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Rainbow Zebra Pug Max

Since I thoroughly admonished Dave for Max lacking a collar or harness, he asked me to get Max a new one. Being me, I hit etsy looking for a cute harness. Max has put on weight since we first took him in. He was at 20 lbs and now, 2 years later, he’s at 27. We’ve had to cut back on his food to try and help him lose weight because that’s far too much weight gain for a little dog. Anyway, I saw this rainbow zebra harness and I knew it was perfect for him. No one will ever mistake him for a stray dog again.

This is before i put the back piece through the loop. It’s too far down in this picture.

Here he is sprawling out, enjoying a nap with the harness on.

Because of how pugs are shaped, and how Phaedra is shaped, that harness will actually fit on her, too. At least the neck piece will. I didn’t try to get the barrel piece attached.

I purchased this gorgeous harness from Jin’s K9 Kreations by Jin on etsy. It was $30 for the custom size and $4 shipping.

Maximus loves it. It’s quite comfortable for him to wear and he struts around in it.

What do you think of this harness for Maximus? Isn’t the rainbow zebra stripe too cute?

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.makeupmonstah.blogspot.com Laura O

      Love the harness… what a great find! He seems to feel the same, he looks dashing! :)

    • http://glamfiend.blogspot.com Becky

      OMG!!! That is sooooo cute :)

    • April in Tampa

      He definitely looks cute and adorable in that harness! Very smart-looking and colorful…I’d expect nothing less from Max’s mama :)

    • Dez

      Max is just too sexy for his own good! It also looks very comfortable for him.

    • http://yourlipsbutbetter.blogspot.com Jen

      Cute harness. Gigi used to use harness, but she pulled too much, so I bought her a Wonder Walker and it works awesome and I love it.

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    • Umapuma

      His tongue looks ilke a heart, cute!!

    • Ollie

      He is such a cutie! totally rocking the rainbow :)

    • Sandy

      That is one chubby little dog! I’m not sure what his expression is in the last picture; either ‘I look silly and I know it, so shut up,’ or ‘the things I endure for fame.” The zebra harness is adorable, tho. ^-^