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Tidbits – Why Indie?

I’ve often been asked why I like to support indie. I choose to support indie products because I like buying custom made products. I like supporting small businesses. I like the feeling of community. Here in Tampa, I choose independent mom and pop stores over big chains when I have the choice. Online I prefer to choose Indie, too. While Meow, Morgana Cryptoria, Fyrinnae, BftE and Evil Shades have been gateways for makeup, Etsy has been a gateway for jewelry, clothing, and other things, such as dog collars. I can be happy that I’m helping some mother or father pay for their little girl’s ballet lessons. I can be happy that I’m helping a couple pay for their special night out. I can be happy that I’m helping someone follow through with their dream.

I know I want to continue to follow through with my dream of writing full-time. I’m happy doing what I can to help others achieve their dream.

I’m also happy with the product quality and color selection, especially for foundations, which had been difficult for me in the past. Add in that usually handmade, indie products cost less than department store and that’s a nice bonus too.

Why do you buy indie? What do you like or dislike about indie? What companies do you feel are indie that sometimes end up being debated?

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    • http://hues-n-blues.blogspot.co.uk/ Liza

      I love indie mainly because I can get something different to what everyone else has. I love the choice and the value is always great.

      • Phyrra

        I do like that uniqueness, Liza. Good stuff :)

    • http://www.jeannelippiatt.com Jeanne

      I recently started buying indie after I saw your feature on Temptalia :) Based on your recommendations, I’ve purchased from Meow and Femme Fatale and I’ve loved everything from both brands. Femme Fatale really excited me because it’s a local (Australian) company and cosmetics here are often overpriced so it’s great to get a good value but also to support a local Aussie business.

      • Phyrra

        That’s awesome Jeanne! I’m so glad you liked the Temptalia feature. Yes, Femme Fatale is great! Another Australian company is De Leon.

    • Amber

      I enjoy and appreciate the unique products that indie makeup and bath/body products. The customer service is also amazing. It’s so cool when you actually get to buy a product that you suggested as well. With makeup lines, the colors are just so unique compared to mass market. It’s true with bath and body products as well. If you want cherry-scented hand sanitizer, you can get it. The prices are much more reasonable as well.

      • Phyrra

        Sometimes the customer service is great! I definitely agree that the prices are usually reasonable.

    • Marisa C.

      I buying indie for the same reason. I feel with major brands I’m paying for advertising, name and packaging. With indie I am getting more product. I love BFTE because of the AMAZING customer service. It is nice to be treated worthwhile and of value to a business. The only thing I have disliked is with other companies there is a lack of being able to continue good customer services. Promises of products and then you see postings about having to return money because they couldn’t follow through. And also I read reviews, see swatches and then just to find out they aren’t around anymore or closed shop to try and fix things. That is kind of frustrating. But all in all I love indie companies and have been very happy with the products.

      • Phyrra

        BFTE Truly shines for their customer service! It’s great when a company will make an effort to show that they value you.

        Unfortunately, some companies don’t understand being professional or providing good customer service.

    • Dez

      I buy indie because of the great colors available and how much longer the products seem to last on me. I have met some great people and it makes me feel good to know I may be doing something small to help them live their dreams. I LOVE indie! :D

      • Phyrra

        You summed it up nicely ‘… doing something small to help them live their dreams.’ :)

    • http://www.annamaxblog.blogspot.com Annamax

      Bless this post. <3

      • Phyrra

        Thanks Anna :)

    • http://beautyjones.blogspot.com Margaret McGlynn

      I love indie products in general because they are unique. When one doesn’t have to answer to marketing departments, boards of directors and other corporate necessities, the way is clear to create something truly from the heart. Old-school craftsmanship, passion and pride come into play, which can lead to some truly amazing products.

      Thanks for sharing your love of indie cosmetics. It’s so much fun discovering them!

      • Phyrra

        You’re welcome Margaret!

    • Jenn

      I love Indie products because I love getting something unique, different than everyone else has out there, not that I don’t love major brands too. But I love knowing my money goes directly to supporting someone and that I am helping someone’s dreams become reality in having their own business. And I love being able to directly communicate with them like a friend in some ways, and knowing my opinion actually matters to them concerning their product.

      • Phyrra

        I agree Jenn! It’s so nice to feel like my opinion counts.

    • blauriche

      I agree about finding things that are unique. I also feel like indie producers are much more likely to be concerned with sustainable, cruelty free production. I feel too that when you’re buying something from a small company you’re really helping someone else who’s passionate about what they do keep making the marketplace that much richer. A lot of times when you buy something from a smaller company you worry that the quality is unpredictable, but for the most part, indie products have worked out better for me than mass market ones. I definitely do a lot of research though, because everyone now and again you read horror stories from people.

      Also, I think your interest in indie products is one of the main reasons I read this blog every day.

      • Phyrra

        Thank you for letting me know that, Blauriche! I definitely agree that some indies care about sustainability and cruelty-free products. Most of the indie companies that I know and support are cruelty-free. Cult Nails, Fyrinnae, BftE… all cruelty-free :)

    • http://beautyinfinitum.blogspot.com eight

      Except for your lies about OHWTO, Evil Shades’ poor quality control and lying about the USPS “stealing” packages, but let’s just gloss over, shall we?

      • http://www.suckit.com Fantasia!

