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Redken Wax Blast Review

When I went with a shorter hair cut several months back, I picked up Redken’s Wax Blast to help style my hair. Previously, I mostly relied on hair spray or paste to add texture to my hair.

The Website Claims:
-Adds body and dimension
-Creates a choppy, satin-matte finish
-Innovative aerosol wax provides the finish of a wax with the convenience and lightness of a spray.
-Lightweight, fine-mist application is ideal for all hair types
and lengths.
-Microwax Technology provides the finish of a wax with the convenience and lightness of a spray.

$13.59 on Amazon.com, but price varies by Salon

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes! This stuff is fantastic! It really does help create a great tousled, textured look. It sprays in a very fine mist, which is perfect for not getting too much product in your hair.

Would I purchase again?
OMG yes! This stuff is amazing. You can use it in several ways, but the ways I like best are as follows: by spraying it all over my hair and then taking my fingers and raking them through my hair, or by spraying it all over my hair and then using the blow dryer while lifting my hair up and out. It’s really awesome. I can even manage a fauxhawk with this stuff!

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.body-soulbeauty.com Mary

      I love this product too! When my hair’s shorter, it is so helpful in styling it. I’ve looked for less expensive products to replace it, and I have yet to find anything that works as well.

      • Phyrra

        I haven’t found anything that works as well, either. Love it :)

    • Kelly

      Good to know! I just tried the spray wax from Sally Hershberger the other day and it does nothing for me at all. Could also be that my hair isn’t really layered though. Gonna get some layers next time & try again!

      • Phyrra

        I’ve tried the Sebastian wax spray and it didn’t work as well as this, which is what prompted me to go back and buy it. This stuff is awesome on my hair. Yay for layers!

    • http://www.whimsybeading.etsy.com Aygee

      I’ve got to get some of that.

    • Jenny WHiskey

      I LOVE this stuff. When i used to beat my curly hair into submission, i had short haircuts a lot like yours, and spray wax was an HG. It works on all hair textures and i love how pliable the hair is when you use it.

      My only gripe: watch out for the spray nozzle clogging. Spray wax canisters do this all the freakin time. My fav before this was the Bed Head brand, and i literally started boycotting it because i couldn’t get halfway through the bottle without it becoming completely useless!

      • Phyrra

        I have that problem with hairspray usually. I hate it when it gets clogged.

    • http://www.simplystephtee.blogspot.com stephanie

      I am definitely going to try this! Every since I cut my hair shorter, I’ve been having trouble finding a product that helps me get that messy, layered effect.

      • Phyrra

        This is really great for that.

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    • http://www.sirenasparklestar.com/ Sirena Sparklestar

      This the ONLY spray wax/hair spray I use. It is seriously the best!

      • Phyrra

        I totally agree, Sirena!