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Meow Cosmetics End of Days Collection Review

I have had this collection for far too long in my review pile and I am kicking myself for not getting to it sooner. This is the Meow Cosmetics End of Days Collection. So many of these colors just wow’d me, and that’s not easy to do these days. Ragnarok, Armageddan, Hopeless and Planet X… Wow. these are all swatched on Meow Light Primer.

Meow End of Days Collection

Row 1 = Prophecy – Rapture – Doomsday – Ragnarok – Armageddan – Hopeless – 2012
Row 2 = Nostradamus – Hysteria – Nibiru – endgame – Planet X – Eris – Winter solstice – Reckoning – oblivion

Row 1 = Prophecy – Rapture – Doomsday – Ragnarok – Armageddan – Hopeless – 2012
Row 2 = Nostradamus – Hysteria – Nibiru – endgame – Planet X – Eris – Winter solstice – Reckoning – oblivion

Row 1 = Prophecy – Rapture – Doomsday – Ragnarok – Armageddan – Hopeless – 2012
Row 2 = Nostradamus – Hysteria – Nibiru – endgame – Planet X – Eris – Winter solstice – Reckoning – oblivion

Row 1 = Prophecy – Rapture – Doomsday – Ragnarok – Armageddan – Hopeless – 2012
Row 2 = Nostradamus – Hysteria – Nibiru – endgame – Planet X – Eris – Winter solstice – Reckoning – oblivion

$8 for a 5 gram jar, $1 for a sample

Prophecy – Rapture – Doomsday – Ragnarok – Armageddan – Hopeless – 2012

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron oxides Some Colors May contain: tin oxide, ferric ferrocyanide, copper powder, ultramarine blue, ferric ferrocyanide

Prophecy – Rapture – Doomsday – Ragnarok – Armageddan – Hopeless – 2012

intensely iridescent shimmering vanilla
My Take:
Creamy white with hints of gold and pink. Maybe it’s because I’ve been staring at it recently but it reminds me of Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl (old version). I absolutely love this shade.

get swept up in this bright heliotrope
My Take:
Metallic red-based purple with pink, red and blue sparkles.

a sudden flash of pink metallic exploding within a grape hue
My Take:
Hello bright grape! It’s a blue based grape purple shade that’s bright with pink-violet shimmer.

the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology, depicted in smoky plum
My Take:
Deep blue-based blackened plum with blue sheen. This is another one that I love. wow. Just amazing and dark, but not flat.

no official description
My Take:
Deep blue-black base with red-violet iridescence layered on top. This is an amazing shade.

brooding ominous duochrome forest green
My Take:
Blue-toned pine green with antique golden green layered on top. This is another amazing shade. My jaw dropped when I saw it. So gorgeous.

aluminum hued and just a touch vague
My Take:
Rich silver on a dark charcoal base.

golden iridescent cocoa like the old worn edges of a hand written scroll, buffed with gold iridescence
My Take:
This is another stunner. It’s a bronzey brown base with golden sheen on top.

gleaming bright olive with silver sheen
My Take:
This has a rich olive green base with a more golden yellow on top. I don’t see silver at all. However, it’s still lovely.

warm golden glowing butterscotch
My Take:
Soft orange with an orange-gold glow.

acid green/yellow
My Take:
This is a velvety acid green. I love the finish.

Planet X
deepest black/green/blue and on collision course with…
My Take:
Blackened navy base with deep pine green iridescence. Dark on dark. Another awesome shade.

see it when it flies past the Earth in 2012 or catch it here…the largest dwarf planet, in iridescent teal
My Take:
Light green-based teal with teal iridescence and a slight hint of golden sheen.

Winter Solstice
an icy cold blue forewarning of the end of a era with a potent green duochrome finish
My Take:
Bright aquamarine blue with blue iridescence that has a hint of green.

bright copper cinnamon rose
My Take:
Red with warm undertones and red iridescence.

copper glazed russet, mysterious and complex
My Take:
Russet red on a charcoal base with red metallic iridescence.

My Top Picks:
Ragnarok, Armageddan, Hopeless, Planet X, Prophecy and 2012. I just can’t get over how awesome it is to see darkness layered on top of darkness with Ragnarok, Armageddan, Hopeless and Planet X. I really love these deep complex shades

If you ever wonder, Why Meow? or Why Indie? This is why. Gorgeous complex shades in buttery smooth formulas that wow you.

