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Questions about Hair?

What sort of questions would you have for a Hair stylist instructor? I am taking part in a blogger outreach program and would love to share your questions with an instructor.

I know I’m curious about how to take hair from black to blonde!

Please leave your questions in the comments here :)

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    • Tovary

      Urm… I’m pretty ignorant about hair things, so it’s possible that everything I have to ask is easily look-up-able, so fair warning? Anyway, I guess I’d like to know what kind of negative effects dyeing can have, and whether they can be amplified or mitigated in different kinds of dye… orrr how to keep the back of one’s neck neat at home (for short/masculine cuts)… or how to prevent naturally straight hair from getting little (semi?)permanent “kinks”…

    • http://seriously-corbyjane.blogspot.com corbyjane

      Hmmm… I second Tovary’s request for keeping straight hair from kinking! If I straighten my already straight hair, it gets flat and dirty looking much faster than just leaving it be.

      Also, my hair is naturally straight when dry, but when I get out of the shower it’s curly. I’ve tried everything to keep the curl–mousse while wet, gel, hairspray–but I either get wet look waves or it defies product and straightens.

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • http://megsmakeup.com/aff/7745/6 KingTaco

      I wonder if there is any way to protect hair from aging like we can do with skin. Supplements? Special shampoos/conditioners? Anything??

      Thanks for letting us ask!

    • http://witch-words.blogspot.com Jadelyn

      I have wavy/curlyish hair that I regularly wear straightened because I hate the way it looks naturally. I know this causes damage, but I’d like to know which method is more damaging, blowdrying or using a flat iron?

    • http://www.glostix.net Bekka

      What kind of ingredients should we be looking for in a good, moisturizing conditioner? Are there any common ingredients we should avoid like the plague?

    • http://www.outinapout.blogspot.com Jessica Allison

      I second the ingredient knowledge- especially in shampoos and conditioners. I’m workin on something in this vein myself for my site, but I’m interested in all the info I can find.

      What ingredients to look for or stay away from is much more helpful than most stylist’s rhetoric “use salon products, drugstore stuff is crap.” because honestly, most brands on either end of he spectrum use very similar base formulations. I don’t want a marketing jingle, I want real education! :)

    • UneLuneBleue

      Any suggestions for excessive hair loss due to stress? I know it won’t last, since the source of a big part of my stress is soon to be under control, but I could use any suggestions that might prove helpful.
      Umm.. also, I have coarse hair, not ‘thick’ & not a lot of hair, but the texture is coarse and wavy/curly. I do dye it, but I use the ammonia-free stuff and it’s just to cover those pesky grey hairs that have started popping up (hey, I’m a blonde, they sort of look like highlights, right?). Anyway, I’ve noticed that the underside of my hair appears smoother and healthier, whereas I tend to get frizzy on the top layers. I’ve tried several different products but perhaps I haven’t found the right one to help with the frizzies! Oh, my hair is long, down to the small of my back, if that matters. ;-)
      This should be interesting, can’t wait to hear what fancy secrets you find out for everyone!

    • Becky

      2 things – best way to keep bright red (not a natural orangish red) from fading too quickly since it’s notorious for staying red for very long and best way to fight dandruff when you dye your hair.

    • Becky

      *notorious for NOT staying red. I type faster than I think sometimes lol. Look forward to any tips they share!!

      • Kaela

        Sally beauty supply sells a shampoo and conditioner that are slightly tinted red so it prolongs the life of red or orange hair! works wonders!

    • http://www.beautyfrugalista.com Amanda

      What’s the best way to treat dry scalp when heavy-duty conditioners weight down fine hair?

    • Diana aka Morgaine

      Hi Phyrra!
      That would be one of my questions too, the black to blond (or red) thing.
      I have been dyeing my hair black for ages (literally lol) and I would love to try fire engin red or purple.
      Point is I have curls and they tend to be dry so I am affraid bleaching would be breaking my hair apart because it’s brittle.
      So tips would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks for the opportunity!


    • Ryou

      Connected to your question, I wonder what’s the best way to maintain black-to-blonde bleached hair, especially considering touching up. I have really dark Asian hair and have gone blonde for 6 years, yet I end up with uneven zebra stripes way more than I like! >:

    • Libbie

      My hair has a bit of a wave to it, and the finer hairs def curl (like in the front and back corners), but i cant get the rest of my super thick hair to do anything but lay flat. I cant even curl it with rollers, nothing seems to work. The last time I saw my stylist, I chopped off about 14 inches and she used a combination of products to get it to look wavy, but even that didnt last more than like an hour. I dont want to go the perm route, cause I see what perming did to my moms hair over the years. Shes been perming it so long, that she doesnt have to anymore, it just grows curly (strange, i know).

      • Lilibeth

        That’s not the perming, sorry, but likely age.

    • http://schadenfraulein.tumblr.com Barbara

      My hair is naturally straight and I have a hard time trying to get it to hold a curl/wave, so I’d love some tips on how to make curls/waves last longer. Because my hair is straight (and gets oily pretty quickly after showering), it is flat at the scalp, so I’d like some product recommendations to bring volume without adding weight. Lastly, I’d love some tips on how to air dry my blunt bangs and the rest of my hair so it still has some sort of style and volume rather than just flat straight. Thanks!

