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New Haircut

I went to get my hair cut today. When I’ve got shorter hair, I tend to go get it trimmed more often. I’d been trying to decide on a style but I kept coming up empty handed. So I took in a few styles that had elements I liked and went to my Stylist Lori, and explained to her what I liked and disliked about each of the pictures I brought. I told her I wanted it to be a bit wilder. So we collaborated and came up with something that I really love!

One of the things that she did with both sides (that you can’t really see here) is that it’s long enough to tuck behind my ears, but leaves a few detail pieces in front of the ears, which I’ll probably dye pink for an accent.

I really love my hair! We styled it with just a bit of spray wax and a touch of hair spray.

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    • http://blacknailpolishandlipgloss.blogspot.com EvilAngel

      I love it!

    • http://www.sparklecrackcentral.com LiAnn – Sparklecrack Central

      Looks great!! And short in time for warmer weather…which I understand is actually starting to sort of happen. At least in other parts of the country :D

      • Phyrra

        Yes, it’s been 88 or higher here :)

    • Hope

      wow! it frames your face beautifully! very flattering!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Hope!

    • Rosa

      Looks really good!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Rosa!

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi

      Oh my gosh, how cute! Out of all the haircuts and styles over the years I think you look best in shorter hair. Also, your stylist is amazing!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you so much Jessi! And Yes, Lori is definitely amazing!

    • http://www.theprettyexclusive.com Erin M.

      LOVE the short crop! Looks SUPER good with the blonde and totally fits your face shape. Good job!

      • Phyrra

        Yay thanks Erin!

    • http://www.queencicada.com Luna

      That’s suuuuper cute! I wore my hair similarly for years, but I ended up getting too addicted to the feeling of the super-shorties in the back and lopped it all off! Nothing feels better (to me) than running your hands through freshly-cropped hair!

      • Phyrra

        It’s definitely a nice feeling Luna!

    • The Peach

      I love how you are so willing to try different things with your hair! Very cute!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Peach! I figure it always grows back :P

    • Tina

      That looks really nice! I love it!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Tina!

    • http://www.aijuswhanakno.com Mika Chan

      Me likey! So cute!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Dominique!

    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      This looks so wild and fun! I wish I were brave enough to do something besides color and trim my own hair. xP

      • Phyrra

        Aww thanks Vijaya! I always have a back up plan, in case it doesn’t turn out the way I want. That gives me security.

    • Tracy

      Super cute!!! I so need to get my cut…thanks for reminding me!!!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Tracy! And definitely, it’s fun.

    • http://Blovet.blogspot.com Blovetbeauty

      I love the baby pink section of hair’!!!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks! It’s Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink.

    • http://pa1nt3d-pr1nc3ss.blogspot.com/ KittenMittons

      It looks awesome! I love the volume up top in the back!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Mindy!

    • http://persephonespassion.blogspot.com Persephone

      LOVE it!! Must admit I’ve never heard of spray wax, tell us more! It sounds interesting.

    • http://libbyspinkvanity.blogspot.com Kimberly

      That is so cute and you’ll love it during the summer. I wish I could find a hair stylist like you have; she does great work and can collaborate well with you.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Libby :) And I love doing a collaboration!

    • http://www.savvybeautyformoms.blogspot.com Erin

      Love it!

      • Phyrra

        Thank you Erin!

    • http://www.pammyblogsbeauty.com Pammy

      Oooh!!! Love it! Very edgy and cool! You are going to love it being that short for spring! Funny, I got a cut today too (but just a trim for me). I needed a perk-me-up after being under the weather all week. It worked! :) xoxo! Have fun styling your new do!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Pammy!

    • http://vulcanbutterfly.blogspot.com Vulcan_Butterfly

      The side bangs look very nice with your face shape.

    • Maggie

      Love the style. Totally makes me want to lop off my longer hair in favor of a warm weather friendly do like that.

      Have you tried Special Effects Cupcake Pink? It’s another great vibrant baby pink.

      • Phyrra

        I haven’t tried the SFX one, as that dye doesn’t tend to work as well in my hair as Manic Panic & Jerome Russel Punky.

