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April 26, 2012 11:18 pm

Sparkly Prom Look

Since Prom is right around the corner, and MakeupBee is having a Sparkle for Prom look contest, I decided to do a Sparkly Prom look (you can ‘Like‘ my look).

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The Odd Couple – Poodle and Pug, and HydroDog

Phaedra and Max are very much an odd couple. They offer each other doggie companionship but they speak very different dog languages. Their bodies are built quite differently so I

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More Makeup Geek Colors

Recently I purchased more of the Makeup Geek Colors. I’ve been consistently impressed with their colors and their quality. The pigmentation is great. They’re very smooth. They’re cruelty-free. They’re only

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Quick Look

I had like all of 5 minutes to put on makeup , so I opted for a quick makeup look. Too Faced Shadow Insurance  Tarina Tarantino Pure Nude as a

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