only ever had one boyfriend (who’s now my husband) so all the lonely valetines before that pretty much sucked

    • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com robyn

      I follow via GFC and my email is robyndskinner at gmail dot com. I tweeted (@robynheartsslap) and I liked Brazen on FB.

      Me and my other half don’t really do V Day, we normally go to a gig or something fun instead of doing typical ‘romantic’ things which we do anyway. My worst might have to be this year because he’s going away for work for a whole week and we haven’t been away from each other for more than 2 nights for about…. 5 years! :(

    • Lynnie

      I follow through bloglovin’

      my email is [email protected]

      my worst break-up was last year. I was dating a jewish guy and totally bankrupted myself planning a really special Hanukkah celebration for him for him to tell me the next day the night before Hanukkah started that he lied about being in love with me, so I was totally broke and had all this stuff and ended up bawling on the couch in the dark watching practical magic

    • http://simplystephtee.blogspot.com stephanie

      I’m a follower :)

      I tweeted and I liked Brazen on facebook.

      My worst Valentine’s Day will probably be this one coming up as my boyfriend and I aren’t sure how to proceed with our relationship. Either break up or continue our relationship long distance (we were already long distance for two years so this would be like backtracking in a way). So, either way…this V-day is gonna be tough :(

    • Angela

      Following via Google, Brazen already liked on FB.

      My worst Valentine’s Day was from high school. My BF at the time went to the auto show on Valentine’s day, leaving me alone with no plans. I decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood & was hit by a car while I was crossing the street. I spent the remainder of the evening in the ER, in pain and blind because I’d lost my glasses. Thankfully, I was just bumped and bruised from the crash, since the car hadn’t been going very fast (but hadn’t had its lights on which is why I didn’t see it coming in the dark.) Ironically, I would have enjoyed going to the auto show since I really like cars.

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      My worst Valentine’s Day was from University, when I had so many exams in that periode and in that day too , so I couldn’t enjoy the spirit of this day…I hadn’t time for my boyfriend,
      I liked Brazen Cosmetics on FB (Adriana Camelia Andrasescu-Scrieciu)
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      Hello!! awesome blog!!! Hmm worst valentines day.. i would have to say back in 05 i was engaged and we had a whole night planned.. go to a nice dinner and then to AC for a night at the casino.. i got all dressed and ready .. the time he was supposed to show came and went.. i called and called after a couple times of calling he shut off his phone .. a few hrs past and as devastated as i was i tried to sleep.. my good friend called and said she saw his car at his exs house.. i confronted him about it and he said he took her out to dinner and ended up crashing there.. yeah that relationship didnt last long…
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      I’ve liked Brazen on FB, shared her link about the contest on my newsfeed & also retweeted about the contest as well.
      My worst VDay? Well, at the risk of sounding cheesy, every VDay was the worst until I met my husband, Ivan. I’ve never been with someone who is so amazing & cool. We just celebrated 6 years together in December :)

    • http://glitterandtoucans.blogspot.com Amanda

      My worst break up was the time I logged on to Facebook, and I discovered that I was “no longer listed as being in a relationship with (insert name of jerk)”. It was extremely upsetting to my then 17-year-old self that he didn’t even have the decency to tell me before he told Facebook.
      Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise. I deserve so much better than that! I’m also glad to say that, if something like that happened to me today, I’m strong and confident enough to recognize that someone who will do that is not worth my time and energy, and I’m so much better off without them. I think I’d have a hard time being upset by someone so immature. If only I had that wisdom when I was 17…

      Following you with GFC.
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      My last to last valentine day was the worst one as I had broken up with my ex bf and all my friends had a date that day. I was so depressed all I did is sat at home and watched some cheesy depressing movies.

      tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/lilofeverything/status/32165590634336258


    • AYL

      These colors are gorgeous! Thanks for this giveaway!

      My worst valentine’s day was when all of my friends decided to have a valentines day celebration together. Each one of my friends had a boyfriend, while I did not. Needless to say, I did not have much fun…A lot of awkward moments for me…

    • Nessa

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      My worst break-up was after my ex and I got back together and I thought it was really going to work out, and he ended up cheating on me :(

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      My worst valentine is last year. First time I have a bad date with my BF because some talks about my boy bestfriend in our date. Believe me, never do the same thing as me :(

      Good luck for me and everyone :)


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      • http://mlintangretnani.blogspot.com Monik

        My worst valentine was 2 years ago because I don’t have BF for 21 years. ahahah

    • Kristina Linn

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      My worst Valentines Day: my first Valentines Day with my boyfriend. I had gotten a migraine from the scent of a new lotion I had tried that day (I wanted to be all soft and smooth for the day) even though I washed it off i was still feeling so sick. When I got to my boyfriend’s house I immediately puked on the street and spent most of the dinner in the bathroom (it was a really nice bathroom). End of the night we did spend cuddling though.

