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Cult Nails Nevermore Review, Swatches & Layering Fun

Today I’ve got Cult Nails Nevermore to review for you. It is described as a high gloss, one coat perfect black.

The Website Claims:
High gloss, one coat, perfect black. ’nuff said!

$10.00 for .5 fl. oz.

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes! It is the perfect one coat black! I’ve tried a lot of black nail polishes in the past 15 years, with my favorites being a Color Club polish and Orly Liquid Vinyl. Nevermore blows them out of the water. It really does take just one coat.

L to R: Evil Queen with Orly Prisma Gloss on top, Nevermore with Prisma Gloss on top, Nevermore with Hypnotize Me on top and Prisma Gloss on top on 1/2, Nevermore with Unicorn Puke on top, Nevermore with Seduction on top, Nevermore with The Hungry Asian Sea Creature on top with Prisma Gloss on top

Cult Nails Hypnotize Me and Orly Prisma Gloss in Silver are my favorite layering polishes.

Prisma Gloss – Hypnotize Me

Prisma Gloss – Hypnotize Me – Unicorn Puke – Seduction

My favorite combination right now is Nevermore with Hypnotize Me on top. It’s on my toes. They look amazing.

Hypnotize Me – Unicorn Puke – Seduction

Unicorn Puke – Seduction

I’ve tried a lot of combinations and they all look amazing. For this past weekend, I wore Nevermore with Hypnotize Me on top.

Would I purchase again?
Yes! Cult Nails polishes are cruelty-free, big 4 free, and indie. They’re reasonably priced. They ship lightning fast. Their quality is amazing for the price. I will happily purchase again and again! Nevermore will I search for that perfect one coat black, because I’ve found it!


From the Cult Nails website:
Cult Nails polish is B3 Free which means they don’t contain Toulene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl. But Maria didn’t stop there, Cult Nails Polish also doesn’t contain Phthalate or Camphor. Cult Nails is a Cruelty Free company and does not test on animals or use products that are tested on animals or that are animal byproducts. All polish is Vegan friendly.

In keeping with our green initiatives all packaging is recyclable and some even reusable.  We use only recycled boxes to ship our polish that can be reused or recycled by the consumer and utilize cotton balls for our packaging materials. This not only allows the polish to be protected during shipment, but supplies our customers with some of the materials  needed to remove their old polish once our product arrives!

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://www.moxiereviews.com Moxie

      I’ve never tried their nail polish, so I’m really happy to read your great review. Love how Nevermore looks!! x

    • http://thekarend.blogspot.com/ KarenD

      Nevermore is one of a handful of Cult Nails colors that I haven’t bought. I might have to try it the next time I order–looks very rich and shiny.

    • blauriche

      It’s so funny, the first time I got a package from Cult Nails, I said, “Oh that’s cute,” and threw the eco-friendly packaging material away. The next day, I was talking about my new nail polish and as I’m telling her about the packaging, it flashes into my head that I’m an idiot and the cotton balls were for removing nail polish. I usually use kind where you swirl your finger in a sponge so it didn’t even cross my mind. Anyway, the next time I ordered from them I used the cotton balls as recommended and liked it so much better I’ve switched to using cotton balls.


    • lunableu

      I picked up a couple of bottles of Nevermore during one of their sales. I love that there’s finally a really good one-coat black polish for layering! <3 Cult Nails!

    • http://99raina99.blogspot.ca/ Teresa @99Raina99

      I just got some Cult Nails and now I am wishing I got Nevermore. On my wish list now! Cult Nails polishes are amazing!

    • http://marijonails.blogspot.com MariJo

      I’m not a black polish fan, but I love it with the layering combos you did. Especially the flakies!

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