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De Leon Cosmetics

I’ve had De Leon Cosmetics in my ‘to review’ stash for quite a while. I’m happy to finally be able to show their products to you. De Leon is an Australian company.

$17.50 AUD per eyeshadow, $5 AUD for shipping (XE.com says that $17.50 AUD is equal to $17.55 USD)

Ingredients: (varies by shadow, below is Loopy Leopard’s ingredients listing)
Mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium myristrate, iron oxide, carmine.
Not Vegan.

The top row is on my bare skin. The middle row of eyeshadows is on the De Leon primer, which does a great job at making the eyeshadows vibrant. The third row is lip products.

Indecent Exposure – luminous nude with a golden pink shimmer
Loopy Leopard – pearlescent golden peach sheen
Knock Out Punch – blackened plum satin with a pink sheen
Dashed Lip – deep pinkish plum shimmer with a paler pink overtone
Scooter Green – pale aqua satin with minimal shimmer (unblended)

Indecent Exposure and Loopy Leopard are beautiful. Dashed Lip looks very red on me. Knock Out Punch is really pretty. Scooter Green is a bit sheer. The eyeshadows applied pretty easily and blended easily, too.

The Gloss was nicely pigmented. The lipstick balm took a few swipes to build up.

I didn’t get a chance to test the longevity and the wear of the primer yet.

I do like the eyeshadows and think that they’re pretty. However, I feel that the $17.50 price point is really high for a single indie eyeshadow.

I took one and a half stars off for price and complexity. I do think the quality is nice, but the price is on par with Urban Decay shadows, which seems high. The colors, while nice, aren’t overly complex.

Have you tried De Leon Cosmetics? What do you think of the colors?


Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.jeannelippiatt.com Jeanne

      Yay for an Australian brand! I found out about Femme Fatale cosmetics on your blog and I love their stuff. About the pricing though, the Aussie dollar is very strong at the moment and now it’s almost 1 to 1 with the US dollar. I remember when I was younger, the Aussie dollar was worth about half of the US dollar. So when my NARS Laguna bronzer costed $55 AUD and in the US it only costed $34 USD, that made sense. Now that the dollar is almost 1 to 1 a lot of people think it’s not fair that we’re being charged double here (sometimes more than double, Revlon foundations here cost $35-40 AUD and in the US they’re under $15 USD). So that’s why prices here seem a bit outrageous when currently compared to the US dollar, I hope that made sense :)

      • Julia

        Thanks for mentioning Femme Fatale cosmetics, Jeanne! I was looking for local mineral makeup companies, but what I found was either repackaging or unbelievably expensive, or both. Looking forward to get my sample order from FFC now!

    • aisling

      Always nice to see another Ausssie option.
      I was about to make Jeanne’s comment about the exchange rate. A few years ago getting 85 cent US to $1 AUD was good. That and the cost of importing stuff (import taxes, shipping) for businesses into Australia is high.

      And these are a couple of reasons people buy stuff from overseas currently, which is only going to make it harder for the Aussie companies.

    • http://sugarbumpkin.blogspot.com Janny

      I won’t spend $18 on an UD eyeshadow, let alone an indie one.

    • http://beautysbadhabitblog.blogspot.com Lily

      ‘Scooter Green’ looks beautiful! Still, I wouldn’t spend $17.50 (around £10) on an indie eyeshadow – the shades aren’t very unique, from what I can tell, either. Still, I guess getting supplies to Australia is pricey!