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Happy 3 Year Blog Anniversary!

Today is my 3 year Blog Anniversary! To celebrate, I’m having a giveaway! Some of the gifts I’ve purchased and others have been generously donated. More prizes may end up added to the list.

Linnaeus Cosmetics

The Prizes:
1 necklace from Whimsy Beading
1 gift certificate for $20 to Solstice Scents
1 gift certificate for $25 to  Kiss My Sass Cosmetics
Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick Wheel
Geek Chic Cosmetics: Eye Shadows – Viking King, Companion Cube, Katamari King, Fear Bomb, Blush – Strawberry Shortcake, Lipstick – Hipster Ariel
Black Rose Minerals Eye Shadows: Absinthe, Dark Wing, A-Peal, Hello Kitten, Stark, Poseidon
Linnaeus Cosmetics Eye shadows: Cavort, Flutter, Go Go Flamingo, Kitsch
Psyche Cosmetics: Eye shadows: Pixie, Slime, Monarch and Morpo
2 Fyrinnae Cosmetics Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Eye shadow minis: Love Potion, Nijiro, Javan Rhino, Glitterboi, Sennyo, Damn Paladins, Leopard-Print Galaxy, Feline Familiars, Futuristic Glamrock
Urban Decay Shakedown matte shadow
Essence Nail Polish: Ultimate Pink, Lime Up!, Choose Me! What do you think?
Harajuku Lovers Sampler Set
MAC Lipsticks: Ultra Darling, Candy Yum Yum
Urban Decay Primer Potion Travel Size
Silk Naturals Samples: Zest, Neuron
Brazen Cosmetics Minty Mojito Lip Scrub

To Enter:
1. You must be a subscriber of my blog and follow via BlogLovin’ or GoogleFriend Connect and tell me how you follow.
2. Leave a comment telling me what you’d most like to see on my blog in the future (i.e. more reviews, tutorials, looks, etc)
3. For an extra entry, you can follow me on twitter and tweet @phyrra ‘Enter the Phyrra 3 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway! http://wp.me/pWTUj-472

This contest is open Worldwide. It will run from now until Friday May 27, 2011 at 3pm EST.

Edit: The entries are now closed for this. Entries are being tallied, and a winner will be determined.

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    • Kerry

      First off.. congratulations on an amazing milestone!!! :) I always love your honest reviews.

      I follow both through GFC & BlogLovin. I normally read your posts through BlogLovin though. :) I also “Like” you on FB.

      I’d love to see more video tutorials! I like to see how other folks apply their makeup.. it’s fun.. :)

      I already follow you on Twitter, so I’ll share your Tweet. :)

    • http://www.incessant-beauty.blogspot.com Katelyn

      Hey Phyrra!

      I follow through Google Friend Connect
      I have been a follower since I found you on Aromaleigh’s profile, so before you got phyrra.et :D

      I “like” you on Facebook

      I would love to see more of the perfume reviews, as I think it would help some of us–even though you think you’re not good and smelling different notes!

      Also, it would be cool to see like a sneak peek of a new accessory you got like a pair of shoes, or a dress or blouse and where you got it :D

    • http://makeupmama-michelle.blogspot.com/ Michelle

      I follow via GFC as Michelle.

      I like Phyrra on Facebook.

      I would like to see more tutorials on your blog, and looks!

      mcmaestas at gmail dot com

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi


      1. I follow you via GFC as Jessi M.

      2. I “like” you on facebook as Jessi McKinney.

      3. I would love to see more tutorials. You are so creative when it comes to eye makeup that I always want to see your techniques.

      4. I tweeted!

    • Anne W

      I follow through Google Friend. I like you on FB. Would love to keep seeing reviews. Enjoy finding out about new products and what is working for you. Happy anniversary!!

    • http://everydayopinionista.blogspot.com Jen

      I’m “following” you via Google Friend Connect and you’re listed as a favorite blog on my blog. Also a fan on Facebook. I find your product reviews very informative – especially shadow pigments. I’m addicted to mineral pigments, but the pictures on shops’ sites aren’t always easy to shop from, so your swatches are great help. Congrats on three years of blogging!

    • http://tousledkitten.com tousledkitten

      I follow with GFC and Google Reader. Love your reviews, excited to see more of those and product swatches. Actual tutorials would be really good. I know you already post a lot of looks but it’s nice to see how they’re done. :-)

      Tweet tweet https://twitter.com/#!/tousledkitten/status/69452277865381888

    • Kathryn

      HI, Phyrra, happy blog anniversary, i love your site, it is awsome!
      1.I follow you via google friends connect
      2.i like you on fb
      3.i would like to see cute hairclips and accesories to complement our style and makeup looks or different types of hair stuff ex-curlers, wand or weaver thing i saw.
      4.i follow u on twitter and retweeted.
      Thanks 4 having an awsome blog!

    • http://www.facebook.com/#!/judikins Judi G

      Happy Blogiversary!!! :D

      1. I follow you through both GFC and Bloglovin’. I read through GFC though.

      2. I love your reviews so much, so I’d think I’d like to see more of those. Especially seeing you review indie make up companies and drugstore/target/etc skincare products.

      3. I tweeted. I’m @memorymachine on twitter. Here’s the link: http://twitter.com/#!/memorymachine/status/69452450989473792

    • http://kiandmakeup.blogspot.com ki

      Hi Phyrra,

      Congrats on the 3 yr anniversary!

      I follow on GFC as ki (also a FB fan!)

      I would like to see more video tutorials in the future, since I really love the ones you have done so far!

      I follow on twitter as @ki_and_makeup and have tweeted!

    • eplefe

      I follow via GFC under the name Eplefe.

      I love your looks, and like seeing your day-to-day looks, however, I would love to see some indie scent reviews. ^^

      I tweeted under @eplefe

    • newyorkglitter

      Congrats Phyrra!
      3 years is a long time! I love you’re blog and all of you’re tutorials. reviews! I follow you from google blog under newyorkglitter and like you on fb under Allison Webster! I am really not sure what else I wouldlike to see on you’re blog, I really love it the way it is! Maybe just a review of my eyeshadow when I get it all up, I am going to be closing my Jewelry business down (I believe)


    • Jan

      I love your blog..I just followed you officially..although I always read your blog , i just dont use google connect to do so..But now I am following under “jan”

      I love your blog as it is.Defly more indie company reviews and video tutes :)

    • Aud

      Congrats! :)

      am already following via Google Friend Connect.

      I’d like to see more reviews of products from Indie companies and skincare items from them too. Or American labels, really. Since I’m an international reader, things that we don’t get over here fascinate me.

    • http://cosmeticsandcats.blogspot.com/ Minou


      I follow with google friend connect (Minou)
      I’d love to see more videos especially tutorials
      I tweeted (Minou_Mowmow)

    • http://kattatonic.blogspot.com/ Katt

      Goodness! Congrats on three years!

      I follow via GFC:Kattatonic Fierceology

      I’d love to see more looks, i can never get enough!

      I also tweeted this: http://twitter.com

    • Ice

      Yay! Happy blog anniversary!