    • nekosan

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      Worst breakup – probably the standard “Oh no please don’t go please please please”, “Oh, okay, sure we’re together”, wash and repeat a dozen times. It’s been long enough ago that the sordid details are unimportant. =)

    • http://labellamorte.blogspot.com/ Erica

      I am following through GFC as Erica. I tweeted from @LaBelleMorte And I liked the page on Facebook as Erica Black. My email is insidereidsmind @ gmail .com

      My worst Valentine’s day story is from 2001. My then boyfriend called me at our home to tell me that he was breaking up with me because he had gotten married. He actually married another girl on the day before Valentine’s Day, then called me to tell me about it on Valentine’s Day and acted surprised that I was upset.

    • Alison

      My WORST Valentine’s Day ever – OH BOY!!!!!

      I dated this jerk named ADAMO FISCELLA that was very inconsiderate and used to take my money all the time. I found out he was using me for my money and he cheated on me and was ‘dating me because he was bored and wanted sex’. He took a lot of personal items from me that meant a lot to me without asking for them.

      We went out to lunch a couple days before Valentine’s Day. He had recently got me fired from my 2 jobs and I was unable to pay rent so I told him I could only afford a size salad. He ordered a large chicked caesar salad and the chicken ended up being undercooked, so he sent it back and got a new one, and then when the bill came I pulled out a $20, set it on the table, and closed my wallet. As I was putting my wallet away, he picked up the bill and the $20 and went up and paid for the meal. I was IRATE and walked up to the front and he KEPT MY CHANGE!

      I had the worst Italian girl glare that you could ever imagine, so he pulled it out of his wallet and said, ‘oh, here’ and asked if I left a tip. I said ‘you had my money’ so he went and left a tip. I found out later, he only left the poor girl $2. =( I yelled at him for it, and he said the chicken was undercooked – NOT HER FAULT! He didn’t even pay for his meal, and that’s all he left her?!

      I was SO hesistant to break up with him but I wanted my stuff back that he had and I wanted to see if he would at least make up for it on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day rolled around and he didn’t call me, so I went to run errands. He called when I was on my way home at 4pm and I asked if he was coming over and he said ‘I don’t have any gas money’ which he had said SO MANY TIMES before and I always gave him money, but this time I said ‘yeah I don’t either and I don’t have money for rent’ so he hesitated, and finally said he was on his way over.

      I cleaned up, lit candles, and waited on my couch listening to music. I waited and waited and looked at the clock every 15 minutes. It got dark, and I drifted off to sleep on the couch. I woke up at 9:30pm and had no new messages, so I finally mustered up enough courage to call and confront him. I asked where he was and he said he stopped at his friends, went to a couple places to apply for jobs(YEAH, RIGHT) and was hanging out with his buddies. I said ‘I thought you didn’t have any gas or money’ and he said ‘uh,….yeah, that’s why I went to my buddy’s cuz he gave me a couple bucks to put in my tank’. I was clearly done with him at that point and I went to hang up and he said he was on his way over.

      I waited for him to get there, and I noticed he didn’t have a single thing for Valentine’s Day, no card, no ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, no NOTHING. I told him I wanted my stuff back and I shoo’d him out of the apartment and told him we were done.

      I found out he started dating an Escort after because she paid all of his bills and handed him hundreds of dollars every week. Good riddance to those losers. Just thinking of him makes me so uneasy. I don’t hate many people but he was evil incarnate.

      I now have the most WONDERFUL fiancé ever that made me pancakes with heart shaped cherries and whipped cream on top for my breakfast in bed Valentine gift which was simple and sweet and PERFECT for me! It was the first Valentine gift I’ve ever received <3

      subscribed via google reader with [email protected]

    • Alison

      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – when I asked why it was 5 and a half hours later and he still wasn’t there, he said ‘I FIGURED YOU WOULD HAVE FORGOT ABOUT IT BY NOW’

    • http://cheapthrillss.wordpress.com/ Donna

      I’ve never been really big on celebrating valentines day, I guess I’m just not really all that romantic. It was a surprise when my husband got me a heart shaped box of chocolates last year. In all our years together he never got me anything before, so it was a really sweet surprise.

