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How I Fill in My Brows

I get asked this question a lot. How do I fill in my brows? I also get asked how I take care of my brows. What I do for my brows is pretty simple. I go see Sonia, the brow expert at Cameo salon, and have her wax my brows. She follows my natural shape and cleans it up. That’s all I get done. I don’t ask for super thin or super thick or anything other than just clean up my natural shape.

I use an Anastasia Mini Duo brush with a spoolie on one side and an angled brush on the other. I usually use a matte eyeshadow but lately I’ve been loving Urban Decay Frigid for filling in my brows.

You can see with the lines above where I look at to make my points for the brow. I roughly do that, taking the natural shape of my brow into consideration. Looking straight ahead, I use the outside of my iris (colored part of the eye) for the arch of my brow. Using the outside flare of my nostril is where I look for the inner part of my eyebrow. For the tail of my eyebrow, I line it up with the nostril as well.

Instead of using eye shadow, you can use a brow pencil. You can also use brow wax. Or you can use wax + powder. You just need to do whatever works best for you.

I hope this helps!

How do yo do your brows? Did you find the diagram and video helpful?

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    • http://cinseven13.blogspot.com cinseven13

      Your brows always look great!

      I wax mine although have let them “grow in” a bit fuller lately, and use Meow’s Brow Beater in Black or a charcoal grey to fill in and darken mine. Black’s supposed to be a no-no but brown brows look odd with black hair.

      • Phyrra

        I agree, I used black for a long time with my black hair. MAC’s Blackberry looks really good with dark hair, too.

    • http://glamfiend.blogspot.com Becky

      I like to use brow wax and a brunette or auburn powder depending on what color my hair is. I’ve tried using a pencil and brow mascara but it just doesn’t do it for me. I want my brows to grow back in but years of plucking has caused me to get the occasional few hairs to pluck.

    • http://principessadellafortilizi.blogspot.com/ Clara

      I use a Rimmel brow pencil in hazel since my brows are a very dark brown and my hair is naturally a reddish brown. It works very well to fill in my brows without making it obvious I’ve filled them in. But I have more problems of my thick brows growing back super quick so I’m left plucking the stray hairs every morning.

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    • http://pearlsquirrel.blogspot.com Silke

      I love how you are so creative with your brows! I just use an eyebrow pencil and clean up my natural shape. Back when my hair was red, I used to dye them in the same color as my hair and used a reddish brown pencil to define my brows.