      I follow you through GFC (same nick) and my favourite part about your blog, which I’d always like to see more of, are reviews (and swatches! :D) of indie companies. :)

    • http://LaDandyzette.wordpress.com Kat Grisaille


      1) I follow you via blogloving, I have used some google thing, but it didn’t work that well. And ofcourse via FB as Simone Poezel VdL
      2) I would love to see more tutorials but to be honest: I love your blog like it is. :)
      3) My twitter is Kat Grisaille ^^

    • http://www.facebook.com/SpookyMint Minty Leroux

      Follow through both Bloglovin’ and GFC

      I’m a review junkie. I could sit all day and read reviews while wistfully imagining that I owned all the items.

      Tweeted. :)

    • peripatetic33

      GFC follower peripatetic33
      your blog is great just keep doing the things you like to do

    • Erin

      Happy anniversary! Today is also me and my husband’s 6th wedding anniversary (may 14th is a good day!). I follow using GFC. I love the reviews of products the most!

      • Phyrra

        Happy Anniversary! Today is Ray’s birthday as well :)

    • http://www.caprichosesenciales.com Ce

      Happy Anniversary!!!
      I really like your looks, they are a great inspiration, so I’d love to see more of those.
      I follow on GFC as Caprichos Esenciales and tweet as Ce_esenciales.

    • http://twitter.com/twashley Ashley

      i follow using google connect. and i love seeing your product reviews. especially because you have sensitive skin.

      i would also love to see more tips, if you’ve got em!

    • http://eyeheartit.blogspot.com/ Larie

      Congratulations! :D

    • http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/ Cassy

      Happy blogaversary! Following though GFC. I personally love your reviews and then how you will often show a look with the same product reviewed shortly thereafter.

    • http://gunnmetal27.blogspot.com Christa Roze
    • http://inhermakeupbag.blogspot.com Stephanie
    • http://www.etsy.com/shop/thekidicarus Alishia

      I follow via google friend connect, i believe :)

      I love reviews personally, and swatches of make up. I really trust your opinion and your style and your standards, and we’re similar skin tones, so those are always my favorites!

    • Desiree

      Congrats on your blogaversary! Woohoo!
      1. I’m a follower via GFC, my email is thumper1182 at hotmail dot com.
      2. I’d love to see more skincare and hair product reviews. Your hair and skin always look fantastic!
      3. I tweeted about the giveaway. http://twitter.com/#!/adorkable82/status/69466179168763904
      Thanks so much! ^_^

    • Jessica

      Congratulations, honey! I’ve only just started buying from indie companies, and your blog is a godsend!
      Oh, and i follow through bloglovin, and would love to see more FOTD’s :)

      J xxx

    • http://www.baroque-in-babylon.blogspot.com Tianne

      Hey congrats!! 3 years and you’re so productive and I love your blog. I’m a Phyrraphile on FB, Twitter, follow your blog and will RT. I’d love to see you do some fantasy looks- some really dark cut crease, neon lips, work with face paint- anything creative. Also a week of neutrals would be cool.

      Congrats again on your blogiversary!

    • Jess

      i love the reviews of indie companies.

      I follow with blog lovin

    • shefallssoftly

      I’d love to see more nail polish! I’m always on the hunt for a new perfect color. I’m following on GFC as shefallssoftly and I tweeted at https://twitter.com/#!/shefallssoftly/status/69467004595224576

    • Jane Waring

      I follow via GFC (hippymeow)
      I would love to see some more hair product and skin product reviews!

    • http://www.melissasrandommusings.blogspot.com Melissa Blackburn

      Congrats! I follow via GFC Melissa Blackburn
      Would love to see more tutorials, your looks are gorgeous.
      I rarely tweet but I did retweet bout this awesome giveaway!

    • http://denjekrasny.blogspot.com terebe

      happy anniversary.

      i follow through bloglovin.

      and i want reviews and more reviews about indies…

    • Maria Andrea

      I Fallow u by
      GFC : MariaAndreavandewallarneman
      Fallow with BlogLoving Too

      Wat i like: the eyeshadow of morganacriptoria.
      the reviews of Yes To Blueberrys, shame we don’t have it over here .

      and I like the colored hair stripes even they are not in the review..

    • Maria Andrea

      Happy Aniversary Forgot too say :)

    • http://christinaluvsglitter.blogspot.com/ Christina
      • Phyrra

        I’ve got my camera info listed under the FAQ :)

    • http://www.ruthsmakeup.blogspot.com Ruth

      Oooh I could always do with more Pixie Epoxy!

      I follow through GFC (Ruthy) and I just liked you on facebook (didn’t know you had a profile there until now… bonus)

      I am always happy to see eye tutorials and reviews. It’s all good!

    • http://www.makeupzombie1.blogspot.com Makeup Zombie

      All over this! Happy 3 Years!

      Just keep doing what you’re doing, that’s what I like to see.

      You know my email addy! YAY!

    • Sandy

      Happy Anniversary! I adore reviews and favorite product blogs. Thanks so much for all you do and share!

    • http://schadenfraulein.tumblr.com Barbara

      Congrats on making it to 3 years! I’d love to see more reviews and tutorials. I also rely on your blog for any MMU/indie makeup news so I know which companies to avoid (like glittersniffer and orglamix) or support.

      I follow you through GFC (same email used to comment). I tweeted about this giveaway (http://twitter.com/#!/valiumaphrodite/status/69473994956484609) and I requested to follow you.

    • Kara

      I follow through GFC as Funkiichiicka.

      I would love to see more makeup reviews :)

      Congrats on your anniversary! X

    • Rachel

      Congrats on owning and running this blog for 3 years!
      I think what I’d like to see more of the most would be tutorials or reviews. :)
      I do followed you on Blog Lovin, also. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    • http://www.annamaxblog.blogspot.com Annamax

      Wow has it really been three years? Congrats! :D

      I follow with GFC. I love your looks, so I would always like to see more of those!

      I also tweeted under anna_max :3

    • http://eighteight8.blogspot.com eight


      1. I follow via GFC as minotaurbb, and bloglovin as fleurdoll [at] gmail [dot] com

      2. I’d like to see more tutorials! Your looks are always flawless — and I’d love to get as good as you ;D

      3. I follow you on twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/minotaurbb/status/69484328933011456

      Thanks so much!

    • http://zombehkayla.blogspot.com/ PrettyunDead(Kayla)

      Yay! Congrats on the anniversary! I follow on GFC.

      I would love to see more tutorials, you’ve got a knack for teaching. :P

      And I tweeted you @PrettyunDead. ^_^

    • Katy

      I have a link directly to your blog in my favorites bar- but recently signed up to follow on bloglovin as well. I particularly love your reviews- you have swayed me to purchase from several indie companies I now adore! Glad you’ve kept it up this long and please do continue!

    • Sara

      I can’t enter, as I don’t use gfc or bloglovin….just wanted to mention my disappointment that those of us who just check in to your blog every day (I even use your blog list as my starting point for checking out other beauty blogs) aren’t eligible. We (the fringe who don’t want to join yet more social networking programs) are eligible to enjoy your blog, just not to enter giveaways.

      This isn’t meant to be a snarky post at all, more like one expressing a disappointment in general about the eligibility concerning contests and giveaways. I’ve seen other blogs doing it too, so it’s not like it’s a new thing. Half the people who comment to blogs any more seem to do it simply to pimp their own. *scrolls through this entry to see the generalization holds water* If those are the kinds folks that get prizes, go nuts. I’ll just stick to being a fringey who just reads and sometimes comments for the fun of it and enters the giveaways that’ll have me. :)

      By the way, this is a nice haul of stuff. The PE is timely since Fyrinnae recently sold out of their restock in two days(?).

