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Things You Might Have Missed

Happy Friday the 13th! I’ve posted a lot recently, so you might have missed a few things in the flurry of posts. I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss the following:

BftE Cosmetics Lava Momma Video Tutorial

Illamasqua Medium Pencils – Video Swatches & Initial Thoughts.

My Naked Face!

My Sneak Peek Pictures of my Cult Nails 5k Sale Order.

I’m on Instagram for Android now.

WhimsBeading is having a double your money sale sale from April 11 to April 15. Take advantage and get some awesome sparklies!

My makeup look to meet Sinead of Beautisol and my mani to meet Deborah Lippmann. I’ve got a write up of my behind the scenes and exclusive info coming soon.

More of the new Urban Decay Eyeshadow swatches, comparing old Mildew and new Mildew.

Who doesn’t like a look that references unicorns?

Also, I’m a Makeup Geek!

Finally, check out my new Moo cards.


Here are just some of the things I’ve posted this week.

Which ones did you like? Which would you want to see more of?

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    • http://brightlycoloredperson.wordpress.com/ Daena

      i loved that picture of Max! What a grumpy-cute expression! He reminds me of my boy Binky — even though Binky is a cat. lol They have a similar grumpy look.

    • http://pearlsquirrel.blogspot.com Silke

      I had missed a few posts because I have been working a lot this week and was sick, so I barely got to reading blogs this week apart from a 5 minute peek before bedtime. Great idea to do a summary post.

      My favorite post was the meow sexy time look, because of the awesome clashing colors that still managed to look harmonious together :)