        From what I can tell, OHWTO does a perfectly fine job of making herself look like an asshole on a daily basis- I don’t think Phyrra needs lie to or has ever lied about that- facts speak volumes eight….I’m sure you’d know since you’re so far up her ass, you basically speak for her. Evil Shades does NOT have poor quality control, it’s called not using your products and storing them in an area where they will dry out, thus causing the product to crystallize, not mold (I’m sure you could Google that and find out.); and pulling them out a year later and then scaremongering (something Becca is SO opposed to, mind you.) Fucking hypocrisy at it’s finest. It’s interesting that Becca seems to have such a BIG issue with people, that she sends her little minions instead of actually TALKING to people she accuses of lying about her. That would seem the most likely way to figure things out- like adults, in my opinion. But fuck, what do I know, I just talk about makeup.. So, I guess we didn’t gloss over this, did we.

        PS “eight”, once Becca is done with you being her lackie, she’ll dump you too and use everything you’ve ever said to her against you. It’s been happening constantly- even to this day. Keep that in mind, that’s fact. But yeah, she’s a WONDERFUL company owner..just stellar.

        PPS. It’s fucking MAKEUP, get over your fucking selves and go to something productive with your time. FFS.

      • lunableu

        I’m sorry, but what lies has Phyrra told about OHWTO? She left up her review, which I believe was pretty darn positive. She simply quietly stopped supporting the company for her own personal reasons. It’s her blog, she’s allowed to do that.
        As for Evil Shades, I will only say that just because there are people out there spewing a bunch of garbage about things that the owner is not at liberty to discuss in public, doesn’t mean that those ‘people’ are experts on the situation. People will gladly believe drama rather than give a person who has ALWAYS been honest about her mistakes the benefit of the doubt.

      • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

        I’ve never heard Phyrra bad mouth anyone. One of the reasons I greatly admire her is how she stays unbiased and nonjudgmental and refuses to get mucked up in all the drama.

      • http://rebeccasramblings-tenderheartr.blogspot.com/ Rebecca R.

        Grow the hell up!!

    • lunableu

      I like buying indie products for much the same reason as you. I like to get unique products and reasonable prices. I also like the handmade aspect of it. I’ve also found that there’s a personal touch that you don’t get from bigger brands that I appreciate. I feel that supporting small, local business will help our economy in the long run too. <3

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

      You are who got me started being interested in Indie! I think Indie companies owe a lot of their success to you because it seems like you were one of the first to champion their cause. I like buying from Indie because when someone complements my makeup or another product, I can say, “I know the person who made it!”. I guess that can be a double-edged sword (being friendly with the owner while you are also a customer), but like you said, I’m supporting other people’s dreams and that always feels good.

    • http://etsy.com/pinkculturecosmetics Brittany

      I am not going to lie, I hadn’t even really heard of any indie makeup brands before I started reading your blog. Since then, I have ordered so much from different companies like Fyrinnae and Shiro, and I can’t say I’ve ever come away disappointed. I was a MAC girl all the way, but these companies are, like you said, mom and pops companies. I too feel the satisfaction of a great product while helping a normal individual like myself instead of a corporation. In fact, I have become so inspired that I decided to start my own company…It has really allowed me to learn so much about what goes into what we choose to put on our faces. :)

    • http://rebeccasramblings-tenderheartr.blogspot.com/ Rebecca R.

      I’m totally obsessing over indie companies these days. I’ve got a huge wishlist of products from different companies; unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy much of anything these days. One of these days… I just love the idea of supporting small business over huge companies and try to do it whenever possible. Plus (a lot of times) better quality for less money! Who can beat that?

    • http://nailutopia.blogspot.com Chrissy

      Though I have not tried Indie makeups yet!!! I have and do purchase Indie nail polishes. I love that they are unique and interesting. I love supporting Indie brands because its not corporate made! And I am completely satisfied with every Indie polish I own ….. and thats quite a bit! >_< I also have been inspired, where it will go only time will tell. :D

    • Sandra

      My question to those people would be ‘Why not indie?’ All they would have to do is take a look at an ingredients label from most indie companies to realize not only are the products high quality, the ingredients used are high quality. You can also get more unique products, rather than the same things that every other company has done to death. The pigmentation of indie products is also more intense, meaning you get more usage out of them. They’re also very often multipurpose. An eyeshadow can be a blush, eyeliner, nail or a lip color. Or even a body paint. I recently sent a huge decorative tin full of assorted brands of indie products to my best friend for her birthday & she’s been amazed at what she has been able to do with them. I’ve personally got a lot more indie stuff than I do MAC, NARS, or any other brand. Every time I lose my mind & drop huge amounts of cash on a NARS eyeshadow or a run of the mill MAC blush, it reminds me that I’m getting far better quality with the indie products I buy. It’s also made me realize that I can very easily mix up my own products if I can’t find them elsewhere. I can’t even remember the last time I bought setting powder, a highlighter, setting mist or any makeup remover. No need to when I can make my own that’s far higher quality than anything I can find in the stores. On top of everything else, I’ve also gotten a lot of inspiration from indie companies.

    • http://alostgirl.wererabbit.net Misato-san

      I follow both Indie and “major” companies… I like the spirit of Indie ones, sometimes they are more original than their big collegues… ^^

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