    • The Peach

      Wow! I didn’t realize it had been 3 years for you! I’ve probably been following for a year and a half. Congrats on keeping your blog strong for so long!

      I follow thru GFC as “The Peach”

      As for the future, just more looks and swatches. Thats mostly whay I stop by your blog to see. You do such amazingly beautiful, bold looks! I also like to see what new and fun products you are using!

    • MlleK

      Thanks for that amazing giveway! The prizes are so great!

      I was following with RSS but also now with Googlefriend (Clara Huynh)

      I’m Kraouatte on Twitter

      I would like to see more reviews, as I find them really helpful, and maybe some step by step tutorials :)

      Happy blog anniversairy!

    • http://lacquerwarefortipsandtoes.blogspot.com/ LacquerWareForTipsandToes

      Congrats on 3 years. Incredible.

      I follow thru GFC as Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes

      I appreciate your make up swatches and the research you do on skin care.

      I re-tweeted your tweet I’m @DragonRhia on twitter (and I requested to follow you)

    • sarah

      Wow, three years!

      I follow through GFC as dull_flame.

      I like reading all your stuff, but I especially enjoy tutorials because I get some tips and tricks for when I do my own makeup!

      I tweeted about the giveaway- I’m @moonxpearl.

    • Selenite

      For me, I come here for your reviews and to find out about new brands.

    • Tabii
    • http://libbyspinkvanity.blogspot.com Kimberly

      Happy Blog Anniversary to YOU!!!!!!!

      I tweeted about the giveaway here: http://twitter.com/#!/KimberlyisHere/status/69498809725624320

      I follow as Kimberly with GFC.

      Your video tutorial was good. I’ve only seen just one. But, would love to watch more.

      You have some GREAT prizes here. :)

    • http://nana-komatsu7.livejournal.com Misato-san

      1. I follow via gfc ^_^

      2. I really don’t know, I like your blog as it is, because I think it’s balanced!

    • Michelle B


      I follow via GFC.

      Just keep doing what you’re doing, I always enjoy your reviews and FOTD.

    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      1. I follow with GFC. I’m Vijaya!
      2. I adore your looks. You always do such a great job. =D I also adore your swatches. A lot of indie brands don’t provide swatches/their swatches aren’t the best in the world, and I know I can always look at your blog to see some very well done ones!
      3. Just tweeted. I’m fiercenerditude. =]

    • http://www.whimsybeading.etsy.com aygee

      Happy blog-a-versary! I follow through GFC and through an email/feedburner.

      I would love to see more nail polish reviews as well. I can no longer wear much nail polish thanks to a wonky thyroid, so I want to live vicariously. :D

    • http://www.maybesnewstart.blogspot.com Maybe

      Hy! Happy 3 bday to you & your blog!
      I’m follow you every day for last year, and enoy in your make up so i hople that in the feture will be more make up tutorial.

      i’m follow you on GFC as Maybe, and on twitter as Maybe’sNew start & i tweet about your giveaway!

    • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

      Happy blog anniversary! I follow through GFC. I love your blog as it is, but the posts I enjoy the most are your looks, reviews and swatches.

    • Michelle

      Congratulations on 3 years of Phyrra goodness! Yay!

      1. Michelle/dreamingviolet via GFC
      2. Done
      3. My favorites are the reviews, so more of those, please! I also enjoy your looks though, they inspire me when I need to do my own and am drawing a blank.

    • Justine

      I follow via GFC. I would love to see more swatches of lip products because lippies are my obsession!

    • http://www.theprettyexclusive.com Erin M.

      I’d love to see more reviews, maybe some more posts about hard to find items. :) I also tweeted this and follow on BlogLovin!

      Congrats on three years!

    • Gabrielle

      Google Friend Connect. :)

      I love the reviews, I’m new to mineral makeup as well and it’s such a help to read about others’ experiences with a product before deciding whether or not to buy! Same for all the swatches!

      I guess I’d just ask for more of the same! I’m also always curious about soaps and things so I’ve been enjoying the soap reviews lately too. Thank you for what you do! <3

    • Anne

      1. I already follow you via GFC as TheRoseLady.

      2. I always enjoy the indie spotlights and swatches. Reviews are high on my list as well.

      3. I tweeted : http://twitter.com/#!/The_Rose_Lady/status/69518806611009536


    • Keri

      Congrats on 3 years!
      I follow through Blog Lovin’

      I love your reviews! They are honest and have definitely caused me to check out some companies/products that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise!

    • Maria Inês

      Hello! Greetings from Portugal!

      What I would like to see more on the blog? Maybe more reviews of beauty products ;P

      I follow you as Maria Esteves on google!

      Congratulations for the great blog!

    • Maria Inês

      Note: I sent an extra entry on twitter! :)

    • http://www.curlychellez.blogspot.com Rochelle

      Congrats on your anniversary! I follow you blog via Google Friend Connect. I would like to see makeup tutorials for beginners. I also tweeted about your giveaway


    • http://www.savvybeautyformoms.blogspot.com Erin

      Wow 3 years! Congratulations!

      I follow you through GFC, Lilybeans or Erin. I forget which comes up.

      I would like to see more tutorials and mineral foundation reviews!


    • Alyssa

      I absolutely love your blog, you do an awesome job! I would love to see more reviews and tuts, but I will be happy with anything you do since you are one of my fave bloggers! I also love when you post stuff about your hair since I love to do fun colours too, I have purple chunky streaks in mine right now
      I check here every day but now I follow you via bloglovin and I also like you on facebook and I just added you to twitter so I can tweet about your contest!

    • Kimber Y.

      Happy anniversary! I love your blog and always consult your reviews when I buy makeup, especially indies. Everything you do is very much appreciated…thank you!

      I’m a follower of your blog via GFC under the name Kimber Y. More tutorials would be fun to see on your blog!

    • http://www.karmicdreaming.net/ Amanda

      I follow on both GFC and Bloglovin’, as well as Twitter. Your tweet has been posted. I’d love to see more tutorials- I liked the picture tutorials you did about a year ago, since I find them easier to look at than videos.

    • Petra

      I follow through GFC as RoboPetra!

      I’d love to see more tutorials, from things that cover the basics to how you apply your more elaborate looks!

      Congrats on three years!

    • http://www.beautysbadhabitblog.blogspot.com Lily

      Congrats on 3 years (almost wrote ’3 ears’) that seems like forever in terms of blogging!

      I follow through GFC as Beauty’s Bad Habit

      I’d like more reviews and swatches – always enjoy reading/ drooling over them!

      I tweeted here http://bit.ly/jOr4IH

    • http://kimmiekarmalove.blogspot.com/ Kimberly Marquez

      I follow via gfc-KimmieKarmaLove
      I would love to see more tutorials!
      I tweeted as well!

      Congrats on 3 years, that’s crazy!

    • http://apolishedobsession.blogspot.com Peggy H.
    • Brandi


      Thank you for a great contest!

      I follow you on bloglovin.

      I sent a follow request on Twitter.

      What I would like to see more of is reviews and swatches!


    • http://fashionpirate.net Arabelle

      I follow you through friend connect. I would love to see more tutorials, I loveee them!

    • Amy D.

