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More Annoyances from FaceFront

Recently Facefront tried advertising on my blog via Project Wonderful. As soon as I found out I banned them. Considering the constant harassment by them or someone associated with their company over the past two years (nasty comments left on my blog, etc) I found it to be a slap in the fact that they’d open a Project Wonderful account and advertise on my blog, as the company is quite aware that I do not like them. I’m glad I caught the ad after only a few hours and I banned them from advertising with me again. I refuse to support a company with such bad customer service and questionable ethics. I want nothing to do with them.

Tonight, Facefront showed more questionable ethics by spamming my email address with an email from their company that I did not sign up for. When I tweeted about it, a friend retweeted my comment as bad business practices by Facefront, and they responded in a very snarky, unprofessional fashion:

Yes, I am aware that I can ‘unsubscribe,’ but I never signed up! I shouldn’t HAVE to unsubscribe. SPAMMERS are the ones who sign you up for mailing lists you didn’t sign up for. Just because they gained ‘prior client e-mails’, that doesn’t give them the right to spam anyone who ever placed an order with the company. Because of the snarky reply on Twitter, I reported the email to the FTC, as well as their hosting company.

Harassing and spamming people are not acceptable business practices. This should not be happening. I refer you to ‘Don’t do dumb shit & people won’t write about it.’

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    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittons

      When will the dumbasses go away and let us go back to playing happily again!! Jeeebus :(

    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      Spamming your email and just telling you to ‘unsubscribe’? Not cool at all. D=

    • Integgy

      One of my biggest pet peeves are companies that add you to email lists without your consent. I bought from an etsy seller (whose products I loved, but had some very minor qualms with re: professionalism), wrote up a mostly positive review on a personal blog (and said nothing but positive things in the seller feedback on etsy), with a few things I thought might be improved upon, only to have her find my email address from my purchase, and email me telling her I should have DM’d her about any issues I had.

      To add insult to injury (and more on topic) about a month after this interaction, I got an email newsletter from the seller that I hadn’t signed up for. I was pretty pissed about it, especially after the email I’d already gotten from her. So my point is, BOO on sellers adding you to email lists without consent. They need to realize that it’s probably just going to piss people off, making them less likely to be a repeat customer.

      • Phyrra

        Same here. I HATE it when I get signed up for something I never signed up for. I’m very careful about what email address I use to sign up where, so I can track who does it to me.

    • kourtney walsh


      A few things. The advertisement program (project wonderful) has a double-opt in, opt-out initiative, right? so if you don’t want for our adverts to appear on your site because you don’t like our brand, we respect that (and you removed them). However, I don’t see why it was necessary to hate us because we were paying to support your site.

      We obtained a commercial email list from the previous owners who owned facefront that I personally uploaded today to our account. No, I can’t say for sure what the prior company’s privacy policy was but if it was anything like ours, when you place an order (which you did) your email may be used unless you do not want it to be used in promotional emails. I didn’t mean to be short on twitter, but there are only so many characters I can type out. We use an email marketing program that makes it easy to unsubscribe if you want to on the navigation tab.

      I have read through your past entries and I get that you do not like the brand and don’t want to share it with your viewers. Were not here to attack you and I honestly (personally outside of ff) had always liked your blog because of its honesty. I just feel there should be two clear sides too.

      Anyway, I don’t want to further any more insinuations, life is too short. On behalf of facefront we wish you and readers well.


      • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittons

        “I don’t see why it was necessary to hate us because we were paying to support your site. ”

        ummm I think she was fine well before you came along. Which is why she had no problem blocking you so damn fast.

        Not cool.

      • http://www.sparklecrackcentral.com LiAnn – Sparklecrack Central

        No, in fact you weren’t paying to support her site. You were hoping to give her money and, in the process, make it look like she endorsed your company.

    • http://OnceBittenBlog.blogspot.com OnceBitten

      I don’t understand why, if they inherited an email list and discovered that you shouldn’t have been on it, instead of telling you to unsubscribe – simply take the high road and state that the email list was passed on to them, apologize for the oversight and take the initiative to remove you themselves.

      Why is it so hard to take responsibility and remain civil?

      • Phyrra

        Because apparently it can be difficult to apologize.

    • http://daintydarlingdigits.blogspot.com Dainty Darling Digits

      Can’t believe all the stupids companies are pulling lately!

      • Phyrra

        I know I know!

    • http://jeanrosebrock.tumblr.com Jean

      Yep. Good call, Phyrra. Also, complaints can be filed with the FL Dept of Ag & Consumer Services … and of course, the BBB. I recently posted this info on another BBN blog (re: GS – ick) and I’ve used it with success several times. (This comment is more to inform your readers. I’m betting you already knew it.)

      Keep us posted.

      • Phyrra

        The BBB is pretty ineffective, in my experience.

