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Double Wear Band Wagon

At the insistence of Grey (and all the praising of Double Wear & DW Light that she & Ana have done), I went to the Estee Lauder counter to get matched. I explained to the lady working there that I have a strong pink overtone that I prefer neutralized, and that I have neutral undertones. She applied some Double Wear Light in Intensity 1, and had me go outside to look with a mirror. I wish I’d brought my camera because I always take pictures of me in foundations with no flash in direct sunlight. While inside, it looked like it was too dark, and outside it still looked a bit dark. There was a noticeable line from my face to my neck. So she wiped that off and noted that when she rubbed my face it got red(aka the pink overtone saying hi!), and I said yes, that happens whenever I cleanse. She next tried the original Double Wear in Shell. When I heard the name I thought shell pink, but figured since I’d clearly stated that my undertones are neutral and I do NOT want to accentuate the pink overtone, she wouldn’t put me in a cool foundation. I was incorrect. She did give me a sample of the Shell to take home and try. I think it’s a touch too pink, so I’m going to head back tomorrow and get a sample of Ecru, which is the lightest neutral in that foundation type.

However, I did pick up the Gold Bronze ShadowStick pencil, and I also picked up an eye cream that Grey said was simply amazing – the Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Eye Cream. As I was at Belk’s department store, they told me that if I didn’t like the eye cream, I could simply return it for a refund. They don’t do samples on skincare products there. I figured if I could return it, then it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Because I purchased those two things, I got 2 gifts with purchase. I walked out of there with way more than I expected.

Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Eye Cream
Gold Bronze ShadowStick

Foundation Sample
Double Wear foundation in Shell

Free Gift with Purchases
2 makeup bags
Cool Eye Shadow Duo in Tranquil Moon & Provocative Plum
Cheek Trio in Radiant Peach, Bronze Goddess, Rose Pearl
Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
Pinkberry Lipstick
Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Advanced Night Repair Serum
Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme SPF 15

I really was amazed at the amount of GWP the lady gave me. I have no idea if that’s normal or not.

Of course, I had to swatch it all.

The blush, Radiant Peach, is rather nice. The highlighter, Rose Pearl, is darker than I normally like for a highlighting shade, but I think it could be used as an eye shadow. The Bronzer definitely works as a contour if used lightly. The eye shadow duo is really tame by my standards, as is the lipstick.

The sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara works a million times better than the previous mascara sample that I tried, which was the Magnascopic volumizing mascara.

I tested out the foundation, cheek trio and mascara, so I’ll be posting a look with that soon.

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      I love getting free makeup bags and stuff!

      • Phyrra

        It was a nice change, because I’m used to not getting anything from mainstream companies.

    • The Peach

      Wow! You did end up with a lot of stuff at the Estee Lauder counter! I can’t believe most of that was a GWP! The gold/bronze shadow stick looks great!

      • Phyrra

        I think they had 2 different promotions running. It was shocking!

    • http://www.karmicdreaming.net/ Amanda

      I do like EL’s Double Wear, but it leaves my brushes really gummed up and sticky so I tend to reach for Lancome Teint Idole more often. I’ve never found a foundation that wears as well for as long, though, so I still keep buying it. And I really love Advanced Night Repair. I think it’s worth every penny.

      • Phyrra

        Wait, your favorite is Teint Idole or Double Wear?

        • http://www.karmicdreaming.net/ Amanda

          My favorite as far as wear and look is DW but I tend to wear TI more often because of DW’s habit of gunking my foundation brushes. I keep repurchasing DW because it looks so damn good on, but only reach for it when I can wash my brush *right* after applying it. Sorry for the confusion, that’ll teach me to comment when I’m half asleep. :)

          • Phyrra

            No worries! Thank you for explaining :)

    • http://schadenfraulein.tumblr.com Barbara

      That plum eyeshadow is just gorgeous. Eventually, I plan on going to a counter to get matched to their DW foundation.

      • Phyrra

        I can say, even wearing the wrong color today, it didn’t feel too mask-like. Though, I didn’t apply it with a foundation brush. I applied it with my finger tips and blended, and then I used a duo fiber brush, because I wanted to try and get a thin even layer on and then blend it out. When she used the foundation brush it was WAY thicker.