      Happy Anniversary!! I follow via Google Friends Connect. I have to say I totally LOVE your product reviews (especially for skincare products.) I love how you always give the ingredients, price, and let us know whether the company tests on animals or not. (A HUGE dealbreaker for me.) Your reviews are IMMENSELY helpful and can really be a deciding factor in my decisions to buy or not – so I would love to see more in the future. THANK YOU!! :)

    • http://www.meangirlmakeup.blogspot.com Donna Trigg

      I follow via Google Friend Connect.

      I love your tutorials :) I wish there were more of them!

    • http://toxid-lotus.net Manda

      Congratulations! Happy Anniversary. =D Thank you for the giveaway!

      I follow you via GFC as Manda, and through bloglovin’.

      I really enjoy both your reviews and swatch posts. So I think I’d like to see more of those. Though I think you already do a decent amount of them. =]

      and last I tweeted: http://twitter.com/toxidlotus/status/69546317847871488

      Thank you! =D

    • http://blacknailpolishandlipgloss.blogspot.com EvilAngel

      I’m not entering, just wanted to say congrats on 3 years and what’s not to love about one of my absolute favorite blogs!

    • http://sugarbumpkin.blogspot.com/ Janny

      Woohoo! Grats on your 3rd birthday! I follow you through blogspot somehow under the name sugarbumpkin. i always love reading your reviews, as i find them honest and detailed. i’ve tweeted about your giveaway but i have no clue how to post a link to it. my twitter is @jannyzheng and you’ll see it on the front page.


    • http://www.twitter.com/ericaWINS Erica K

      3 years!
      i’d like to see more reviews! you tend to use a lot more drugstore brands and im usually afraid to try them out, so i like to see what you think!

      i follow via google friend connect

    • http://portraitofmai.blogspot.com Mai

      I’m a follower via GFC as Mai

      I would like to see more tutorials, doesn’t matter if they’re video or picture tutorials!

      I tweeted!-http://twitter.com/Maimaimaiii/status/69553165388890112

    • Lisa

      Congratulations! I’m a lurker, but I follow through GFC as Lisa. I really like your indie brand reviews – they’re very thorough and helpful! I’d love to see more of those.

    • Janet

      Happy Anniversary!

      Wow three years…..I hope you stick around to blogging because this is the first place I look for reviews and swatches. In the future maybe more reviews of new companies and some more YT tutorials/reviews.

      I love to follow using Bloglovin. :D
      Sadly I don’t have a twitter. LOL

    • Marina

      Congrats Phyrra!!!
      I follow through Blog Lovin’!
      I would love to see more tutorials, especially using Fyrinnae colors. I also enjoy your indie reviews–very helpful!
      I also tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/glttrandrcknrll/status/69556470160695297

    • Kip

      I follow you as Kip M on GFC.
      I dunno I like it all so probably more tutorials!

    • http://bhevarri.blogspot.com/ Bhevarri

      I follow with GFC as Bhevarri

      I’d like to see a few more tutorials, or perhaps themed eye looks. (Kinda tough coming up with everything, I just love your blog all around!)

      I also tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/Bhevarri/status/69562351346663424

    • UneLuneBleue

      Wow, 3 years, way to go, sweetie!
      I already follow you through Google Friend Connect and on Twitter.
      I actually just love seeing your makeup looks nearly everyday, you always do such pretty makeup and I like seeing the different color combos you come up with. Your reviews of indie brands are really helpful too, so we can weed out the good from the… not so good.
      Oh, and I tweeted about your giveaway, because you’re awesome ;-)

    • http://www.mrskittykaboom.blogspot.com Jeni

      I follow via GFC- Mrskittykaboom
      Email- Mrskittykaboom AT gmail DOT com

      I love your swatches. If I had to pick something for you to do more of.. it would probably be comparisons/dupes. Especially of higher end vs drug store type stuff.

      Thanks so much P. Happy Bloggerversary!

    • http://www.mrskittykaboom.blogspot.com Jeni

      Twitter Follower – @mrskittykaboom

      Tweeted- http://twitter.com/#!/MrsKittyKaBoom/status/69563381580963840

      Email- Mrskittykaboom AT gmail DOT com

      thanks again! :D good luck everyone!

    • http://witch-words.blogspot.com Jadelyn

      Wow, what a milestone! Congratulations, and thank you for all that you do. :-)

      I follow via GFC (although I actually read your blog in Google Reader, if that makes a difference).

      I love the reviews and looks you do; I kind of see the looks doubling as tutorials since you explain how you create them in such detail. I love that you tend to focus on reviewing indie companies, and I’d also like to see you branch out into scent reviews!

    • http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com Robyn

      Congratulations Phyrra! I love your blog. Swatches, reviews, geekery, I love it all but your looks are my favourite.

      I follow via GFC – robyndskinner at gmail dot com, and I tweeted your giveaway @robynheartssla/http://twitter.com/#!/robynheartsslap/status/69563964538880001

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      Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/PaintedMoonkin/status/69575734104031232

      What I’d like to see: a few looks/tutorials about how best to apply shadow for hooded eyes (I have them too) and some looks/tuts/tips for 4-eyed gals! Oh, and more pics of Phaedra!

    • francesdanger

      Congratulations! I love your blog. It makes me happy.

      I follow in GFC, and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/FrancesMFDanger/status/69576360703692800

      I’d love to see you do more interviews/illuminates, including pics of formulators work areas. I think that level of transparency will go a long way in restoring some faith in indie MMU. Sad that anything has to be restored due to a couple of jerkfaces, but it is what it is.

      Keep up the excellent work!

    • Lulu
    • Maura

      How lovely! Congratulations on 3 years!

      I follow via BlogLovin.

      I’d love to see some basic tutorials- although your eye makeup is always inspiring, I’m pretty new to the MMU world and the sheer number of colors I have suddenly accumulated is kind of intimidating. Breaking it down into something as simple as “here’s how to make your blush not look like you applied it with a paint gun” would be great for me.

    • Vanessa

      hello and congrats on 3 years.

      i follow on both GFC and BlogLovin as vanessa biggs

      i love all the reviews, tutorials, looks, and especially swatches. i dont know what i’d do with out them

      i also follow on twitter vbiggs82

    • pixiealamode

      1. I follow you through google friends. :D

      2. I’d love to see more tutorials because your instructions are always so clear. I love your color combos too. :D Your reviews are some of my favorites because they’re un-biased and truthful.

      3. I tweeted you as well. ;3

    • Tracy

      Congrats to you!!!

      I am a follower on Blog Lovin and I would so love to see more of your tutorials!!! I also love seeing your looks you do each week. What am I saying…all of your posts are awesome!!! Congrats again!!!!

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      I really like your reviews so I’d like to see more if those. :). Happy blog birthday

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      I’m a following via GFC and BlogLovin’ both, cause I love you so much!

      Of course, I’ll be tweeting too! <3

      • http://www.outinapout.blogspot.com Jessica Allison

        Poop, I forgot to say: I love your reviews for indie and lesser known brands, so I’d definitely like to see more of those in your future!

    • http://www.glostix.net Bekka

      Happy Anniversary!

      Well hey!! I do indeed follow, GFC name “Bekka”. And you better believe I tweeted with much celebration ^_^

      I reference your blog a LOT when looking for eye and lip swatches, so I’d definitely love to see more of that in the next year!

