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Some Fyrinnae Swatches

I ordered some Fyrinnae a while back, as I wanted to get a new tube of the Velvet Gel Silica Primer. I also got some samples of some shadows, of course. I swatched them for you, and also swatched a few extra colors from my collection, too.

Shade Descriptions:
Shinkirou – (mirage) gleaming, spakly sheer highlight
Bite Me – deep bright red with slight red shimmer
Kurisumasu! – versatile satiny rosy beige shade with flashes of golden sparkle
Boytoy – varying hues of vibrant green on black matte
Gilded Wings – intense bronze-gold, glimmering, gleaming and rich
Forbidden Lover – Multi-hued lilac covered in lighter pink & lavender shimmer and sparkle. (free sample in this order)

Rapunzel Had Extensions – stunning golden pink-peach
Love Potion – a vivid pink with a highlight of green and aqua shimmer
Javan Rhino – vibrant turquoise with a lavender-pink highlight
Cupcake Sprinkles – satiny lavender with a subtle aqua shimmer
Sugar Skulls – vibrant pink, leaning warm but not overly so, with a glimmering orange highlight that adds dimension
Dark Magik – shimmery deep metallic red with blue sparkle. Coppery wet.
Faerie Glamour – medium violet with shimmer that changes from lavender to pale blue to aqua

As usual I love the colors. I need to do a look with Wicked, Faerie Glamour & Cupcake Sprinkles. Love Potion, Sugar Skulls and Forbidden Lover would be nice together, too. Bite Me & Dark Magik would work well, too. I’m curious to see how Shinkirou and Boytoy would look together. Love Potion, Javan Rhino and Cupcake Sprinkles are 3 of my favorites. See any colors you like?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittons

      oOo I’m loving that new tube for the primer!

      • Phyrra

        Me too! Way better design.

    • http://www.lipsticksandlightsabers.com Anastasia


      Beautiful but

      Why does shinkirou look taupe on your hand?

      • Phyrra

        Probably coz of the primer? I think it’s normally a sheer shade.

    • http://twitter.com/quiara Quiara

      I have several of these — I wore Dark Magick yesterday, in fact! I wore it with Velvet Vampire.

      Rapunzel Had Extensions is just a fantastic colour; I think everyone should have it. Boytoy! I really do think it looks like my eyelids are totally emerald when I wear it. <333

      I have so many eye shadows from so many companies, but I reach for Fyrinnae and my old Calypso Minerals(*sigh*) before nearly anything else. Fyrinnae just has amazing colours. Calypso's Rainbow Stack was a great investment; she had a perfectly matte true red called Velvet. I've never seen another red that true or that smooth. Some of the other colours could be duped pretty easily, but I still love it. Wish it hadn't gone all drama-filled and bad.

      • Phyrra

        You need to try Sugarpill’s Love +, I do think it’s an amazing red matte. Bite Red is very close to matte red. Aromaleigh had a ton of amazing reds but they’re all gone :(

    • http://ladyinatophat.blogspot.com Lady In A Top Hat

      I need Kurisumasu, Shinkirou and Faerie Glamour. Grr, I’m so mad I didn’t put them in my last order.

      • Phyrra

        Faerie Glamour is awesome!

    • http://parched.etsy.com Parched

      There you go with Rapunzel again! You’re just not going to stop showing that color until I buy some are you? ;)

      • Phyrra

        You need it!

        • http://parched.etsy.com Parched

          Alright…I did it. I hope you are proud of yourself . ;P

          And I bought a blue lipluster, and I’m probably going to wear it to work and then get fired. DAMN YOU!!!!

          • Phyrra

            Awww, You could just wear it out :)

    • http://beautyaddict.net/ Vesna @ beautyaddict.net

      Writing down: Dark Magik, Forbidden Lover and Faerie Glamour, Gilded Wings :D

      I wanted to place an order the other day and they just closed their store for a while :( Can’t wait for them to reopen! Also, I’ll be getting Pixie Epoxy finally! <3

      • Phyrra

        They’re open now!

    • http://parched.etsy.com Parched

      Not fair also…their website is down for end of the year stuff. So I cannot buy it, or even look at it. You are an evil, evil woman.

      • Phyrra

        It’s up now!

    • Tabii

      I’m so glad they’re doing the primer gel in a tube! I had it in the black tub, and a good portion of mine dried out despite me sealing it tightly. Gilded wings is one of my favorite golds, and cupcake sprinkles…well, I bought it because of the name and use it all the time.

      • Phyrra

        Me too! So glad It’s in a tube now.

    • http://themoonmaiden-blix.blogspot.com/ BLIX

      Great swatches! Thank you for sharing. I have most of these but think I need Bite me and Boytoy. I’ve been itching to order more Fyrinnae…but I don’t have room for more jars at the moment. I need to reorganize. :-/

    • http://prettynerdygirls.blogspot.com Anna Lee

      Oh oh oooh, these are gorgeous! I especially love Sugar Skulls, Bite me, Forbidden Lover and Dark Magik, that whole right, upper corner is just LOVE to me! :D
      Fyrinnae is always taunting me with their gorgeous shadows that I have no money for yet. <3

      • Phyrra

        They really are gorgeous!

    • Rebecca

      Is your Faerie Glamour the old or new formulation? I got a newer one and it seems less sparkly and lighter in color compared to your swatches as well as others’. Just curious as to how they compare.

      • Phyrra

        I have a full size of the old formula and a sample of the new formula. I think this is the new one. I’ll try to get both out and swatch them side by side.

    • http://www.givemesamantha.blogspot.com Samantha

      I always wanted to try this company but every time I go to their site they are always “shut down” so I never do.

      • Phyrra

        They’re open now! They do shut down while they tweak things.

    • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com robyn

      I must have BoyToy! I just got Bite Me in the post, can’t wait to use it!

      • Phyrra

        BoyToy looks so sparkly!

    • http://www.doubl3helix.blogspot.com Amber

      I love Faerie Glamor! I wear it at least twice a week as a liner.

      • Phyrra

        I need to try it as a liner!

    • http://vulcanbutterfly.blogspot.com/ Vulcan_Butterfly

      OOOOH, I drool over these! Thanks for the swatches. I am sad that they have not been taking orders for quite awhile.

    • jezebelseven

      This has me sooooo excited, my order shipped today and I ordered several of these colors. I was second guessing so many of my choices because I did the order super quick– Every time I had tried to do an order for the week before I had ended up losing my cart because the site went down, so I basically got on, chose a handful of samples and a full size pixie epoxy, and submitted it while I could.

      Now that I see your swatches I am not doubting my choices as much as I was before! I ordered BoyToy, Javan Rhino, and Faerie Glamour from the ones you swatched, as well as Sleepy Hallow, Curiouser and Curiouser, and Digital Faerie. There were tons more that I wanted but I am on a very strict budget and the samples were my birthday splurge, haha. The only one I left off and am regretting missing was Dinosaur Plushie… I just hope it’s still there when I get around to ordering again in a few months! So, so many of the colors I had on my wishlist saved were no longer made :(

    • Rosa

      I just ordered the the velvet gel silica primer and i am excited to try it out. I feel that i always buy face primers and eye primers in hopes that i can find my holy grails. Those are some lovely Swatches!

      • Phyrra

        Yay I hope you love it!