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Hair Inspiration!

It’s time for some more hair inspiration!

First up, we’ve got this gorgeous blue hair look with accents of pink in the fringe. I love it.

Image Credit: KayceLane

Image Credit: Pinterest

I adore the color of this hair, such an interesting shade of blue. I also like the way the braids are styled. It’s unusual and cute. Please let me know who the original belongs to so I can give proper credit. This says it goes to picsy, but only to a main page.

Image Credit: Pinterest

I love this angled bob! I’ve had my hair cut like this several times and always think it’s cute. I also love the color placement. With the white blonde on top, the turquoise in the middle layer and the deep blue on the bottom, it’s pretty and different. Also, if you know who the original person is for this, please let me know so I can give them credit. It just takes me to tumblr to login.

Image Credit: WeHeartIt

Could this be any more gorgeous? Bright red, long lots of body. I love it.

Image Credit: WeHeartIt

I used to braid my hair into a french or dutch braid all the time when I had long hair. This is really a unique twist with the braid going up and into a bun.

Image Credit: Killerstrands

Since I now seem to prefer shorter hair, I love this cut. It’s got all kinds of movement and a flirty sideswept fringe. I like how it’s relatively sleek on top and messy and textured on bottom. It’s another great bob variation.

Image Credit: wisely-chosen

I had to include this! It’s so awesome! Long wavy rainbow hair and a pug! How gorgeous is that hair?

Image Credit: Pinterest

I love this cute pixie. I love that the longest piece is by her cheekbone. It looks so playful.

Image Credit: LovelyHairstyles.net

This is so elegant! My hair has never been thick, but I wish it was so I could style it like this at least once.

Image Credit: HairColorIdeas.com

I cannot get over this pink bob! It’s so cute!

Image Credit: HairColorIdeas.com

This red literally took my breath away. It’s so sexy!

Image Credit: HairColorIdeas.com

This deep royal blue pixie is to die for. I really love chic short cuts and seeing such a vivid color for this cut is stunning.  I like the red lips and nails with the blue hair.

Image Credit: HairColorIdeas.com

This curly ombre hair looks so magnificent! I’m so envious of the volume and texture.

Image Credit: wisely-chosen

I love this color combination of orange, red and pink hair so much! I love the curls too. I wish I knew what color combination she used to achieve that fuchsia shade at the bottom.

Ah! Seeing all this color makes me want to have rainbow hair with curls!

Which do you like best? What have you seen that’s inspired you recently?

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    • http://mylucidbubble.blogspot.com/ KrisInPhilly

      I would love to know that blue in the second photo! If you find out please, please, please let us know. I love it! It kind of reminds me of Special Effects Sonic Green that has faded or has been tweaked.

    • http://www.spontaneouschick.com/ Aleya Bamdad

      I love the blue ones, but I’m pretty much over the red styles. Would love to see you with rainbow hair. It would look so great with your eye makeup because you play with so many colors.

    • http://yasmin-ohwhatfun.blogspot.com/ Yasmin

      All these hairstyles are so amazing! I really like the first one and the angled bob with the blue/blonde.

    • Karen

      I love the two short styles, especially the blonde one. My hair is similar to the blue cut, but brown. I’d love to go more asymmetrical like the blonde. Phyrra, have you ever gone that short?

    • Daintynymph

      I’m pretty sure that last photo is also Wisely Chosen. If you scour her pictures you’ll probably be able to find out what combination she used.

      • Phyrra

        Yep! I found it on her flickr :) Thank you <3

    • http://www.ruthsmakeup.blogspot.com Ruth

      That bottom orange pink one is AMAZING. Wow.

      • Phyrra

        I think I want that to be my next hair

    • http://beautyandthecheap.blogspot.com Nisha Singh

      I love those reds! I wish I could have all my hair red, but I get enough questions with just streaks of it. -__- The orange and pink ombre is kickass!

      • Phyrra

        You could totally do all red ;)

    • http://beautysbadhabitblog.blogspot.com Lily

      LOVE the blue angled bob! Also the second red hair pic – amazing.I’ll probably go back to ole faithful red once I’m bored of blue/ green :)

      • Phyrra

        The angled bob with the layered colors is so neat.

    • http://brightlycoloredperson.wordpress.com/ Daena

      All of these are so cute! I love the blue pixie and the blue/white bob. I wish I could let my hair grow long enough for that but I always end up going really short. I can’t decide what to do with my hair next!

    • http://pearlsquirrel.blogspot.com Silke

      So much awesome!

      I prefer the royal blue pixie cut, I love boyish hairstyles combined with very girly make-up like red lips and nailpolish, and I love how the colors are so contrasting!

      The blonde pixie with long sideway fringe is also gorgeous, and the layering of colors in the blonde/blue angled bob is amazing too.

    • http://candypow.com Crissy

      I love the blue & reds! I’m dying to change my hair to blue. It’s taunting!

    • Roxanne

      The blue braided style is absolutely stunning! I have long brown hair (natural) with some lighter highlights, and I think I’ll try that! LOVE it!!

      Also, the bottom picture just feels so nostalgic for me. I love the combination of pink and orange, and a few years ago I also did some orange and pink in my hair. I didn’t do the whole head, but I bleached some streaks in my black hair and did half pink/half orange on some and half pink/half purple on others. If anyone is interested, this was it: http://i.imgur.com/topHN.jpg (sorry for the over exposure, I was young! XD this was really only 4 years ago). I believe it’s Manic Panic’s New Rose, Ultra Violet and Tiger Lily.

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    • Carla

      I am drooling so all over this post. My hair right now is sadly damaged from bleach, but it’s got Special Effects Atomic Pink and Cherry Bomb, which makes this eye-searing cerise that I lurrrve. But that last image there is super tempting…

      Also, Google Images search now has this super useful little camera looking button on the right hand side of the search box where you can plunk in a URL and come up with where it probably comes from. So, the one with the super-cool turquoise-grey braids one seems to be a photoshopped version of http://www.hairromance.com/2011/05/30-days-of-twist-pin-hairstyles-%E2%80%93-day-25.html though I can’t figure out who ‘shopped it first, and the blonde/turquoise/blue is probably be from http://www.brokenbutterfly.co.uk/gallery.htm.

      *so helpful!* ;p Now to go drool over wisely-chosen some more…

      • Carla

        Er, is probably from. Derp.

    • http://manicuredslayer.blogspot.com ManicuredSlayer

      Ahhhh! I just had to repin a ton of those for myself! WOWZERS!

      My hair is very short with some curl/wave to it. I so need to color it. My DH bleached it for me but then I got sick and we never had a chance to color it. Maybe for Mother’s Day lol. I just kind of do my own thing–and DH cuts my hair. It was a bit long this weekend when he was away so I just grabbed the scissors and hacked at it a bit LOL.

      I know that my horrify many, but after losing some of my hair while on an arthritis med (also a chemo med) I took up the mantra “it’s just hair, it will grow back”.

      But some of those longer styles…….omg……..makes me want to grow out my hair again! Esp that last one!