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Silk Teddy Look

I did a fairly neutral look today since I needed to go to my doctor appointment. Speaking of, I got the best possible news. I had an adverse reaction to the birth control pill that I’d been on for a few years, Seasonique. Needless to say, I’ll be feeling better soon.

Shade Descriptions:
Erotica – cool brown shimmer
Silk Teddy – peach
Avant Garde – golden rose
Blanc Type – creamy beige
Sweet Ever After – copper frost

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Silk Teddy – lid and crease
Too Faced Erotica – outer lid, outer crease, blended inward
MAC Blanc Type – on browbone to highlight
Wet n’ Wild Black Creme Liner – upper lash line
Avon Glimmersticks in Soft Black – to define brows

Too Faced Ooh La Rouge in Avant Garde

Meow Purrfect Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese – dusted on t-zone

MAC Lipstick in Sweet Ever After

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    • Chelsea Barfield

      There’s a birth control that my cousin in England is on where they implant a matchstick sized bar into the underside of your arm. It lasts for a year and when it gets taken out, you’ll be good to have kids in a couple of weeks. I cannot remember the name of it, but it’s worth looking into. :]

      • Phyrra

        Eek, so not fond of that! I had a friend who had it and loved it, but definitely not for me. I’m unfortunately very sensitive to hormones. I’ve now got to go on a new birth control method (Nuvaring) that puts me having a monthly cycle again (blah). I liked having only 4 periods a year.

        • http://layniefingers.blogspot.com/ MsLaynie

          You can stack the NuvaRing so that you have fewer periods. The ring has enough hormone in it to wear for 4 weeks without a drop in protection, so you can wear them back-to-back until you’re ready to have a period. Or, you can go back-to-back wearing the ring for 3 weeks until you’re ready to have a period.

          Also, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, I’m just some chick on the internet. I wouldn’t take my word either! But the NuvaRing website (http://www.nuvaring.com/Consumer/commonQuestions/index.asp) has this to say about the issue:

          “If NuvaRing® has been left in for more than 3 weeks (but less than 4 weeks), remove it immediately and insert a new ring after a 1-week ring-free break.

          If NuvaRing® has been left in place for more than 4 weeks, you may not be adequately protected from pregnancy and must check to be sure you are not pregnant.”

          I moderate several women’s health communities, including one dedicated to birth control. If you’re interested in more information, just hit me up on Twitter. :D

          • Phyrra

            Sent you an email :)

        • http://schadenfraulein.tumblr.com Barbara

          You could always stack your BC. My doctor said it was perfectly okay. It’s essentially what Seasonique is.

          • jenn

            Ah i discussed that with my doctor and he actually gave me hell for that so i stopped doing it and switched to seasonal, so far im happy with it been almost a year now.

          • Phyrra

            My gyn says right now it’s important that I do have monthly periods, since I just had this reaction.

        • Chelsea Barfield

          Ah, well at least you actually have your cycles. I haven’t had one in almost a year, and at 19, that’s pretty terrible. I never get any signs of when it’s coming either. :/

          • Phyrra

            Eep! Yeah that’s awful.

    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittons

      Silk Teddy looks so shiny! My magpie, shiny stuff lovin’ eyeballs approve :)
      And I’m glad you’ll be getting better soon!!

      • Phyrra

        It is! I think it’s pretty flattering too. What do you think of the lips? It’s not a color I’m used to wearing but I felt like it worked for me looking polished.

        And thanks. I’d like to stop bleeding soon.

    • http://www.artfire.com/users/OneHandWashesTheOther Becca

      Sorry your preferred BC method isn’t gonna work for you anymore, but on the plus side, at least now you know WTF was causing your issues, and you’ll be better soon! My preferred BC method? Vasectomy!! Hehehe ;)

      Lovely look today, BTW. I am obsessed with neutrals this winter. Completely and utterly smitten with them.

      • Phyrra

        Yeah, me too :( And yeah, I’ll be happy when I stop bleeding.

        I keep practicing with neutrals. What do you think of the lips?

        • http://www.artfire.com/users/OneHandWashesTheOther Becca

          Lady days FTL :(

          I like the color on you, and I think it works nicely with this look to add a bit of color without being all LOOK AT MY LIPS OMG. What is that, a coral-pink with gold sheen? It’s pretty, and it matches your blush without being all matchy-matchy. :D

          • Phyrra

            I’ve had 4 weeks of lady days, so I’m really REALLY ready to be done with those.

            It’s described as a copper frost, but I think the pink of my lips showed through a bit (since I did apply lightly and blot). It seemed to work well with my natural lip color.

    • thebirdofparadise

      Glad you got to the bottom of your problems.

      I don’t blame you for being bummed that Seasonique did not work for you. The fewer periods in my life, the happier I am. :)

      The look is beautiful, as always. I sound like a broken record, don’t I ?

      • Phyrra

        Yeah, that’s why I loved it! I’d been on it for several years.

        Thanks :) I felt like neutral was appropriate in case I got bad news.