      My worst break-up was when I was out with some friends for girls night out, and one of my best friends told me my bf was cheating on me. I called her a liar and left in a huff for his place. I had a key to his apartment and walked in on him with the other girl.

      I follow in GFC as Donna J
      My email is dmj618 at gmail dot com

    • Kim

      I follow with GFC, and also followed Brazen Cosmetics on my facebook (Helen Kim V.).

      I don’t remember having a bad Valentines day really, so I can’t contribute any depressing stories, sorry! XD But as far as breakups go, I broke up with an ex that I’ve been with for 4 years and chose to be with another guy, and I’ve been with him for 5 and a half years now. I’m only 25… so yeah, I don’t really remember what it’s like to be single. D:

    • http://www.annamaxblog.blogspot.com Annamax

      1. I’m a GFC follower
      2. I like Brazen on FB

      I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s Day memories since I don’t normally do much, but I do remember one where I had a whole fun day planned with my boyfriend and then came down with the WORST FLU EVER the day of. Things like that always happen to me when I plan fun stuff ahead of time haha

    • http://serpentinity.blogspot.com/ Susana Aires

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      I never really had a bad Valentine’s Day lol. I got the same boyfriend from 5 years ago and it always went splendid :D

    • ne-knopka

      I don’t really have a worst Valentine’s Day because I don’t celebrate it

      I am blog follower


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    • ravenreed

      Oh my goodness, I love those colors!

      I am following on Blog Lovin’. As another person who doesn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, I don’t have a “worst” story. I guess the worst is not having anyone to not celebrate with, except I am so happy as a single person that I don’t miss it. Perhaps I will someday find “true love,” but at this point I would be pretty hard to convince. Screw cupid indeed!


    • Jenny Whiskey

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      Oh man…Worst break up ever was when I was a sophomore in high school. I was at my dad’s house on Christmas Eve and took a minute to use the internet (This was in the days of the dreaded dial-up and before everyone and their moms had internet). I was chatting with my boyfriend on IM when he decided….on Christmas Eve…on the computer…..that it was a good time to break up with me! I then had to go and face my family and try not to be a mess! Merry Christmas JERK!

    • Mandy

      I follow you through Bloglovin’.

      Hm, I guess my worst breakup was my first one. We had been together for over a year and I realized I didn’t have feelings for him anymore. It wasn’t really a messy breakup, it was just very hard because I had never hurt someone like that before. Though things worked out well eventually. We were able to become friends again after a while.

    • http://skuldasclaws.blogspot.com Skulda

      Worst Valentine’s Day ever was two years ago with my BF (now husband). We were on our way to a friend’s surprise birthday party (on v-day?! WHAT?!) and we ended up late, missing a bus connection and having a huge argument and going home before we even got to it. Sucked @$$.
      skulda.blackheart at gmail dot com

    • Keri

      I follow you through Bloglovin’!

      My worst break-up was a few days after my high school graduation. My boyfriend of almost two years told me after a friend’s graduation party that he didn’t have feelings for me anymore. I was supposed to go to China with him and his family later that summer, and a week later, I found out that he had gone on a couple of dates with one of my friends (3 days after he had broken up with me)!

      [email protected]

    • tgz

      Hi! I follow through mail (blogloving, I think?) with the email tarocha (thingy) gmail (dot) com and I liked Brazen on Facebook (T a n i a R o c h a , remove spaces except between the words).

      My worst breakup was much better than Anastasia’s, but I think the worst was when, just before having the talk to end the relationship (we still loved each other but had incompatible plans in life), I and the soon-to-be ex (from now on, STBX) met a common friend who proceeded to tell me about a house for rent, not too expensive, 20 metres form STBX’s house, and then tell us both how wonderful it would be for us to live so near each other and so on… and I just felt awkward…

    • http://www.makeupmortality.blogspot.com/ Emily

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      My worst Valentine’s was five years ago, when my boyfriend of the time attempted to propose using a ring he stole from his dad’s pawn shop. We were only fourteen! After I said no, I realized he was a complete creep. He would call me at all hours of day or night, he would show up outside of my house and throw rocks at my window and my parents’ cars, and sent me emails saying he was going to kill himself, my family, or me if I didn’t come back to him. Later, he claimed he was a vampire… I have a restraining order against him now and haven’t heard from him in three years. Now, I have a wonderful boyfriend (going on four years) and we are so perfectly happy I can’t imagine having a bad Valentine’s Day ever again! :D

    • Stephanie

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      I haven’t actually had a terrible Valentine’s Day before, though it’s possible this coming one won’t be very exciting. My husband often has to work overtime, and therefore we probably won’t be celebrating on the 14th. It’s kind of sad because this one will be our first as a married couple, but I think Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be restricted to just one day of the year… I think if you have a special someone, even just a close friend, any day can be celebrated as ‘Valentine’s’.