    • Alex

      Congratulations! :)

      I follow through GFC. I’d love to see more reviews from you in the future, I really enjoy them as you give really fair and honest reviews which have been really useful! I also really enjoy your daily makeup looks, keep those up!

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      I’d love to see more great product reviews and such for sensitive skin. Thanks for the chance to win!

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      I am following using GFC as Liz

      I would love to see more tutorials, I am in love with all my makeup – but seem to have trouble finding good ideas for how to use it!

      Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

    • Sonya

      I follow you via Google Friend Connect. I love your blog (especially your “face of the day”s). It’s great that you list the products you use for each look, though I wish occasionally you would post a more detailed tutorial. I understand, however, that this can be time-consuming; your blog is great as it is, and I will be a fan regardless :)

    • http://roguerouquine.blogspot.com/ Kimberly

      I follow with Google Friend Connect, I would love to see more looks or tutorials!

    • Angela

      I follow with GFC and Bloglovin and I like you on Facebook. I would love to see some more tutorials and green eyed looks. I’ve discovered several really wonderful companies since I started reading your blog and really appreciate all the wonderful input and advice you have!

    • Marissa

      Hello Phyrra and congratulations on 3 years of blogging~

      I tend to just check your site from time to time but I recently am starting to follow you through GFC.
      I love reading your product reviews, and would appreciate it if you could write some more in the future!

    • Cylia

      Yay anniversary!
      I follow via GFC as Triskelmoon.
      I would love to see more step by step tutorials. Sometimes the word descriptions that are hard to picture are clear as day when there are in between photos or videos.

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      Wow, three years that’s a wonderful milestone, congratulations Phyrra!

      I’m a follower via GFC (username rivercitylizzy) and I find your reviews very insightful and helpful, especially lipstick and blushes (new territory for me!). Your looks are also amazing!

      I can be reached at eleimamoazevedo(at)gmail(dot)com ;)

      submitted a follow request on Twitter and tweeted your giveaway http://twitter.com/#!/rivercitylizzy

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      I would love to see (even) more mineral make up swatches – I love mineral make up and reviews on them.

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      I am a current GFC Follower under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

      I’d like to see more reviews/swatches, please.

    • http://cheapchickpicks.blogspot.com/ eRiN

      I am a GFC follower with this username and email combo, and I just always want to see more swatches! Yours are the ones I go to first when trying to decide what colors to buy :) Maybe more lipsticks! Silk Naturals lipsticks!!!

      Also, I tweeted https://twitter.com/erinmacmahon/status/69662381516660736

      Also, happy 3-year bloggy birthday :D

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      I am now a GFC follower with my google name makeetis and although I just started to check out your site I would love tutorials on here. I love to see other ways. Thanks so much for the chance.

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      1.) Happy Anniversary! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts you’ve put up in the past few years.

      2.) I follow you on Blog Lovin’..should be as Keira

      3.) I also follow you on facebook

      4.) And I would really like to see more tutorials..whether they be on youtube or just pics. I really love you you’ve changed some of your techniques and I would love to see how you apply your make-up now. Thanks and congrats once again. <3

    • http://twitter.com/#!/phantomBROWS Jovi

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      I would love to see outfit posts from you! :D

      Also, I tweeted as @phantomBROWS

      Thank you so much for the giveaway!

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      I would love to see some sort of color-themed post. Like, if you like Blues, then you’ll LOVE….. (insert awesome blues?) IDK! ;)

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      Happy anniversary!
      I hope you’ll stick around for at least another 3 years.

      I like most of the content in your blog but the subject I like the most is you very honest reviews so I very much would like more of them.

      I follow via Google friend connect, as Lithia.


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      I also follow you on twitter and tweeted

      I would love to see more tutorials especilay using more red

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      happy anniversary! here’s to many more!

    • http://lipswatch.tk Tovary

      Congratulations :) I enjoy that you have looks up so frequently, but I also find the reviews very helpful.

      I’m Aoedeon GFC, and entschielden on Twitter.

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      happy blogaversary! awesome giveaway!

      1. follow via gfc as pretty mom.

      2. i love you looks posts which give me some inspirations. i also like great and affordable product reviews from indie companies.

      3. follow you on twitter @_prettymom and tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/_prettymom/status/69779303168090112

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      Aw, Happy Blog Anniversary!

      I follow your blog through bloglovin’ (my favourite blog reader). My favourite posts are always the Indie Spotlights. I love reading about how some of the awesome indie products I’ve come to know and love are made and inspired. I know they probably take TONS of work, but I’d LOVELOVELOVE more!

      Also, I follow you on twitter (@queencicada), so I’ll tweet you link.

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      I would love to see more giveaways :) thanks

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      I follow your blog through GFC as Liber Vix.

      I just started using Meow Foundation mainly because of your Meow Cosmetics review, so keep the reviews and Indie Spotlights coming!

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      I also tweeted and sent a follow request, my username is utpian.

      Happy blogoversary! I certainly love the looks you post, so more of those in incredibly bright colors make me happy :D

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      But I usually just directly check your website.
      I love your site ’cause you’re my MMU guru, I’d like to see more reviews and tutorials using pigments. :)

      .. I like your facebook page and follow you on twitter.

      ^ this is my tweet.

      oh and, CONGRATULATIONS! :D

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      I’d like to see more tutorials

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      I follow you via GFC (Jelli), but usually just come to your blog to read it, and I like you on Facebook.

      I would love to see more videos, whether how tos or even just reviews. Also love the indie stuff!!!!

    • Rachel

      Hello! Congrats on your 3-year blogversary! :)

      I follow through this email, [email protected].
      I’d love to see more reviews of fragrance/lotion companies! I have a new obsession with lotions thanks to Haus of Gloi and OHWTO, and some of your reviews helped me decide to order.

    • http://www.aijuswhanakno.com Mika Chan

      What great prizes!! You already know I follow you in a million ways, lol. I follow you through GFC (Dominique R), and BlogLovin’ ([email protected])

      I am actually very happy with the content of your blog, which is why I’ve been following for almost 2 years now. I especially come here for color-combo inspiration and to learn about new companies/favorite products. Just don’t change that, and we’re good! :-p

      Oh, I also tweeted this giveaway :) (aijuswhanakno)

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      Congratulations! :)

      1. I’m your email subscriber and I follow via GoogleFriend Connect as Rae T. (Auqakuh) and via Bloglovin as the blog “There’s a Contest for That”.

      2. I would love to see more video tutorials. I’m a very visual learner and while your photos are supremely awesome and totally appreciated, there’s something about having a video showing how to apply various makeup looks that just clicks with me.

      3. I sent you a twitter follow request (from @rararomp) and I tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/rararomp/status/69822714600366080

      Thank you so much for the chance. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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      I follow you on GFC.
      I would love to see more reviews on your blog. I love your FOTD posts too, so keep those coming! :)
      I follow you on twitter and tweeted your giveaway.


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      I like Phyrra on Facebook.
      I would like to see more reviews and tutorials. I really like the looks you do and love hearing about how you create them.
      I also tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/TealMermaidgirl/status/69827524712071168

    • Jenny Whiskey

      1) I follow you through Google Friend Connect (Jenny Whiskey)

      2) I’s love to see more Avon/Mark reviews! I know you have a lot already, but I have a co-worker who recently started selling, and there’s so much, I don’t know where to start! And some style type posts as well.

