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Sneak Peek – Evil Shades New Pinup Girls Collection

Andrea sent me samples of her upcoming Pinup Girls collection and I’ve swatched them for you!

My Shade Descriptions:
Sweater Girl – hi-lite neon yellow
CC41 – bright orange matte
Wiggle Dress – deep carbon matte black with red glitter
Vavavoom – shimmery pine green with slight gold iridescence
Bombshell – creamy beige with slight blue iridescence
Wink – soft candy pink with slight blue siridescence
Whisper – light greyed lavender with slight pink iridescence
Pencil Skirt – midtone blue, almost cornflower, with slight pink-copper iridescence
Silk Stockings (lipstick) – nude-beige-pink with slight blue iridescence for a whitening teeth effect

Sweater Girl and CC41 are bright neon shades. I’m looking forward to trying CC41, I just don’t know what I’ll be able to wear it with.
Wink and Whisper are beautiful candy pastel shades.
Wiggle Dress is a smokin’ hot shadow that I think would look good on its own on the lid and crease.
Bombshell is a great my skin but better type of shade, as it seems to brighten up the eyes.
Vavavoom is a really pretty green that because of its gold shimmer I think it would be quite versatile.
Pencil skirt is lovely and has an interesting, almost velvety texture.
I really love Silk Stockings. It’s a fantastic nude lip shade.

Overall, I really like the new collection from Evil Shades. What do you think?

PR sample sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.the-beauty-spot.net Rach

      Can’t stop looking at wiggle dress and I never go for blacks…

      • Phyrra

        It’s just so pretty with that red glitter!

    • Kaebryn

      I really love Wiggle Dress & Vavavoom. I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection!

      • Phyrra

        I hope you have fun with it ;)

    • http://beautyaddict.net/ Vesna @ beautyaddict.net

      Nice! Wiggle Dress looks SO amazing! I also like Vavavoom, Pencil Skirt and Whisper :)

      • Phyrra

        Vavavoom looks like it’d be so much fun over Pixie Epoxy.

    • http://www.lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com Lillian

      Oh man Wiggle Dress looks amazing!

      • Phyrra

        It does!

    • http://twitter.com/quiara Quiara

      Just because I have every bright matte orange in history before this doesn’t mean I don’t need CC41, right??

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    • http://mascaramineraljunkie.blogspot.com/ Taryn Welt

      can i have them aaaallll soooo prettyy!

      • Phyrra

        I know!

    • http://thestudentsguidetonailpolish.blogspot.com/ September Lena

      Wow at Wiggle Dress!

      • Phyrra

        Yeah it’s beautiful.

    • http://www.artfire.com/users/OneHandWashesTheOther Becca

      That green looks amazing. Vavavoom, indeed!

      • Phyrra

        No kidding!

    • Egyptian Iris

      Wow is Wiggle Dress stunning!! Vavavoom is probably also pretty but Wiggle Dress keeps pulling my eyes away…

      • Phyrra

        It’s definitely captivating!

    • http://prettyindayton.blogspot.com Styrch

      I was so curious to see these swatches after I heard the name. I must admit, the color selection is not what I expected from hearing “pin up” but the names are right on. Bombshell… I may the only person in the world excited about that but I’m going through a serious neutrals kick!

    • Ahna

      I really like Wiggle Dress. And I have no lippies like Silk Stockings. I may make that my first ES order. It’s nice!

      • Phyrra

        Silk Stockings is really pretty.

    • sarah


      • Phyrra

        Yes! I <3 Silk Stockings

    • http://www.doubl3helix.blogspot.com Amber

      I love Wiggle Dress!

      • Phyrra

        It definitely is pretty!

    • http://cheapchickpicks.blogspot.com/ eRiN

      The glitter in Wiggle Dress looks a bit large – we’re sure it’s eye-safe? Otherwise WOW, count me in!!

      • http://www.evilshades.com EvilAngel

        The glitter in wiggle dress is eye safe cosmetic grade .006 micron acrylic polymer
        It does look bigger in macro than in real life.

        I know some companies are willing to risk their customers for a buck but I give you my word that I have and will NEVER risk anyones safety for any amount of money. :o)

        • Phyrra

          Thanks for chiming in :)

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      OMG Wiggle Dress and Silk Stockings WILL BE MINE <3

      • Phyrra


    • francesdanger

      I am so excited about Wiggle Dress! I’ll have to get Vavavoom as well.

      • Phyrra

        Yeah Vavavoom is such a surprise and gorgeous.

    • http://www.evilshades.com EvilAngel

      I’m glad everyone is as excited about this collection as I am. It was a very fun one for me.

      • Phyrra

        I like it because it’s unexpected and pretty!

    • http://www.twitter.com/pretty_serious Lena

      Considering that Andrea is the Duchess of Duchrome… Yes, I will be expanding my collection with this. LURVE!

      • Phyrra

        Yay, glad you like :)

    • http://vulcanbutterfly.blogspot.com/ Vulcan_Butterfly

      These look awesome, thanks for the swatches! I really really really love that lipstick! Do you know when they are available?

      • http://www.twitter.com/pretty_serious Lena

        Andrea said on Twitter last night that she was planning on trying to get them up today, so keep an eye out! :)

      • Phyrra

        They’re up now :) Glad you like them!

    • Apriltini

      Oooooo at Bombshell. I adore taupey and grey neutrals.

      • Phyrra

        Glad you like it!

    • http://beautifulwithbrains.com gio

      Wiggie Dress and Vavavoom look gorgeous!

      • Phyrra

        They are!

    • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com robyn

      I need Silk Stockings and Vavavoom!

      • Phyrra

        I totally need Silk Stockings!

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    • cinseven13

      Wiggle Dress, Bombshell, and Wink all look really good.

    • http://lostinmakeupland.blogspot.com/ Belen

      Sweater Girl and CC4 are so GORGEOUS!!! I love neon mattes, even though they usually are hard to work with. Wiggle dress also looks amazing.

      I usually do matte orange with some medium purple on the crease and black liner. Purple on the lower lashline looks great with that too.

      Can’t wait to see Wiggle Dress on a look :)

    • http://www.twitter.com/pretty_serious Lena

      This collection has now been posted on the website! Yay!

      • Phyrra

        Yay! Glad it’s live!

    • Krista carlson

      I like wiggle dress and vavaboom!!

      • Phyrra

        They’re both pretty :) Glad you like them!

    • http://sakuradesu.com Sakura

      Wiggle Dress looks amazing! reminds me of biker chick but with red sparkles!!

      • Phyrra

        Ooh I can see that!