      It’s about love, not the date or buying things!

      (Email: fleurdoll [at] gmail [dot] com)

      Thank you for the opportunity :)

    • Sterling Morgenstern

      Following through GFC & liked Brazen Cosmetics on FB, both as Sterling Morgenstern. Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/Morgensterling/status/35795659307098113

      Worst Valentine’s and one of the worst days ever would be a few years ago, it was 10am and I was asleep and I guess my dad had recently gone off some pysch meds because of side effects (except you know, you’re supposed to oh I don’t know, TELL SOMEONE like a DOCTOR, not just stop taking them and then get mad at people because you’re being an asshole)

      So unbeknownst to me he was doing some work on my car in the garage and I guess was getting all pissed that he was working on my car and my lazy ass was in bed (apparently that was the logic? I have sleeping problems and was working a lot at the time so I was TIRED – hence the reason I was SLEEPING) Anyhow, he starts screaming and pounding on the walls and totally freaking out from the bottom of the stairwell at me, which in and of itself is utterly terrifying (to this day if I hear a loud noise when I’m asleep I wake up immediately, my heart beats too fast and I get a surge of adrenaline and can’t breath) but then I get pissed off and scream back, which doesn’t really do anything but make me feel even worse, I lose the fight and eventually he goes away after saying some really nasty, vitrolic stuff. I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so shaken. it was so intense and just came out of nowhere!

      Anyhow, I wait until I think he’s left to come downstairs, but when I look outside to see if his car’s gone instead I see that MINE is missing and I totally freak out. He comes in from the garage, where again, unbeknownst to me he’s FIXING my car (confusing, no?) and I scream at him and in a panic demand to know where my car is, because I assume he’s done something to it out of spite. He replies, I think honestly actually confused, “What do you mean YOUR car?” Which I take to mean, “We own that car and can do whatever we want with it so screw you” and my mind just kind of snaps out of desperation and I scream and launch myself at him, get into my first ever physical fight, promptly lose badly, rip a huge gash in my heel and get smashed in the face, resulting in a fat lip that looks like I lodged a marble in it.

      I go back upstairs, realise my heel is burning horrible, notice I’m getting blood everywhere, hobble back downstairs and mewl for help, he shows up from addressing his own injuries (um… jammed pinkie and a bite on the head, which is really gross but also kind of hilarious in retrospect.) and patches up my heel for me.

      At this point he’s like, almost back to normal and explains a few things, I have to apologise, he NEVER does, and to top it all off I have to go to work for the rest of the afternoon, where I get to limp around and pretend I don’t look like I just got hit in the face and totally want to talk about it. He also wrote my mother the nastiest, most hateful Valentine’s Day card ever, then proceeded to lay into her for her shortcomings and other hypocritical bullshit, which made me more furious and hurt than any of the bullshit he did to me, because my mother does NOT deserve that kind of treatment, EVER. Plus after all that she had to see her daughter’s face all bashed up, which had to be pretty awful.

      I refused to hide any of it, I went on my merry way with my fucked up lip and the bruises around my mouth and I pretended (because that’s how I make things less horrible) I was incubating something magic in the jelly marble in my lip and it was going to hatch soon in the middle of the night and fly off to spread magic and do good things. It was fun to think of it like that, instead of the real reason, so that’s how I dealt with it. Things are a lot more stable now, that was a really low point and thankfully that is NOT my day to day life, but for years he had some serious rage problems and I will never fucking forget it.

      I’m also currently single, the last boyfriend didn’t have the balls to tell me to my face so he sent me a message over Facebook in August, about 2 weeks before my birthday. I bet he didn’t want to have to get me a present lol. His loss, I’d rather spend V-day alone than with that (or any) idiot. I think I’ll buy myself some Moonstruck chocolate instead! Cheers!