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Sonia Kashuk Makeup Remover

This review has been a long time in the making. At the suggestion of several people, I purchased the Sonia Kashuk makeup remover.

The Website Claims:
This fresh-as-water eye makeup remover activates when shaken to gently whisk away waterproof eye makeup while conditioning and refreshing the skin
No stinging, it’s ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers

Water, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Isohexadecane, Hexylene Glycol, Poloxamer 184, Sodium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Ext. Violet 2.

$9.99 for 4 oz from Target

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes! It doesn’t hurt my eyes when I use it. I can use it multiple times in a day without issue. It does remove makeup easily.

Would I purchase again?
Yes! I’m actually going to go a step further with this review and tell you why it took me so long to review it. This makeup remover is actually knocking Nyx Eye & Lip makeup remover out of its place as my favorite remover for several reasons. I compared it side by side with my all time favorite from Nyx.

1. Nyx is $7 for 2.8 fl. oz from Cherry Culture but you must also pay shipping, vs. $9.99 for 4 fl. oz from Target, where you can drive to pick it up. This makes Sonia’s the better buy to me.
2. Both cleansers have very similar ingredients, which is why they work very similarly on the skin. However, the containers that they’re in are different. Nyx’s container has a very small hole at the top and is very stiff, making it somewhat difficult to saturate your cotton pad with the remover. Sonia’s container has a large open top, making it easy to saturate the cotton pad with remover.
3. When you’ve got the cotton pads saturated with remover, they both remove makeup easily, though Sonia’s is a bit better in my opinion, since it’s easier to saturate the pad (as said above). I used the cleansers side by side, one on each eye, for several weeks to compare the results with all sorts of makeup. I tend to feel like the Sonia cut through waterproof mascara easier than the Nyx, but otherwise they both worked really well with all sorts of eye makeup.

I honestly wish I’d tried this years ago, because I love how well it works. I don’t have any nasty reactions with this makeup remover. It’s truly gentle. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try a new makeup remover. It certainly has won me over from Nyx. And I’m definitely done hunting for makeup removers. This is the best I’ve tried for my skin.

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.melissasrandommusings.blogspot.com Melissa Blackburn

      Thanks so much, I have been in the market for a new remover, I tried one by Rimmel and and it just isn’t doing what I want when it comes to my Stila Smudgestick. I am definitely gonna have to give this one a try!

      • Phyrra

        I hope it works well for you :) I know I love it!

    • http://lipstickvendetta.pale.nu Reggie

      Awesome! I’ve been looking for a new makeup remover to replace my higher end ones. I was planning on picking it up, but this gives me the extra push to grab it when I run out of my Inglot makeup remover.

      • Phyrra

        Yay! Sounds good.

    • http://ladyinatophat.blogspot.com Lady in a Top Hat

      Is it an oil based makeup remover?

      • Phyrra

        I think it is oil free, but I’m no 100% sure.

    • http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/ Vijaya

      This stuff is great. The only thing I like better is my Origins. <3

      • Phyrra

        I’ve never tried the origins one!

    • http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/ Cassy

      Great timing as I’m almost out of my Neutrogena remover and was looking to try something else (for funsies I guess, I don’t have any complaints about it)

      • Phyrra

        Yay let me know what you think.

    • kawaiiferreto

      I still have some Mary Kay remover leftover from when my friend was selling it, but I will definitely pick this up once I’m done with that. I don’t like supporting Mary Kay, and this looks like it works just as well or better, and will be easier to come by!

      • Phyrra

        It’s definitely easy to come by :)

    • http://www.baroque-in-babylon.blogspot.com Tianne

      Thanks for reviewing this. I use Lancome Bi-Facil (I think that’s the name) and Neutrogena wipes. I struggle with my lash extensions to use a cotton ball, but I will try this in future.

      • Phyrra

        I hope this goes well for you ;)

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    • Kacey

      This is my favorite makeup remover too : ) Which reminds me, I’m almost out and need to go pick up another bottle!

      • Phyrra


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    • http://cockamamied.tumblr.com Helena

      I do have this and enjoy it, but I swear to God, I have about a fourth left of it because I keep spilling it (keep in mind that I wear makeup occasionally, as in, once a week at least, thrice a week at most, and have owned my bottle for a few months). So NYX’s packaging actually sounds good to me.

      • Phyrra

        Thankfully I’ve never spilled it (or the Nyx for that matter). I hope it works well for you ;)