      3) I Tweeted (Jenny Whiskey)

      <3 <3 <3 Happy Anniversary!

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      Happy 3 years!

      1. I cannot follow using those things because my only internet access is my phone but I have the blog bookmarked & try to visit daily.

      2. I like you on facebook. Hanna Gates.

      3. I would love to see more reviews & swatches.

      4. I follow you on twitter & tweeted @hjgates

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      Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

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      Happy 3 year anniversary!

      I follow via GFC as ZombieGrrl

      I would like to see more tutorials and looks. Your reviews are awesome too!

      I follow you on twitter and tweeted as @BloodyZombies

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      I follow you through email and SMS texts from your facebook page. I love your reviews and always always want to see more colors – I dream of new colors! It’s ridiculous! :) I love your confidence and sense of style and I think that you encourage others to push past their comfort into areas they want to try. Love your blog! Think you are great!!!

    • robinbird_22

      Congratulations on your milestone!!!

      I love reading your reviews, and I would love to read even more. Since I wear the same Meow foundation as you, you are a great reference for me in terms of colors.

      I follow through Google.

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      I follow via Google Reader and Friend Connect.

      I would LOVE to see some tutorials of the awesome looks. :D

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      And I follow you through Google Friend Connect, I also retweeted (my name on Twitter is StephSteph7)

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      So exciting! This is one of the best giveaways I’ve entered into! I love your blog! I’m a follower through GFC as Hebridean_Sprite. I’d like more swatches and indie company reviews! (Thanks for inspiring me to venture into indie brands on my blog!)

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      1. I follow via GFC as Daniela Alston

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      3. I’m going on Twitter right now to retweet

      thanks for an amazing giveaway!

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      I’m a new follower, but always interested in reading makeup and beauty blogs, and of course winning makeup!
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      I would love to see product reviews, they give me ideas and inspiration for my own looks!

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      I’m a pretty new follower, but love having 3 years worth of info to read and learn from!

      I follow on Google FriendConnect as mustbinsane, and like you on Facebook.

      I would love to see more reviews, because I find out about so many cool new companies.

    • Lily

      Happy blog birthday! My niece is also 3. :D (Her bday is in April)

      1. I follow you via bloglovin.
      2. I like your blog as is! I ordered from Meow because of you. :) But how about some posts about your stash – how you organize your makeup, and how you decide what to throw out or give away/donate (if you do). I remember seeing a stash post from a while ago – let’s make it an annual update! :)

    • Halifax

      I follow on GFC
      I like your review posts, very thorough and direct to the point
      Tweet: http://twitter.com/Sparkled_Beauty/status/69944346790723584

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      Great giveaway! I’d love ti participate.

      I follow you via GFC as Dimitri.-
      I just retweeted the giveaway and my user on Twitter is Superdimitri Blog

      I’d love to see more reviews, you make excellent ones!

      Good luck everyone!

    • Pepi

      Congrats on the 3 years! :)

      I follow you both ways, I think. GFC is Pepi.

      I really like your looks, especially when you do bright colors, I think they’re really inspiring and I have a lot of fun trying to dupe them :P I think it’d be really fun to see some tutorials!

      Oh, btw, I love your reviews; I’ve grown to really trust you cause you’ve never let me down :)

      (Ok, I sound like a fangirl now, so I’ll stop xD)

      Again, congrats on the milestone and thanks for hosting this giveaway! :D

    • Kat

      Hi! I am also a GFC follower (username: Kat). I would really really love to see how you apply mineral shadows. I am having trouble with all the fall-out, and i really wanna learn how you apply them so precisely. :)

      katch05 at gmail dot com

    • Mandy
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      Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/_Raven_Rose_/statuses/69993272289927168

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      Congratulations on your 3 year blog anniversary!
      I am a follower via GFC. I would like to continue to see looks/FOTDS as you usually post on your blog. You seem like you have great technique, so I would also like to see a few tutorials!

    • http://www.sweatpantschronicle.wordpress.com Kiah

      I’m following with Google Friend Connect!

      Congratulations on 3 years! That’s a long time, and a lot of money, to put into something to help the rest of us out. And believe me, you’ve helped me out a lot!

      I’d say just keep doing all the things you already do. I love your reviews of small and larger companies– reviews which have helped me find awesome independent makeup sellers.

      I like your tutorials and looks as well, because they help me apply the makeup I buy, and give me ideas of my own. :)

      So keep up the good work!

    • keijukainen

      Happy anniversary!

      I follow you via GFC as keijukainen.

      Your blog is one of my favorites and also one of the first blogs I started to follow. I love your eotds and especially the detailed explanations on how you ended up choosing each shade so please keep doing that. I’d also love to see more tutorials, videos or pics. Sometimes you use so many different shades it’d be neat to see what exactly you did with them.

    • http://winterybeauty.blogspot.com Thia Winter

      Congrats on 3 years! I follow through GFC.

      I’d love to see more tutorials! I’ve been going back thru youtube and checking out looks vids and ran into some of your older ones that I watched again.

      Congrats again!!!

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      Congrats on the milestone!
      I’m following you on Google Friend Connect, and I would love to see more tutorials! Thanks for this giveaway! :)

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      I follow via GFC

      I like you on facebook

      thebeccameister at gmail dot com

      I would like to see more tutorials. I am always a fan of themes or seeing how someone uses a picture for eye shadow inspiration.

      Thanks again!

    • PeekaBoo107
    • Nessa

      I follow via GFC as contests and such.
      More reviews! I love your reviews and always check to see if you have one before buying anything. BTW have you tried NYX Studio Liquid Eyeliner? I love it! And since it’s on sale now you should give it a try.
      I tweeted here.

    • Savychacha

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      I also follow you on twitter and tweeted about your giveaway.

      I would like to see more reviews. I like seeing your makeup looks, but I always love reading your reviews!

    • Maja

      Hi Phyrra! I recently discovered your blog and I must say I love it! Congratulations to your three years anniversary. I follow you through Google Friend Connect and I have tweeted too:
      I also like you on facebook. In the future I would like to see more tutorials, I love your tutorials! I wish I was as skilled as you …

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    • Ghost

      Hey phyrra

      totally cool give away thanks :) Happy 3 year blog too

      I know it’s not beauty but I would love to see some book reviews or reading suggestions.

    • Marcey

      What a wonderful giveaway to celebrate 3 years of blogging!! I just want more of the looks & reviews.
      Congrats on the 3 years & please make sure that I win I follow you on GFC.

    • auroragyps
    • Roxanne

      I follow through GFC as robobun! Happy 3 years!! I would like to see more looks. I love colourful makeup, so you’re always giving me ideas!

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      I’d love to see more video tutorials, they’re always super cute!

    • shelby

      I follow through gfc (Shelby G)
      and I follow you on twitter, too! (ndrcvrngl)

      I like how your blog is now, but I think sneak peeks into your other faves (shoes, clothing brands, etc) would be pretty smurfy.
      oh, I tweeted about the giveaway

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      I love the variety of reviews and looks and things you have on your blog, but I’d love to see some step-by-step tutorials!

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      I’d love to see more reviews! I always need new things to look at. ;)

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      I would love to see more tutorials from you!
      And, congrats on 3 years!