Some products sent for consideration. Some products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://theamazingworldofj.blogspot.com Janine

      All those colours are awesome!!

      • Phyrra

        I was thoroughly impressed!

    • http://bibasbeautycorner.blogspot.com/ Biba

      Wow! These colour are really gorgeous!

    • JessJess

      Oh my, those are beautiful. I’m just getting into indies, and Meow Cosmetics is one of the first ones I’m looking to get (trying to swap for some samples before I go spend to much at the site) because their colors are so unique. Hopeless is definitely my favorite.

    • Sarsie

      I have Prophecy, 2012, and Reckoning, and believe it or not, Prophecy is my absolute favorite of the three. It’s such a beautiful color and very versatile. I would say that I like it ever more than UD’s older version Midnight Cowgirl. Reckoning is also really nice, but 2012 just didn’t really work for me for some reason.

      My all-time favorite Meow color isn’t part of this line, but it’s part of the Friday the 13th line: Skeptic. That is one color that is incomparable to anything else I have ever tried. Just beautiful.

    • http://www.plannedresilience.net/ Eleanor

      Wow, those are fantastic! I really love “hopeless.” But, it is difficult to pick just one or two of the others.

    • http://www.tikibarbie.blogspot.com TikiBarbie

      I really liked this collection!

    • http://www.spontaneouschick.com/category/beauty-product-reviews/ Aleya Bamdad

      These colors are gorgeous!

    • Laura

      WOW! this looks really beautiful .. have to get one soon …

    • http://www.darknesstaste.blogspot.com Darkness

      Wow Armageddan really looks wonderful!

    • http://fenuabeaute.blogspot.com Anna

      I’m not a fan of Meow, but damn these look fine!

    • Sandy

      These colors are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I just placed my first order with Meow, for foundation, under eye concealer and brightener. I’m sure I’ll love them all!

    • http://www.beautygnome.blogspot.com Jessica

      I have two from this collection – Nibiru and Hysteria.. Now I think I’m going to have to get more, they all look incredible! Love the formula, too. A little goes a long way and they wear so well! Great post! :o)

    • vige

      pretty much want all of these! thanks for the lovely swatches <3

    • http://beautyjones.blogspot.com/ Margaret “BeatyJones” McGlynn

      So frickin’ gorgeous! I particularly love Hopeless. What does that say about me?


    • Gabrielle

      I had gotten pretty disillusioned with ordering makeup lately because it always seemed like as much as people talk about duochromes, I couldn’t ever actually find any colours that had that effect. Ironically, Armageddon and Hopeless have given me new hope! I’ve seen other swatches of them and the colours didn’t pop like that. Do you think it’s just a camera thing or does the primer you used make a big difference?

      • Phyrra

        I think it’s my camera plus the lighting (a daylightbulb) that I use. I use a DSLR camera. Of course, swatching on primer helps, too.
        But I put a lot of effort into trying to capture the true color :)

    • Sandra

      I love deep, dark complex shades like those too. My absolute favorite. Haven’t bought anything from Meow for quite a while because after great customer service forever, they suddenly started crapping out. I don’t understand what happened. I might have to give them another chance & pick some of these up.

    • http://tikibwana.blogspot.com/ TikiBwana

      I ordered full sizes of Armageddon, Planet X, Reckoning, Hysteria, Hopeless & End Game…. now I think I “need” Ragnarok…. I love Meow’s products!

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    • http://liquorlubeandlipstick.blogspot.com/ adri

      wow, these colors are stunning, I’ve put myself on a no-buy but this collection is weakening my resolve, haha.

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    • Sandra TK

      I just added Ragnarok
      - Hopeless
      - Prophecy
      - Armageddon 
      - Nostradamus 
      - Hysteria
      - Planet X
      - Oblivion 

      To my list of must buys. I probably missed them for this year, so I’m gonna have to wait a bit. But it’ll be worth it. They’re all just wickedly gorgeous! Thanks for the smoking hot swatches & helping along the ballooning of my already insanely huge Meow collection :-)

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

         @Sandra TK  These colors are AMAZING! They’re still available.

        • Sandra TK

          @Phyrra WOOT! I can never remember which of their collections are available all year & which aren’t, other than the obvious ones for Christmas, Halloween, etc. Can’t wait to get these in my hands! Sweet!

    • http://www.polishgalore.com Krystal S.

      Totally buying 3 of these today based on your swatches. I knew to come to your website first! Thank you so much for always having such great, high quality swatches!