    • Lillypug

      This is my favorite cut on you! Looks stunning! :)

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Lillypug :)

    • cinseven13

      So adorable!!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Cin!

    • splattergirl

      you have same haircut as me now, mine is just a bit longer overall, cut it myself, and it’s dark brown :) like this much more than the full fringe :)

      • Phyrra

        Very cool!

    • http://the-eyes-have-it-all.blogspot.com Snarky Princess

      Definitely playful- and I love the blonde you are now!
      The cut is gorgeous :)

      I like uneven, choppy cuts… I guess that’s why I do my own, because the stylists I always go to never cut it the way I explain! This is just so playful and fun though!

      • Phyrra

        Aww, I could never do my own cut, but I am picky with stylists.

    • rebecca

      Love it! So cute and flattering!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Rebecca!

    • Ana

      I have the same style and love it XD !

      • Phyrra

        Very cool, Ana!

    • http://lithiablack.wordpress.com/ LithiaBlack

      Very pretty!
      I went to the hairdresser this week to and got my modified hime cut back. I had let it grow for too long so my hair looked really wild in a bad way.


      • Phyrra

        Yay for getting you hair cut :)

    • lynda

      What a great cut! Very cute on you!!
      I still love your long, dark hair the best but this cut is really cute too :)

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Lynda!

    • http://manicuredlibrarian.blogspot.com/ Soos

      I like the volume on top! Yay for haircuts!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Soos! Me too :)

    • http://beautifulwithbrains.com gio

      It looks awesome, I love it!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Gio!

    • http://whimsywolf.blogspot.com/ Whimsical Wolf

      Love it! I’ve had my hair cut like this before and it’s so easy to look after! After having had long hair for years it was weird to feel the cold on the back of my neck :P I grew my hair long again last year and I do miss having short hair, so I know I’ll have it chopped off again someday :) xxx

      • Phyrra

        It’s perfect for summer in FL!

    • francesdanger

      This is an amazing cut for you. The combo of the cut and color really makes your eyes pop.

      Very nice!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Frances :)

    • Jenny Whiskey

      ooooh I love it!

      You are making me miss having cute angular cuts :(

      I used to straighten my hair and beat it into submission to get it to look like that and then all it took was 5 minutes outside on a humid day and POOF..frizz city.

      Now that I wear it natural I’m having trouble figuring out if it’s even possible to do edgy haircuts with a head full of curls

      It looks great on you! I’m so envious!

      • Phyrra

        Aww, thanks Jenny! My hair is stick straight, so I tend to not have the frizzy issue.

    • theetinygoat

      hah, that is almost exactly what ive wanted for a few months but haven’t been able to relay to stylists (apparently, given what i’ve ended up with).

      it looks awesome!

      spray wax, eh? i’m useless with regular wax, i’ll have to try the spray kind. :)

      • Phyrra

        I took pictures of all angles if that helps!

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    • http://www.gouldylox.com Kelly

      I love this haircut on you! I think it looks gorgeous!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Kelly!

    • NeenaJ

      Very cute! I like how you can see the wavy pattern of your hair in the back.

      • Phyrra

        Yeah, that’s my cow lick >.<

    • http://www.robynsnestblog.blogspot.com Robyn @ Robyn’s Nest Blog

      I love love love the new cut! It looks great with the shape of your face.

      • Phyrra

        Thank you so much Robyn!

    • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

      I love your new haircut, it really suits you!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Roxcat!

    • http://eighteight8.blogspot.com eight

      It looks stunning! Agh, makes me want short hair again ;)

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Eight :)

    • Angela

      That’s a great cut for you,I think you’re fortunate enough to have a face that can pull of any hair style and look amazing! I imagine having short hair must feel so much nicer in that warm weather you have there . I’d love to cut my hair that short,but I don’t think it would look good on me unfortunately.

      • Phyrra

        Aww thanks Angela! It’s definitely nice in the heat.

    • http://prettymom.org coco

      i like the cut! it suits you.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Coco!

    • Amber

      Oh I love it! I love this cut but me myself could never pull it off but it looks great on you!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Amber!

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