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New Venomous Cosmetics Swatches

I had these swatched, but hadn’t yet had a chance to get them up. I’ve got several new colors from Venomous Cosmetics.

Shade Descriptions:
Death Adder – medium beigey-bronze brown with pink hints
Margarita in Mexico City – lime green that pulls gold
Sydney Harbour at Night – deep purpley blue
Stingray – light charcoal silver
Constellation – red-based purple with interesting red specks
Sea Krait – light shimmery blue
Bravest Astronaut – strong red with magenta shifts
Eyelash Viper – medium yellow shimmer
Northern Lights – silvery neutral to light peachy pink with very soft blue/green iridescence
Sahara Sandstorm – medium bronzey pink
Austin Boy – matte hot pink with fuchsia leanings
Zero Gravity – baby pink with teal/purple/pink iridescence

Zero Gravity on top of Nyx Purple Rain lipliner.

Bravest Astronaut in the crease.

The new colors are really lovely. Zero Gravity is AWESOME. It’s perfect for layering. Stingray has gorgeous blue undertones which may not be apparent in the swatches. Death Adder is really nice for a neutral. I LOVE Margarita in Mexico, Sydney Harbour at Night, Sea Krait & Bravest Astronaut. Eyelash Venom is nice. As usual, I love the lip poisons.

Northern Lights, Death Adder, Sahara Sandstorm, Margarita in Mexico City, Sydney Harbor at Night and Stingray were purchased by me. The other samples were sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.makeuppicnic.blogspot.com Meeta

      I love the look of Death Adder, Stingray and Constellation. Zero Gravity looks very cool too.

      • Phyrra

        Zero Gravity is really neat.

    • http://www.beautysbadhabitblog.blogspot.com Lily

      Love the look of Death Adder and Bravest Astronaut – I’ve been getting more and more into red/ pink eyeshadow recently!

      • Phyrra

        They can be fun!

    • http://beautifulwithbrains.com gio

      Bravest Astronaut is gorgeous! The other shades are very pretty too.

      • Phyrra

        Bravest Astronaut really caught my eye with its strong duochrome effect.

    • Marion

      I love your hairstyle and colour.

      I like a lot of the colours, especially Austin Boy. I would order it immediately if there weren’t such good Memorial Day sales that I couldn’t resist (Hi-Fi, Darling Girl).

      • Phyrra

        Austin Boy is really bright :)

    • cinseven13

      Austin Boy really jumps out at me!!

      • Phyrra

        Oooh I’d love to see you in it ;>

    • http://OHWTO.com Becca

      Okay, i DEFINITELY need Death Adder- that’s the brown I’ve been searching for! :O

      • Phyrra

        Yay :)

    • http://prettymaking.blogspot.com Mandy

      I can’t wait to receive Austin Boy! I ordered it, along with a few full-sized eye shadows, a few days ago, and am getting more and more excited as time inches closer to the day I will receive it…

      • Phyrra

        Yay! Hope they come soon.

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi

      I’m not sure why I’ve put off ordering from Nenemous for so long. They eyeshadows and glosses both look amazing. I really want Austin Boy and Zero Gravity. I bet they would look great together.

      • Phyrra


    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      So many gorgeous colors! I’m going to want Bravest Astronaut!

      • Phyrra

        You will rock that! Fierce!

    • http://www.makeupzombie1.blogspot.com MakeupZombie

      HOLY HELL!! I love those colors.

    • http://roxcat.net/blog/ roxcat

      I’m very tempted to place an order, the shadows look wonderful!

      • Phyrra

        They are really nice!

    • http://www.lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com Lillian

      I love the lip poisons so much! I need to make an order!

      • Phyrra

        They really are worth it!

    • http://www.the-beauty-spot.net Rach

      These are ace I just ordered loads more lip poisons :) I had troubles though with the sample pressed shadows though I found it hard to get good pay off? Should I use a brush or finger for the small ones?

      • Phyrra

        I would use a dense lid brush or shade brush.