    • http://headacheslayer.blogspot.com Headacheslayer

      You are the most gifted makeup artist EVAH. *crush crush crush* ;)

      • Phyrra

        Aww thanks!

    • http://emilysmakeupbox.blogspot.com Emily

      Hope you feel better soon!

      I highly recommend the Mirena IUD for BC purposes – it’s kind of a bitch to get in (or can be) but you get five years of baby-free and period-lite living out of it.

      • Phyrra

        My gyn has been against me going on mirena, though I did look at that as an option a year or two ago. Since I’ve never had kids, my gyn seemed to feel that getting it in would be quite difficult.

    • Sonia

      GORGEOUS! I love it! And your skin looks so healthy dewy! <3

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Sonia!

        • Sonia

          Welcomes! And I’m sorry to hear you had a reaction but glad you’ll be ok:)

    • Margaret

      Seasonique made me feel AWFUL, and even thought I never missed a dose I still ended up pregnant. I have the Mirena IUD now and it’s amazing.

      And I love today’s look! I’ve been reaching for my neutrals a lot more lately!

      • Phyrra

        I honestly loved it until this past month. I’d been on it for years and it worked well until whatever caused me to go through what I just went through. However, I hate having to remember to take a pill. I actually set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn’t forget and would take it at the same time every day.

        I’m now on Nuvaring, which doesn’t involve me taking a pill, so I’ll see how that does.

    • http://www.doubl3helix.blogspot.com Amber

      I am totally loving neutrals on you! This FOTD works so well with your eye color!

      It took me about 3 tries to get to a BC pill with hormones low enough that would still be effective, without any adverse reactions. The first one I was prescribed, I can’t remember the name but it was top one recommended for teens at the time, but i was throwing up and feeling sick DAILY. I work in a hospital and it was flu season, and my doctor just assumed I had caught a cold. I eventually had to go on a leave because my spleen was so inflamed they were worried it was going to rupture. It took me about a month to even think about stop taking the pill, and I felt better almost immediately afterward. I’m on Alesse now, but I still occasionally get stomach pains after my sugar pill week when I start the new dose. Blargh! Hope you find one that works for you soon!!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Amber!
        It took me 2 years to find ortho-tri-cyclene-lo, which worked for me for about 4 or 5 years, until I suddenly started having problems with it. The I kept trying to find other pills until I found Seasonique and it was wonderful. I’m unfortunately very sensitive to hormone levels.

        I’m trying out Nuvaring right now, so hopefully the constant dosage will be ok.

    • http://eyeconicmakeup.blogspot.com/ Heather / Eyeconic

      My doctor wouldn’t let me go on Seasonique because she said it hasn’t been out long enough to know about possible side effects… but honestly every doctor I’ve been to since I can remember has been awful, and I’m now terrified of doctors. I hope when I move I can find someone I like. I’ve been on the pill since I was 14 because my cramps are so bad, but it’s a generic version of something so I’m not really even sure what it’s called. Glad to hear you’ll be feeling better soon!

      I love neutrals so much right now, so I like this a lot :) How do you like the WnW cream liner? I haven’t tried them but I’ve heard people raving about them.

      • Phyrra

        I LOVE the black. I should write a review of it if I haven’t already.

        I WISH I had been on the pill since I was 14. My cramps have always been awful and the pill has at least made it bearable.

        I’ve been unable to take a lot of generic birth control pills because they often don’t have an evenly distributed hormones in them. So I’d try them, get sick or have mood swings, which was annoying.

        Glad you like the neutral look!

    • http://skuldasclaws.blogspot.com Skulda

      I’m glad you’re feeling better!! Pretty neutral look!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Skulda :)

    • http://prettynerdygirls.blogspot.com/ Anna Lee

      I always love neutral looks, they are what I go to when I can’t think of a combo to go with my outfit, they go great with everything and can be really dramatic if you want them to be :3

      Also, love the lips! I think that color would look good with a gold+dark orange+burnt red look.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Anna! I’m trying to get more comfortable with them.

    • http://manicuredlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Soos

      I hope you’ll be feeling better soon. And the eyes are understated but still sultry!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Soos!

    • http://lostinmakeupland.blogspot.com/ Belen

      Lovely look! I really like how neutrals look on you!

      I’m also glad that you’re ok now. I can tell you I’ve been using Nuvaring for about 4 years (3 years then I stopped for 6 months and started again and it’s going t be one more year soon) and am glad with it. It is very easy to use and once your body gets used to the hormones it doesn’t have side effects.
      The side effects lasted me both times for around 3 months. I felt more swollen than usual, cranky, had constant mood changes and my skin went crazy oily. After that, I went back to normal and my skin improved completely.

      I like that you can schedule your period to whenever you want with it and that I don’t have to it it, just change it every time the alarm goes on once a months. It is comfortable and you forget it’s inside you.

      Lol, I sound like an advert, but I really am happy with this method since it’s worked great for me all these years.


      • Phyrra

        Thanks Belen!