    • BuggyNess

      I hope you find a good shade in the DW foundation. I’ve never tried double wear, but have not had a good experience with EL in the past trying to get a shade match for my pale skin. That shadow stick is amazing btw.

      • Phyrra

        I think this one is too pink, so I’ll be trying Ecru next. Hopefully it will be a good match.

    • http://thestudentsguidetonailpolish.blogspot.com September Lena

      Nice swag! Hey, perhaps the lady recognised you and is a Phyrra fan :P

      • Phyrra

        No, I seriously doubt that! I think, though I’m not certain, that there was a promotion for the summer cheek trio if you bought a summer collection item and spent over a certain amount of money,and the other larger gWp was for spending over a certain amount on skincare.

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi

      I LOVE Radiant Peach blush. i just bought it and its my new favorite. I didn’t care much for Orgasm and actually returned it. Radiant Peach is what i wish Orgasm was!

      • Phyrra

        My favorite blush in that sort of shade is Silk Naturals Lovelace or Urban Decay Score. I’m not sure how I feel about Radiant Peach yet, though I know it is very much loved :)

    • http://eighteight8.blogspot.com eight

      I got that GWP a couple weeks ago at Sears here in Canada. I’m loving the mascara!

      I tried out the Double Wear liquids but ended up getting DW Powder makeup in Ecru which is really great, and a great match for my skin (I have pinky skin and all the other shades were either too pink or too yellow).

      • Phyrra

        I was surprised to like the mascara!

    • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com/ Larie

      Nice! I must have some of those shadow pencils!

      • Phyrra

        These pencils and the UD 24/7 pencils are AWESOME.

    • http://www.outinapout.blogspot.com Jessica Allison

      It’s so odd to see everyone on the EL “bandwagon”, though they do have some really nice products.

      I’m not at all surprised you hated Magnascopic mascara- I worked for EL when it launched & though some LOVE it, it’s a really finicky formula to work with- just the lightest single stroke is needed to apply it, otherwise you’re in clumpville!

      I’m guessing the reason the lady gave you Shell first wasn’t because she wasn’t listening to you, but because it’s the fairest shade in the range- I bet Ecru will be too deep and, unless they’ve formulated it, overly yellow.

      I do love Advance Night Repair though (hint: it’s great during the day too! Tons of antioxidant protection & Hyaluronic acid to help your skin hold moisture) and Pinkberry is my favorite for a nude lip- even though it looks too deep for a nude, topped with gloss it’s got just enough color in it to pull of nude without making my pale skin look totally dead!

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about some of the other items!

      • Phyrra

        Hm, Ecru is listed as level 1 on the EL site, same as Shell, so I assumed they were both pale.

        I’ll have to give Pinkberry a try on my lips. On my hand it was unimpressive.

        • http://www.outinapout.blogspot.com Jessica Allison

          Yeah, they list Ecru as the same level as Shell’, but as with many lines the palest pink always seems to be lighter than the palest yellow base- grrrr….

          • Phyrra

            Ecru ended up being a lot darker than my hand, definitely darker than shell ;(

    • http://kiandmakeup.blogspot.com ki

      so you did buy the other shadow pencil! damn now I must go check it out atleast – the swatches look beautiful!

      • Phyrra

        Yep, I decided I needed it ;)

    • T

      I’ve also tried to get matched to an EL foundation. They are all too dark for me. I do like Double Wear Light–a solution might be to mix in some MAC Face and Body in white. I really like the Advanced Night Repair and the Double Wear Lip Pencils. There are some nice colors of glosses and lipsticks, but the scent is a bit strong for me–had to get Wild Violet anyway.
      Have you tried BB foundation in alabaster or Shiseido in I00 (very light ivory)? I’m really interested in Shiseido’s Advanced Hydro-Liquid Compact SPF 15.

      • Phyrra

        I’ll have to see if I can find Shiseido’s. Not sure what BB foundation is?

    • T

      Sorry–it’s Bobbi Brown foundation. There a few formulas in alabaster. :)

      • Phyrra

        Thank you for letting me know ;)