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Follower Appreciation – Kat of Dandyzette

Wow, this is HARD! Well, I’m Kat Grisaille, a 22 year old cat-loving, Marie-Antoinette obsessed, vegi-eating Dutchie who lives in Belgium. I am a budgetfreak I read a lot, I watch loads of costume-dramas and I am Bruce Willis-fangirl.
My blog is http://ladandyzette.wordpress.com/ and I am a bit of a lazy blogger. I mostly write about make-up and clothing, but I’m not afraid to talk about mooncups, the on-going struggle with my hair and more personal things, so in short you could say I write about things that interest me or is on my mind. The main focus on my blog is cruelty free: it doesn’t have to be  boring and/or expensive.

Due to my main focus, I love to try indie-compagnies as they are more unique (well, most of the time), some of them are vegan ánd have exciting colours, they’re quite inexpensive and the personal touch some have. There’s a growing list of compagnies I need to try, so there’s enough to review and swatch!

On the ‘clothing-side’: I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista as I don’t care about brands or the latest trends, I just like to play with clothing. At the moment I’m getting back to my balletroots which is visible in my wardrobe: soft colours, lace, tulle skirts, ballerina-shoes and a growing cameos collection.

This year I’m thankful for many things, especially that I found the strength to acknowledge that my depression is back and I have to do something with it. I feel blessed that friends and family support me and I can be more open about it and learn more about myself and how I can deal with it.

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    • http://ladandyzette.wordpress.com/ Kat Grisaille

      I can’t say thank you enough! Wow, I’m so happy and I was so nervous to actually send you an email. ^^


    • Rebecca

      Cool! My mother is from Belgium — immigrated to the states as a child. Taught me Flemish. Not enough people know where this beautiful country is…

      • http://ladandyzette.wordpress.com/ Kat Grisaille

        I’ve actually read a theory that Belgium doesn’t exist, it was hilarious. It’s close to the Netherlands but completely different in so many ways!

    • Rachel Shia

      I went to Belgium a year and a half ago. ^^ It was really nice there.

      I love your hair! Also I know what you mean about dealing with depression, it’s really hard. I wish you the best of luck with it.

      • http://ladandyzette.wordpress.com/ Kat Grisaille

        Thank you! It’s a lot shorter (and more boring) atm, the bleach was the final step to complete destruction. :P I do miss it, I love pink!

        And thank you for your kind wishes. The best of luck to you too. <3

    • http://manicuredslayer.blogspot.com ManicuredSlayer

      Hi Kat!! Your hair is sooo pretty!

      *Hugs* regarding the depression–right there with you dear. It’s hard but as you know, there IS a good light at the end of that tunnel (and not a train). Just acknowledging it is a strong first step. Hang in there!!

      • http://ladandyzette.wordpress.com/ Kat Grisaille

        Thank you and thank you. Luckily it isn’t as severe as it was in the past, but still sometimes very difficult to deal with. I know I’ll get stronger out of this, it won’t be like this forever and ever.