        It’s good to know that it works well for you. I’m hopeful it will work well for me.

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      That’s so random that you’ve just now become allergic to it! :( But at least you know what’s wrong, right?

      Silk Teddy and Erotica are gorgeous :3

      • Phyrra

        My allergies suck. I’m not allergic to the pill but I had an adverse reaction to it. My allergies to the Stila Smudge pot suck, as I probably won’t wear that Bronze again.

        Glad you like Silk Teddy and Erotica!

    • http://beautifulwithbrains.com gio

      That’s a very pretty look!

      I’m glad you found out the cause of the problem and I hope you feel better soon.

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Gio, me too!

    • http://Www.kirafayescorner.blogspot.com Kira

      I know you said it’s not for you so I am just jumping in for random :-)

      I use the implanon implant and love it. I haven’t had a period for like 6yrs! Bliss! Plus no regular pills. I got this over the depo injection because I am always at the peril on surgery and medical issues and it is easy to remove if needed to.

      • Phyrra

        Yeah, I’m not fond of the implant because you have to cut it out. I hate all medical procedures.

        • http://www.kirafayescorner.blogspot.com Kira

          After two brain surgeries the implant is nothing for me. Plus it helps for other surgeries on the horizon. However I can appreciate with bad doctors the procedures could be bad. Mine migrated a little (which is fine for he hormone delivery) and it took a little while to find. If it does move too much it is a much more invasive procedure then the nick required to get it out. It goes in with a giant needle and thankfully some local anaesthetic.

          More information for other considering. If you can deal with the minor procedure required every 3 years it can be your best friend. I have had some people bleed the moment they got it and had to have it removed, but everyone’s reaction is different and as seen here can change randomly.

          • Phyrra

            You’re much braver than I am. I have panic attacks, which makes it difficult to deal with medical procedures.

    • theetinygoat

      for me the best part about nuvaring are the endless puns and jokes about ring toss/jousting/etc. just put on your carney barker voice, tell your nice young man to step right up, and later hand him a goldfish in a bag.
      the lady health clinic i volunteer at has the implant thingy on display, and i just know that i would feel it under there. and poke at it. *shudder* if you have sensitivity to hormones, you could ask about the copper IUD (permaguard i think?)…its good for 10 years and no hormones to make you crazy. ive been talking to my doc about it, and she says that even though it can be harder to install if you havent had kids, it usually can be done.

      heh, i tried a neutral look today! it did not go well!

      • Phyrra

        ROFL! I like the carney voice idea.

    • http://ladyinatophat.blogspot.com Lady In A Top Hat

      I’m glad you guys were able to figure out what was going on with your allergies. Hope you feel better soon!

      Beautiful look. I absolutely love neutrals. :D I got a jar of Damn Paladins from Fyrinnae the other day because of all the wonderful looks you posted!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Lady! And yeah, Damn Paladins is fab.

    • http://www.baroque-in-babylon.blogspot.com Baroque In Babylon

      Glad to hear you found out what the issue was. I HATE menstrual issues- like we women don’t have enough to deal with. If we give birth, why can’t men have the menses- it says ‘men’ in it! Ha! Hope you feel like yourself again soon. I do like the lipstick, I think it makes your lips look full. Very pretty!

      • Phyrra

        I know, it sucks! And thank you :)

    • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

      Beautiful neutral look, and I really like the lip color! I’m glad to hear that you found the cause of your problems, and I hope Nuvaring will work for you. I seem to have been lucky with my BC pills, I’ve had the same for the last 10 years without any problems.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Roxcat!

    • http://littlemissmetamorph.blogspot.com kristen

      funny how the body can suddenly decide it doesnt like a certain med anymore.. Ive had to change my pill over a few times myself.
      glad you know what was causing the problem!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Kristen, me too. I hate changes like this.

    • http://lacqueredmom.blogspot.com Jeannine

      I love the Too Faced palette. I have found I’m going to it more and more recently.

      I hope you feel better soon – BCP and my physiology never really got along very well.

      • Phyrra

        Aww glad you like it! I’m feeling better tonight.

    • Marasy

      I was on the Ortho-Tri Cyclen Lo for nearly five years as well, until I started to have issues. I’ve been pill-hopping the last couple months, it is sort of a relief to know I’m not the only one! Good that you figured out pretty quickly what you were having a reaction to!

      • Phyrra

        It took me 2 years before I found Ortho-Tri Cyclen lo and I used that for almost 5 years before I had to switch. It was a good pill.

    • http://la3leches.blogspot.com/ Vora

      Thats so pretty! I hope you don’t mind me re-creating this look for my party next friday :)

      Sorry to hear about your birth control woes, that must suck big time.
      Hope you feel better soon.

      • Phyrra

        Go for it :)

        Thanks Vora!

    • Kathy Jacobs

      Well, I’m glad you’ll be feeling better soon! And I really like Sweet Ever After.

      • Phyrra

        Yay thanks! I was surprised by how much I liked Sweet Ever After, because I ordered it without trying it first, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not.