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Quite Cute Show Pony

Recently I acquired some MAC Quite Cute & Urban Decay’s Show Pony, as well as a few other things. So I thought I’d share my pictures and swatches with you.

The above picture is from a Hautelook purchase by a company called Being True. I don’t know anything about them, but I totally wanted the expandable lip brush and and the cute green bag.

It came with a lip trio, which I actually haven’t tried yet. You can see Max in the mirror above.

Here is the lip brush put together.

Here’s Candy Yum Yum & In Synch, along with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light. Since I like using Medium Dark for contour, I thought I’d give Light a whirl.

This is me wearing light outside in natural light with no flash.

Here’s me wearing Candy Yum Yum. I absolutely love this color.

This is Play Time, Quite the Thing! and Retrospeck.

I still need to get In Synch, Play Time, Quite the Thing! & Naked Liner swatched on my lips, but I haven’t yet had time.

I just can’t get over how awesome Candy Yum Yum is! Retrospeck is pretty nice, too.

This is Miss Behave mineralize blush and Naked Liner.  Miss Behave looks like it would make a great highlighter for darker skintones and a subtle natural blush on lighter skintones.

You can see how flash really washes these out.

I also picked up some full sizes of colors from Fyrinnae. Kuroneko, which is a metallic black, and Feline Familiars, which is a complex shade. It’s a shimmery rich chocolate shade with a subtle hue change of burgundy, turquoise, orange and bronze.

Above you can see the Show Pony set & two blushes, Quickie & Score.

I had been curious about the Show Pony palette, so I’m glad I snagged it from Hautelook. I also really love the Score blush. Snatch & Painkiller are very pretty!

I had two gift cards for Sephora, so I decided to splurge and try two things that had been recommended to me.

This is NARS illuminator in Copacabana. It’s described as a glistening pearl.

It’s a really nice highlighter, and you only need a TINY bit. A little goes a very long way. This will last me a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time, even with daily use.

I also picked up Sephora’s Professional Platinum Concealer Airbrush #57. This is supposed to be GREAT for using under the eyes and blending concealer. It’s a taklon brush (yay!) and silky soft. I’m really impressed with it.

It really is a very dense brush. After I apply my foundation, I use this brush in a crescent moon shape under the eyes to blend it out. If I use a concealer, I use it to make sure the concealer is evenly distributed and then use a setting powder like Aromaleigh’s Ultra Resolution Finishing Powder on top.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these?

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      I knew Candy Yum-Yum would look awesome on you!

      I really dig those bat earrings, by the way.

    • zillah11999

      That first picture of you is hilarious – AHHHH the sun! The SUN!!!

      Maybe Phaedra could enter one of these:

      • Phyrra

        That’s usually what I think when I walk outside ‘Oh god! Cursed Daystar! It burns!’

        I love those extreme grooming contests. They don’t have them in FL, from what I understand, because of the archaic law that says you can’t dye your dog.

        • http://prettymaking.blogspot.com Mandy

          “That’s usually what I think when I walk outside ‘Oh god! Cursed Daystar! It burns!’”


          Made me laugh out loud.

    • http://cheapchickpicks.blogspot.com eRiN

      Wait, where was Show Pony in this? *confused*

      • Phyrra

        *facepalm* They’re up now. I’d forgotten to put that section in. Too much stuff in one post!

    • http://www.cybelesays.com cybele

      LOVE that Candy Yum Yum lippie! You wear it well too.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks! I am having to remind myself to NOT wear it every single day because I love it with my blonde hair.

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi

      I’ve been really curious about that concealer brush. I usually use my fingers for under eye concealer and I’m tired of feeling like I’m tugging on my skin. And I agree with everyone else. Candy Yum Yum looks great on you!

      • Phyrra

        It was definitely worth the price I spent on it.

    • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

      I love all of the lippies! And I would love to get my hands on that UD palette as well, even though I already have three of the shadows =)

    • Rina

      Sweet haul :) I have the Show Pony palette. I bought it around Christmas when Sephora had it for $16. I had every color but Mildew, but I wanted Mildew really bad, and figured that since a single was $17, it would be better to just buy the palette and get back ups :)
      Candy Yum Yum looks great on you!

      • Phyrra

        Nothing wrong with having a backup of a few favs :)

    • http://ladyinatophat.blogspot.com Lady In A Top Hat

      Wow. I am loving Nars more and more.

      • Phyrra

        NARS is new to me, but I like what I’ve tried so far.

    • BuggyNess

      Retrospeck is one of my fav Mac colors, it’s strange sort of gold, sort of cool toned. I have the show poney palette and for the love of me when I try to use the blue or purple shades I just create the illusion of a big shiner.

      • Phyrra

        Try pairing up the blue or purple with a gold shade like Retrospeck, or maybe a yellow-green.

    • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com/ Larie

      Ooh, nice brush! I don’t like the current brush I have, so maybe it’s time to explore other options. And Candy Yum Yum looks gorgeous on you :)

      • Phyrra

        Definitely go check out this brush :)

    • Mag

      The Nars illuminator looks gorgeous!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Mag!

    • http://chasingbluefeathers.blogspot.com/ a girl named Sam

      I purchased Show Pony a while back, and I dooo love it. Not all of the colors go well together, but I still quite like them! I love wearing Painkiller in my inner corner for a nice pop.

      • Phyrra

        Painkiller is really gorgeous. I need to try it soon.

    • Selenite

      Lucky you on getting yourself some Candy Yum YUm. How would you compare it to NAR Schiap or Evil Shades’ Fearless?

      • Phyrra

        I don’t think I have Fearless to compare it to, and I know I don’t have NARS Schiap. I need to compare it to Nyx Hot Pink, because I think it’s close but not exact (different finishes).

        • Selenite

          Thanks. People keep going on about how NEON it is but is it really brighter than my OCC Anime(sure, CYY looks more blue toned and Anime more fuschia)? And Fearless looks so good….I get sick of MAC and their limited edition lemmings.

          • Phyrra

            I personally don’t like the OCC lip tars. I can tell you that I think Morgana Cryptoria will be making a matte hot pink shade like this, which will cure the lemmings that anyone has :)

            I think Anime is definitely more fuchsia from the pictures I’ve seen of it.

            I have Stiletto from Evil Shades and it’s definitely more fuchsia.

    • Saila

      I had to get Play Time after I got Saint Germain. Play Time is much more forgiving on me and I love the colour. Great haulings, my dear!