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Concrete Minerals Swatches

I wanted to show you swatches of my mini-jars and full size jars from Concrete Minerals with my new camera. I swatched these not too long after getting the camera and I think they turned out nice.

Shade Descriptions:
Prude – pale shimmery pink
Brat – shocking hot pink with a violet sheen
Rocked – soft, neutral peach with a violet sheen
Napalm – smoldering orange with gold sparkle
Juvenile – acid-green with turquoise sparkle
Living Dead – moss green with brilliant copper undertones
Detox – seafoam green with silver sparkle
Nocturne – deep sparkling moss green
Ruse – bronze with gold sparkle (looks like an orange-based gold to my eyes)
Lolita – shimmery taupe with pink undertone
Jezebel – shimmery purple (rich and decadent red-based purple)
Wicked – medium purple with aquamarine shift
Storm – dark matte purple (leans grey to my eyes)
Bat-Breaker – steel-grey with flashes of turquoise and red
Revolver – deep brownie-brown
Blitzkrieg – shimmery bronzy-brown
Kinky – black-based teal with rainbow sparkle
Temptress – dark teal with gold sparkle

Sexy Lips Lip Tint
Rocket – pink-coral

Eye shadow combos to try:
Inner Lid – Rocked
Outer Lid – Blitzkrieg
Upper Lash Line – Revolver
Lower Lash Line – Lolita or Temptress

Inner Lid – Rocked
Outer Lid – Napalm
Inner Lower Lash Line – Juvenile
Outer Lower Lash Line – Brat
Outer Crease – brat

Lid – Wicked
Crease and outer v and lower lash line – Jezebel
Inner crease and inner v – Lolita

Lid and inner crease – Ruse
Outer lid and outer crease – Napalm

Lid – Ruse
Crease and lower lash line – Blitzkrieg

Lid – Juvenile
Crease and lower lash line – Ruse

Lid – Detox
Outer Lid – Temptress
Crease and lower lash line – Juvenile

Lid and crease and inner lower lash line – Lolita
Outer v and outer lower lash line and outer crease – Storm

Lid – Brat
Crease and lower lash line – Jezebel

Lid – Jezebel
Crease and lower lash line – Temptress
Upper crease – Wicked

Prude makes for a perfect highlighter :)

What are your favorite color combinations? What are your favorite Concrete Minerals colors?

Some products purchased by me. Others were gifts from a friend. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.thejadecarver.blogspot.com Jade Carver

      I need to get a full-size of Napalm and Detox, I’ve had samples of them for ages and love them.

      • Phyrra

        Yeah they’re great colors. Plus you get the 10g jar size :)

    • NeenaJ

      What primer do you swatch over? The colors are so vibrant and multi-dimensional. I want that on my lids!

      • Phyrra

        I swatch over Meow Light Primer. However, Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Concrete Minerals Primer will give you good vibrancy.

    • http://www.unique-desire.com Kassie

      Napalm, Living Dead, Detox, Jezebel, Wicked, Kinky and Temptress all look amazing! But do the shadows blend well?:)

    • http://liquirizia.over-blog.com Lutrinaë

      Wicked looks pretty awesome!!!! Jezebel, Temptress & Napalm seems nice too :o)

      I ordered some lipstick from them (still in waiting for the package arghh) but didn’t think about the eyeshadows!!

      • Phyrra

        Definitely try the eye shadows! They’re nice :)

    • Leighanne Frey

      I actually just recently used Bang-up Jezebel and Blitzkrieg together and it came out so awesome!! I put Bang-up in the lid crease, covered with the Jezebel, blended together a bit then added Blitzkrieg to the lower AND upper portion of the lid, it came out so sexy!

      • Phyrra