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April 19, 2012 12:21 pm

NARS Eyeshadows

This is all of my NARS eyeshadow collection with a bronzer and blush thrown in, since I’ve used both on the eyes at various points in time. NARS is definitely

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Morgana Cryptoria Troll Repellant, Far Out and Totally Tubular

Not too long ago I received some awesome lipsticks from Morgana Cryptoria. I’d purchased them during one of her sales events. As you know, Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks are a holy

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Trendshow Purchases

So I probably should have put this into the Nordstrom Tampa Trendshow post, but this is what I ended up purchasing from NARS and Clarisonic. I made 2 different purchases,

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Bitey Tyrannosaur in Sicily

Because you know the Tyrannosaur with tiny little arms is chasing the Beauty Bloggers! LOL or something like that. I used Picture It: Sicily, Blogger Beauty, Pteranodon, Bitey Tyrannosaur, and

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