    • http://www.queencicada.com Luna

      I went through cosmetology school, so black to blonde is no big deal to me, but! We never worked with semi-permanent vegetable dyes like Manic Panic ans Special FX. How do they remove?! I know bleaching over isn’t a good idea, and colour removers really don’t touch them. Would love to hear an instructor’s take!

      • Phyrra

        One n’ Only Color Fix is what I use to remove semi-permanents like Manic Panic and Punky Color.

        It definitely works on permanent color and it works on most temporary color. The only product it hasn’t worked well for me with is Pravana Colorsilk Vivids (the semi-permanent shades like Magenta and Violet).

        • http://www.queencicada.com Luna

          I’ve heard One ‘n’ Only doesn’t take out blues well…? I’ve used it to remove reds and oranges, but the dark sapphire blue I have right now I’ve heard won’t remove well with that specific formula.

          I’ve never had a full head of blue before, so all the horror stories I hear about removing it have me a little shaken! :P

          • Phyrra

            It took out my blue fine last time when I wanted to go back to pink, but it left some pigment, because I had to transition to magenta before I could go fully pink.

            I do remember that the blue was stubborn.

    • Rebecca

      I am also really interested in what ingredients to look for/stay away from. My stylist always tells me I am using crap stuff, but is there a better/cheaper alternative to salon products?

      Also, what are good products for oily hair? Sometimes hair products with moisturizers make it worse, yet I don’t want to dry my hair out.

      Lastly, super easy styles that dress or spice up your look. I have always seen people throw up some cute messy buns, but mine always falls apart . Maybe easy curls as well.


    • SheAintGotNoMoney

      Are salon brands really superior to say Suave, Pantene or something of that sort?

      I realize that many salons make a great deal on their product. I have used Goldwell, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Halo and Ion. I don’t notice a huge difference in shampoos and conditioners.

    • Sara

      Ack, this one isn’t for a stylist, but for you instead. :) You’ve tried Pravana in violet, yes? Did you find the color to be more of a light purple or a dark purple? Can you compare it to Punky colors plum or SFX deep purple?

      I tried to leave a comment on one of the more appropriate dye posts just now but it wouldn’t let me. :)

      • Phyrra

        I closed off comments after 45 days, it’s fine to comment here. I keep getting lots of icky spam on the older posts :(

        I think it’s more of a red based purple.
        I think I’m wearing it in this picture:

        • Sara

          Awesome, thank you. :) I have help when it comes to dyeing my hair and he’s a little worn out on the purple disaster that SFX leaves in it’s wake. I thought Pravana might be a better choice for when the SFX and Punky colors (still sitting in the cabinet unused! Sheesh, takes me ages to touch up my roots) run out.

          I love blue-black and turquiose on you. They don’t look quite right on me unfortunately. :( But purple does! Must be the red base.

    • http://whatabind.blogspot.com Amanda

      What’s the best way to protect hair from heat? And what are the best supplements for healthy hair?

    • Jenny Whiskey

      This is more of a cut oriented question….

      There is a method out in salons called “Diva Cut” made for curly hair specifically. This method cuts the hair dry curl by curl so you can see how the curls lay/behave and don’t end up with a too short or funky pyramid shaped cut. This service is VERY pricey and there aren’t many salons who have stylists trained to do this….

      What’s the best way (if any) you can direct a hairstylist to cut curly hair while wet? What should be avoided (razors, thinning shears etc)?

    • sarah

      I’m a stylist and I would be happy to answer questions if you want!

      I recently went from black to blonde, and I can tell you, it’s not a pretty process- you’ll have orange hair for a while. It’s like that for everyone. And you have to keep your hair super-conditioned so it won’t break as much.

    • cinseven13

      I think it’s always best left to professionals, and ones that specialize in color / color correction. There’s just too many variables – the main one being each person’s hair can react differently to various products. What’s under it, how many different products are already in there, what’s being used to remove the color, what’s going on next, and any damage from daily stying can all be big factors. It often affects your final color too – you may select a blonde or red but it may only last a week or two (which happened to me after going to a very reputable salon years ago – 7 hours in the chair for the whole process).

      I’ve gone from black to red several times on my own using L’oreal’s Color Zap. I never go lighter than a level 7, and always plan to lose a good 4″ to get rid of any possible damage. But my hair is also quite resilient and very thick. I’ve seen several friends with fine/average hair end up in tears and buzz cuts after color removal gone awry.

    • http://www.ballardbencounters.com Mariette

      My kid will graduate from high school this year, and he is thinking about cosmetology school to get a skill first, and then go on to college having a way to earn money. The job market here is still pretty impossible, even for older people.

      What advice do you have for him? Is this a workable idea?

    • http://notmakingitup.net ndrcvrngl

      My hair is an impossible to manage wavy/straight curly mess (I have super tight curly single hairs scattered all over my head), and am trying to that’s also thick. What’s the best way to manage it, or a cut that would make it easier to manage? I have to blow dry and then straighten (and then curl it if I’m in the mood for curls) to make it look normal, and not all bride of Frankenstein!

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