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      2] Now that you have that nifty daybulb, more swatches. =P

    • Jamielee Menard

      I follow through Google Friend Connect, under Jamie. I wish you would do more step by step tutorials.

    • Sara Wisniewski

      Phyrra im following you as sarawiz on gfc and I love your looks so more tutorials!

    • Stacy S

      I follow through GFC.

      I’d love to see more tutorials. You always have the best looks.

    • Ter G.

      Wow 3 years! Amazing! Congratulations! Here’s to many,many more :) I follow you with GFC. My fave blog posts are the ones when you let us know about crappy company issues ( ie. NYX 12 yr anniversary sale). Thank for always being honest. Congrats again B! Ter/bobbysgeel

    • harlene

      i follow through blog lovin and i wanna see more swatches and reviews.i think you are doing a great job! keep up the great work!!

    • http://biggestlittlemakeuplover.blogspot.com/ Kristina

      I think the thing I love most on your blog and would like to see more of is features on indie brands and swatches of their new releases. Without blogs like yours I would never be able to pick!

    • http://skuldasclaws.blogspot.com Skulda

      Congratulations on three years!
      I follow via GFC “Skulda”, but mostly keep track of your entries on FB.
      I would like to see more tutorials.

    • Ana

      I follow via GFC as Ana.

      More reviews, please :) !

      Happy bloggy-birthday :D !

    • http://abbyisageek.blogspot.com Abigail

      Wow, happy blog birthday :))))
      and thank you for this epic giveaway :)

      I love your swatches and your honest reviews the most, and I also enjoy your LOTDs :) I honestly love your blog as it is, and wouldn’t change a bit, but if I must choose, than please give us more pics of Phaedra :)

      I also have a dog ( a golden pup, 6 months old) and I squeal every time I see your poodle :)

      I follow via GFC as Abigail, and I tweeted :)

    • Sarah

      hi phyrra, i am following your blog via GFC: Sarah Cabrera. i would like to see more reviews on indie mineral makeup companies and swatches, you’re my go-to blog for that. :) i also sent you a request on twitter i’m famedromantic and tweeted about the giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/famedromantic/status/70575873476132864. also i like you on facebook. thanks and i’m crossing my fingers on this one, this giveaway is AWESOME. <3 Sarah aka [email protected]

    • leah

      I follow via GFC and like tyou on facebook. I also would like to see more indie MMU company reviews and swatches!

    • Christie Brooks
    • winni

      Hi Phyrra!
      I follow via GFC, I also “like” you on Facebook. I really love reviews and I appreciate the indie brand reviews that you so expertly do. I check your blog before I buy any indie brand, you’ve saved me from wasting my money on more than one occasion. Thank you.

    • Mariana

      Congrats, and I love your blog! I love your in-depth reviews and indie spotlights. Please continue your fun makeup looks and product reviews!
      I follow via Google Friend Connect and tweeted (@mumblerer).

    • http://OHWTO.com Becca

      Happy blogaversary!! <3 3 years, wow!

      I'd love to see more of the same, I guess- product reviews, looks, interviews, etc etc. I don't read a lot of blogs, and there are some days I get all my reading done and want MORE! ;)

      PS I follow you via GFC

    • http://www.doubl3helix.blogspot.com Amber

      Congrats! Has it really been that long??

      I follow on GFC and also like you on facebook.

      I love your product reviews, and would love to see more reviews, especially from etsy members. It’s getting tougher to find new reputable/non-repackagers on etsy. I’d also love to see more step-by-step tutorials, for eyeshadows and lipstick application… for some reason I always have the most problem with lipstick!

    • http://papermoth.blogspot.com/ Kim

      I follow ya on GFC and on Facebook!

      I really love when you uncover interesting Etsy finds. Makeup, bath and body stuff, jewelery, accessories.. I wanna know about ‘em!

      As always, looking forward to your next looks and reviews. Thanks for sticking around for so long!

    • Kendra

      I follow via Google. I would love to see more reviews and looks, I love them!

    • http://gloryboxcosmetics.etsy.com Tawnya

      I follow via GFC.

      Swatches! And you should do more videos, I love them. :)

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      We join others to celebrate your 3 years of successes in the beauty industry. Phyrra is a blog to visit every day. Please keep up the good work.

      I am following skinstore.com

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      2. I would love to see some DIY stuff. I know you don’t do those often but if you do have some DIY items you use, I would love to read about those. Otherwise, tutorials and EOTDs always make my day. :)
      3. Ooo, sent a follow request on twitter and retweeted!

      Yay, can’t wait to see who the winner is :D

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      I would like to see more reviews of new/unknown indie brands and etsy shops.

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      I already follow on Google Friend Connect as Carla, and I like you on Facebook.

      I’d love to see more tutorials. I feel like technique is always something I need to improve on :)

      Thanks for running such an awesome giveaway!

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      Congrats on your anniversary!
      I’d love to see more comparisons. The one you did on eyeshadow primers was great.

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      I’d like to see more makeup tutorials (videos and/or picture tuts) and as for reading pleasure – I’m always a sucker for indie reviews.

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      Wow, congratulations! That’s big! 3 years… I’m on my half way there :D

      I follow you through GFC like the redhead crafts

      I’d like to see hair coloring tutorials. Obviously you’re rocking that so I’d like to see some advices, your experiences and stuff. :)

      I follow you through twitter as well and I did tweet your message! :)

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      Tweeted! Follow thru GFC. Happy 3rd blogiversary and thanks for the giveaway! I’m a fan of reviews and swatches and find that you do a great job of both, so thanks! It’s appreciated :)

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      Awesome giveaway & good luck to everyone..oh & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :)

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      I follow you via Bloglovin’ currently (although I really follow you best via Facebook and Twitter!).

      I’d like to see more reviews, tutorials are nice, but I like knowing the nitty gritty. And also checkbacks, like when you have a product you’ve discovered that you love, like, say, your Yes to Blueberries stuff, let us know if you still like it over time, or if you found something like it that works better. Yeah! Skincare is recently becoming more important to me since I dinged 30, gonna ding 31 at the end of this month and so I’ve been scrambling trying to find stuff to stop the fine line on my forehead, but still manage my t-zone oilies and very minor occasional mild acne from seasonal changes or picking at my face because I’m a picker (bad bad bad!). But yeah. That’s what i like. But tutorials are still good, I love so many of your looks! I’d wear probably 95% of them!

    • theetinygoat


      i follow via GFC.

      i would love more tutorials, because i’m very application-retarded and clumsy, and any hand holding and walking through i can get is appreciated.

      and i tweeted (i follow you on twitter as Molly.McClanahan).


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      Happy Blogoversary! :D What an achievement! I follow you via GoogleFriend Connect and Twitter.

      What would I like to see more of? I trust your reviews implicitly (especially as a very pale girl myself!) so more of them would be fantastic… and more Phaedra, because she’s gorgeous!

      Will retweet. :D Congratulations again!

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      I follow with GFC.

      I would definitely like to see more reviews, especially of makeup for paler girls.

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      I would love some tutorials! And definitely more reviews of small companies as I really trust your judgment (and Grey!) before I buy.

      I also tweeted. I am @Swatch_Storm

      Happy anniversary! :D

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      I follow on GFC as Rebecca Russell.

      I wouldn’t really change a thing. I really enjoy your blog the way it is.