        • http://www.the-beauty-spot.net Rach

          thanks so much ill try that :D

    • http://www.makeupcritic.com Vera Kempner

      Hi :-)
      Your make up is so drastic, don’t you afraid to be so bright? :-) How people react to such a bright image? :-)

      • Phyrra

        I work in the video game development industry, which is a creative field.
        I always get positive comments on my makeup and hair, both in person and online.
        It may not be the sort of thing that everyone can do in every field, but
        for creating video games, video game conferences, conventions, etc, it really works.

        In fact, the only negative comments I’ve received have been from people snarking
        on my blog. It really just reinforces me to that when people are behind a computer
        they think it’s acceptable to be rude.

        And specifically, I am NOT a makeup guru. No where on my blog do I call myself a guru.
        In fact, I specifically state I am NOT a guru. I’ve been learning about makeup for the past 3 years.

      • UneLuneBleue

        Putting a :-) after every snarky comment does nothing to negate the mean-spirited-ness of your post.

      • francesdanger

        @Vera- So glad to see you here. It’s nice that you semi stepped up to the plate rather than hiding out in your little corner of the critical internet. Bravo for that.

        We spoke on your blog of courage. Wearing bright colors takes courage, and I presonally think they look beautiful. To each their own I guess. Tell me, will we be seeing your ‘perfect’ looks on your blog soon or will it just be more of the same, tearing apart others for your own amusement? I hope it’s the former rather than the latter because i know I for one would love to see what exactly you can do.

      • nurse_cherrybomb

        What a sad, sad person you must be Vera! You should realize at this point that all the girls you have been attacking have fiercely loyal followers and we will defend them against your ridiculous attacks! Go away!!!!!

    • Tracy

      Love Bravest Astronaut and Zero Gravity!!! and I so miss your pink hair!!!! Although the dark is lovely too ; )

      • Phyrra

        Aww, I love both!

    • http://hebrideanspritebeauty.blogspot.com Krista/ Hebridean Sprite

      Love the necklace! Also really really loving these swatches! Venomous I think is going to be my next Indie company shadow/lippie order! So many awesome shades and the mini pressed shadows are just so cool!

      • Phyrra

        Yes you should definitely try them!

    • UneLuneBleue

      Oooh, lots of great colors here, I don’t think there’s one that I dislike!
      That eye look is just… wow!

      • Phyrra

        Thanks :)

    • http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com SilhouetteScreams

      I literally want every single colour here, but I especially like the look of Zero Gravity, Margarita in Mexico and Eyelash Viper. How do you think Austin Boy compares to MAC Pink Poodle lipglass?

      • Phyrra

        You know, I’ll try to swatch them side by side. I think Pink Poodle has some gold glitter in it, but it might be really subtle.

    • http://www.melissasrandommusings.blogspot.com Melissa Blackburn

      I feel like a bandwagoner but man, Bravest Astronaut caught my eye like mad!

      • Phyrra

        It’s really gorgeous!

    • http://tiahaar.blogspot.com/ Tiahaar

      Thank you for these swatches! I’ve been wondering how ‘Margarita in Mexico’ looks like. And it looks just perfect! I must order it some day. =)

    • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=550460717 nurse_cherrybomb

      Sadly, I will once again be spending money on shadows I saw on your blog! ;) lol I just received an order from meow cosmetics after seeing swatches on your blog and now I’m ever so tempted to get these!

      • Phyrra

        Oooh what did you pick up?

    • http://eyeconicmakeup.blogspot.com/ Heather

      AHHHH Margarita in Mexico looks insane! I must have it!

    • Christie

      I love your looks especially the bright bold ones. I would love to see a look done with Sea Krait, Margarita in Mexico and Eyelash Viper. I think you could rock those out but maybe add some Poison Plum in with the look. Keep doing what you do, you inspire a lot of ladies to try things they never would have because of the “rules”. I say to hell with meek mild looks all the time go for the color and what makes you happy.

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Christie! I prefer color!

    • Andrea

      Phyrra the tokydoky is amazing lovely :)

    • Phyrra

      Thank you Andrea!