    • http://www.sparklecrackcentral.com LiAnn – Sparklecrack Central

      So when one buys a new company that has an execrebly bad reputation, apparently it’s good practice to:

      1) attempt to place adverts on blogs that have negative reviews of the company
      2) *not* email all clients on the list you inherit, saying “we’ve just purchased this company, you’re receiving this email because you once made a purchase with this company, if you prefer not to receive emails from us please follow this link to unsubscribe and help us clean this database we inherited” – but instead just start sending out emails as if everything’s fine and ducky and you know, for 100% positive-sure, that all the emails on that list are current and valid and want to receive emails from the company in any incarnation.

      That doesn’t even get into the decision to purchase a company in a volatile, highly-saturated market with a low barrier to entry – and rather than just re-use the formulas and rename all the colors and use a new company name, you decide to try and cling to the old. You effectively decide to start from deep within a hole that someone else dug.


      I believe that is what is known as a chrome-plated Grade-A clusterfuck.

      • Phyrra


    • Alamarie

      I’m a lurker, but I couldn’t help but think of this when I read your post:


    • http://RetroUrbanRainbow.blogspot.com Rachael Castillo

      FaceFront has killer colors, but I hate them with a blinding passion. They treat customers like shit!

      • Phyrra

        You can find better colors at Fyrinnae or any of the other places listed on my Creative Companies page :)

    • Anna

      Sounds like you’re having a bad week with irresponsible companies! So sorry you have to bear the brunt of it simply for having an awesome blog with honest reviews. xoxo

      • Phyrra

        I’m trying to look at the positive in that the week is over :)

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      What is with all these snarky companies treating you like poo lately? I get that these people are new to FaceFront, but they can’t go around acting like you’re being unreasonable and rude when the previous employees and/or owners repeatedly came to your blog to ABUSE you :|

      I know I wouldn’t want those c-u-next-tuesdays “paying to support [my] site”!

      • Phyrra

        Yeah, dealing with people calling me names on my blog was not amusing.

    • http://www.drugstoreandbargainlover.com Stavroula Plag

      Oh man, what’s up with all the shitty companies harassing you and spamming you lately? :/ I hope they’ll stop! Can’t they see that they’re only making things worse? x

      • Phyrra

        Apparently it’s just that time of the month.

    • http://lacquerloveblog.blogspot.com Serena

      Why can’t they just take criticism and improve their business instead of being immature and harassing people? I can’t believe they had the nerve to try and advertise on your site!

      • Phyrra

        That’s a very good question.

    • http://www.MamaLaura.net Mama Laura

      I personally don’t see what was wrong with the Twitter response… It was to the point, and not snarky IMO.
      I also see how/why you’d get on the email list with the new ownership of the company. It’s not unreasonable for companies to email previous customers – I don’t know ANY company that I’ve EVER ordered from who doesn’t do that automatically. Unsubscribing isn’t a big deal – you click a link and maybe enter your email address on the other end. No big deal.

      • Phyrra

        Because I never signed up for a mailing list with the previous company, it was a big deal. There’s a law with the FTC that you cannot just spam someone. The big deal to me was that again, this is a company that has harassed me for 2 years over a negative review, and they signed me up for their mailing list. Most companies have an ‘Opt In feature’ for their mailing lists, rather than an ‘opt out’ feature because customers get pissed off at ‘opt out.’ Most sites have ‘sign up for our mailing list’ rather than automatically adding you to one.

      • http://www.thejadecarver.blogspot.com Jade Carver

        I have NEVER ordered from a company who has then spammed me with emails when I never asked to be put on a list. That’s really rude, IMO.

        • Phyrra

          It is. Most websites have a ‘sign up for a newsletter’ feature for a reason, because they’re not allowed to spam you just because you purchased from them.

    • http://www.lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com Lillian

      Oh god not another one! Poor you, what a rubbish time of it you’re having lately!
      And yeah to me if you were just added to their email list without consent, and then referred to curtly on twitter then while I could understand your annoyance, I wouldn’t think it was that big a deal. But seeing as this is a brand that not only had absolutely appalling service in the first place, and then you were harassed about for bloody years I can easily understand why you would be so upset by it!
      Ugh another company I now know never to touch.

      • Phyrra

        It was really a week for harassment . Bleh.

    • http://cheapthrillss.wordpress.com/ Donna

      I’m just amazed. Kourtney said she read your posts about your dealings with FF and this is the reply she chose to make? I can’t see this new FF doing much better than the old one with this clumsy oafish behavior.

      How about something like this instead…
      Dear Phyrra,

      I just read about your past interactions with FF and understand completely your reaction to our advertisements appearing on your site. We recently purchased FF and uploaded their customer database to our mailing list. I apologize that your email address was included in the list, and I have since removed it.

      I hope some day you will be interested in giving FF another chance under our management and we would be pleased to send you a package of our products. Please feel free to contact me personally if at any time you are interested in this offer or for any reason at all.

      Sincerely, K

      That’s the email/comment I would have left. I would want you to know that I listen to what you say and I want to win you over. Not that I don’t care about the crap the former owner put you through and want to whine about how you’re hating on me!

      • Phyrra

        I did end up getting a much nicer email explanation from Kourtney after this posting.

        I’m still upset about everything that has to do with this company and the people associated with it.