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      I follow you on twitter and through bloglovin’…
      Congrats on the milestone!

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      Greetings from Skandinavia! <3

      I just love your blog and I wish all good to you! If I may to wish something about your blog, I just wish exactly same articles than before! You inspire me with colors and tutorials. And at here our stores have very limited edition of cosmetics, it's really nice to see new products!

      Have a nice summer!

      (I follow you via Facebook!)

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      I’d love to see more reviews! I come to your blog to get honest reviews with quality photos, and you do a great job already!!

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      Congratulations on your Anniversary!
      I follow on GFC as DonnasDesignsSC.

      Thank you for the great reviews, I have found them not only enjoyable reading, but extremely helpful as well! Being a mineral makeup newb, I love reading your reviews and seeing looks & swatches, please do more, especially of Artfire & Etsy sellers.

      I tweeted and here is the link: http://twitter.com/#!/DonnasDesignsSC/status/71801703095222272

      Thanks for the chance to enter your contest! Keep up the good work :)

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      I’d most like to see makeup looks
      Follow you and RT here


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      i would ,3 to see more and more reviews!!

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      tweet about giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/burcidi/status/71886694726631424

      Thanks for the giveaway! I love the eye looks you do, so please keep doing them! I guess I would like to see more tutorial type stuff, and also some tips and secrets – like makeup that can serve multiple purposes, products you can’t live without and products you regret buying, looks for special occasions, and so forth.

    • Tracey

      Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
      What a lovely assortment of prizes. Thank you very much for holding this :) I follow through bloglovin (It’s nice to see that acknowledged as most only count their followers by those who use GFC)
      I would love to see some tutorials to see how you get such wonderful effects with your makeup and I’m loving your in-depth reviews and recommendations, especially as you introduce us to some great indie brands I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of!

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      3. i follow you on twitter & tweeted; http://twitter.com/collifornia/status/71938646684602368

      holliister at gmail dot com

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      I follow as MartianDelights on GFC
      I don’t often comment but I love your blog and your looks, and wow I am just so jealous of your new hair colour !

      Your blog is already quite complete as you do reviews, looks, announcements and all that, so I don’t really know what else to suggest… maybe more photo tutorials on how you do your looks maybe.

      I have tweeted here :) http://twitter.com/#!/MartianDelights/status/71942309188616192

      Thanks for the giveaway and happy blogbirthday !

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      Happy blog-anniversary! I follow through Bloglovin. I absolutely love your reviews, so more of those would always be nice!

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      ps-congrats on your 3rd anniversary, here’s to the next 3 x

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      and put in a request to follow you, thanks.

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      2. I’d like to see even more eye looks (!) with a tutorial on how to do one of them once per week. A tutorial on lining would be nice to have, too :-) And, of course, even more swatches and reviews of indie cosmetic companies.

      3. Just sent you a “follow” request on Twitter and tweeted your giveaway, but I don’t know how to show you the link :-)


      . *´¨)
      ¸.·´ ¸.·´¨)
      (¸.·´ ¸.·´
      . . . Lisa

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      Happy blog-iversery lol
      I follow you on google fried connect.

      I’d like to see more reviews on indie makeup companies. I’ve just started getting into mineral makeup and indie makeup and I love hearing reviews about different companies. It definately helps me decide where to spend my money. :)

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      More skincare reviews, please!

      I’m subscribed via Google Reader and follow via GFC.

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      Congrats on your anniversary! I Follow you on Google Friend Connect as makeupgirl21. I can’t imagine what else you can add. I love that you use indie companies for makeup. You do swatches, makeup and your pretty darn complete. Thank you for all your hard work.

      [email protected]

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      Congratulations on 3 years!

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      I follow via GFC. I would love to see more reviews, although I wouldn’t mind some tutorials as well!

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      I liked your facebook.

      I tweeted. http://twitter.com/#!/MsMidnightBlue/status/72520910015434752

      I’d love to see anything really, looks, tutorials, reviews. ;)

      I just want to say Congrats on 3 years of blogging! you must be so proud. :)

      Thank you for this. :)

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      Happy, Happy Birthday/Anniversary. You’ve done good, girl! I’m fairly new to your blog but you’re one of a handful that I look forward to reading daily. Now, to another 3 years to come.

      I am a subscriber of your blog and follow via GoogleFriend Connect username is Dlori) and I follow you via Facebook (kleimanlaw) and twitter (@DianeLori)

      kleimanlaw at aol dot com

    • Diane K.

      I love your blog but the one thing I’d love to see more of is creating a certain look with a new line of make up, using only the products from that line and then doing a tutorial so we can attempt to emulate the look you achieved. It’s one thing to tell us how you achieved a certain and what products you used but it’s another to actually be able to view you putting the make up on n a tutorial so we can copy what you’re doing, giving us a better chance of getting it right. The only beef I have with the beauty bloggers is that yes, you do tell us what products you would recommend or not and why. However, another reason why I read these blogs is to learn other methods of putting on make up, deviating from the same old, same old way I do my make up. I want to see new and exciting ways of using make up, ways I probably never thought of before so I can get the most from the make up and look the best possible. However, I do adore your blog.

      kleimanlaw at aol dot com

    • Diane K.

      I follow you on twitter and I posted the above message about this contest on my twitter page (@DianeLori) and the link is as follows:


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      I rely on your site for unbiased reviews, and I always look forward to seeing the pretty swatches, too! So please, more of those. :D

      I tweeted your tweet too, but my Twitter is locked… I follow you, though! (@newtypelady)

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      1.) I follow you via Google, with my name; Kristina Krohn. Additional I follow you via twitter and on facebook!

      2.) What I would like to see is more reviews, I love reading that! When it comes to what to review I like to read about skincare/makeup. But other than that, it is up to you really, since you spend your own money on this, I wont try to tell you what to spend them on!

      All the best, Kristina

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      Wow! Three years is a very long time!

      - I follow on Google as LisaOrestea

      - I would like to see more looks from new collections (e.g. with the Shiro – science collection, I loved the look you did but wish there had been more showcasing the whole collection :))

      - Retweet as @LisaOrestea

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      I follow via GFC, and I would like to see a review of the best not-too-expensive matte/semimatte lipsticks! Thanks!

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      I’d love if you did shade comparisons from indie brands.

      I Rt’ed as LauJoYee on Twitter

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      I follow off gfc, and i’d like to see more reviews and tutorials.
      Also tweeted as seiiseii :).

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    • Amber
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      I follow you through google friends as “Bonnie C.”, and I always love reading product reviews, since I get introduced to products I might not ever come across otherwise. I also like tutorials, it’s great learning how to accomplish different looks. :-)

      I also follow you on twitter and tweeted here (I’m @missbonniebelle): http://twitter.com/#!/missbonniebelle/status/73339993246019585

      Have a great day! :-)

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      I RT’d your giveaway (@liltea).

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      I really enjoy any kind of post, a variety is always best! But I do love your reviews! Honest and informative!

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      … I love what you do on your blog, i would love to see more perfume reviews as im always trying to find new scents to love, especially as of late.. i feel obsessed with perfumes lol

      I follow you through Bloglovin ( [email protected]) and also through GFC ( rachel lwyn)

      Thanks for this amazing giveaway, im crossing my fingers! :-)

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      I’d like to see more reviews on mineral makeup! Just love it

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      Thanks! x

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