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Orglamix Update

Since I’ve received several emails, and it seems to be the top search term on my blog recently, I’ve decided to make a quick post about Orglamix.

I haven’t seen the Orglamix Facebook page update since mid-March.
The Orglamix Fraud page is still going strong.  From the comments there, lots of people have not received orders.
The Orglamix website seems to be open.
It appears that Orglamix was removed from Etsy.
Cheri Tracy’s personal Facebook page seems active.

One could surmise that she has abandoned Orglamix and is waiting for things to blow over.

You can see my previous post on the situation here.

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    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      WOW. It always upsets me so much to see so many MMU companies doing everything wrong when there are also so many doing everything right. It screws with people’s opinions of the honest, hardworking indie MMU companies, and I know this sounds overly dramatic, but it just makes me shake on the inside.

    • http://portraitofmai.blogspot.com Mai

      I hope she’s really gone but damn I hope the people are able to get refunds for their orders! It’s Glittersniffer problems all over again

    • http://makeupmama-michelle.blogspot.com/ Michelle

      The website up, but there are no products listed. I hope those who didn’t get their orders have filled Paypal claims.

    • http://kattatonic.blogspot.com/ Katt

      Dang. This sucks. I hope those people can at least get their monies back. :/

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