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January 2011

Vincent Longo Eyeliner Duo in Blue Jay Review

Recently I purchased the Vincent Longo eyeliner duo in Blue Jay from Hautelook because I liked the two colors in the eyeliner duo. I’d never tried a Vincent Longo eyeliner

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Saturday Night Swatching: Mainstream Comparisons to Indie Shadows

I was talking on twitter with Sparklecrack Central about some MAC comparisons to Indie Shadows, so I ended up swatching a bunch of stuff. Most of the indie stuff is

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Phaedra and I both got hair cuts recently. She got cut on Friday by Megan at Best in Show. Megan did a wonderful job with her. She looks adorable, as

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Too Faced Vintage Sale

A while back Too Faced had a vintage sale on their website and free shipping, so I picked up a few things I’d been curious about.

Fyrinnae Glass Coffin

Today I needed to look nice and dress up a bit since I was helping to conduct interviews. I went for what I thought was a fairly sophisticated grey look

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Silk Teddy Look

I did a fairly neutral look today since I needed to go to my doctor appointment. Speaking of, I got the best possible news. I had an adverse reaction to

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I thought I’d say hi and ask everyone who normally reads but doesn’t say hi to delurk and say hi It’s a brand new year! I’ll even help out by

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