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Happy 4th Anniversary International!

As promised, I have a sweepstakes for my non-USA readers! This rafflecopter sweepstakes is open to readers of Phyrra who enter using the Rafflecopter widget below who do not have a USA shipping address. This is for International Readers of Phyrra.net

Body Butter
Guava Lip Butter

Electric Stardust, Bitey Tyrannosaur, Blogger Beauty, Picture it: Sicily, Pteranodon (minis)

Shady Lady Vol. 1 and 2 palettes


Hot Pink Cream Blush
Soft Fuchsia Jumbo Lip pencil
Pink Rose Mega Shine Lip gloss

Pink Blossom Cosmetics
A sample set of the entire birthstone collection

I will be adding more prizes. If you are a company who wants to add a prize for my celebration, please email me.

The sweepstakes starts on 5 June 2012 at Midnight EST and ends on 22 June 2012 at Midnight EST.

Again, this is for my International readers who do not live in the USA. So if you are in Norway, Australia, or anywhere else outside of the USA, this sweepstakes is for you!

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    • http://makeupscience.blogspot.com/ Xero

      I’m actually not sure if I have a U.S. address or not, since I live in Puerto Rico. It’s technically part of the U.S., but since it’s not continental nor a state, sometimes it’s treated like it’s not. I didn’t participate in the last giveaway, though.

      • Phyrra

        Go ahead and enter this one then :)

        • http://makeupscience.blogspot.com/ Xero

          Yay thanks~ :D

    • ShannoninBC

      Awesome items! I’m stoked to enter :D

      • Phyrra


    • Icequeen81

      woow it looks amazing for my part u may include those cute skulls earrings u did show in your site a time ago. If am not mistaken u had bats also.

      • Icequeen81

        I don’t have a USA address either, cause I live in the Antilles, but I was planning to open one just in case, this can be the case :)

        • Phyrra

          This is only open to non-USA residents, aka International readers.

          • Icequeen81

            much better I don’t live in the USA

    • lawren

      I know that you’re mostly about makeup swatches and looks and whatnot, but I do enjoy reading your nail polish posts as well (:

      this is such a great giveaway~ thank you for including us non-US readers (:

      • Phyrra

        I’m happy to hear that! I worry about having too many nail posts sometimes. You are welcome!

    • http://www.sirvinya.com Sirvinya

      Oooh, I’ve been wanting those Balm palettes!

      Congrats on the 4 years :)

    • ShannoninBC

      I enjoy any of your posts about foundations, the most recent being the “Illamasqua Skin Base in Au”, as that seems to be my most challenging beauty item to match perfectly! Also, any posts about the dogs makes me chuckle :) Thanks for such a great giveaway!

    • http://beauty.viktbloggerskan.se/ Tina

      Lovely giveaway, once again congrats on 4 years!

    • BooBooNinja

      My favourite recent post was your post on Anxiety. Thanks for sharing.
      Congratulations on your blogging success!

    • https://twitter.com/#!/dvdfjojo Jo Green

      Lovely that you’re doing an international competition, thank you. I first read your blog when you found Holika Holika Petit BB cream which I tried and loved – first foundation that’s fit me colourwise ever :-)

    • http://luckyangelandgiveaways.blogspot.com Lucky-Angel And-Giveaways

      I like The Bronzed and the Beautiful, Sophisticated Smoky Eye and More

    • http://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com/ Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

      Happy blogoversary, Phyrra! Many more to come! My favorite recent post of yours is the Dandy Lion with Pistols one. I think you combined the colors in the most genius way possible! xx

    • http://www.jeannelippiatt.com Jeanne

      Yay for an international giveaway! My favourite post of yours is the Girl on Fire – Look & Video Tutorial (I hope that’s recent enough!) :)

    • Jess

      Did you announce the winner of the US giveaway yet?

      • Phyrra

        Yes, I contacted the US giveaway winner. The winner was determined through Rafflecopter.

    • http://gosh-makeup.blogspot.com/ jasmine

      I like how your blog is a mix of swatches, looks and personal stuff. But if have to choose one post, it’ll be the one with the look with the Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette. Just because I’m waiting on mine and I love seeing looks with it. :)

    • Mateja

      I enjoy reading your nail polish posts.
      Congratulations on your blogging success!

    • Lisa Brown

      I liked your “Eyeshadow Primer Comparison V3.0″ post.
      Gave Klout 6/5 – https://twitter.com/LuLu_Brown24/status/209993479185641472
      BlogLovin’ email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com
      RSS email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com with my yahoo reader.

    • Abbie

      I loved the Memorial Day rainbow eye look! I love that it wouldn’t be so obvious at first glance, but has lots of fun colors. Recently I’ve been experimenting with combining black eyeliner with a hint of color like that – now I want to try the rainbow :) thanks for all of the ideas!

    • http://morgainesmakeup.blogspot.com/ Diana aka Morgaine

      Congratz Phyrra!! And I love all your posts, but the one with Max and Phaedra are my favourite as a huge dog lover :-)

    • http://www.etsy.com/shop/PoochandPuddy Amber @ Pooch & Puddy

      Ooh, yay! I almost never get to enter giveaways, since I’m so far away (In Canada. Really far. Really.)

      I really enjoy your posts about Phaedra and Max (I mean, I *am* a dog person) but for on-topic posts, I love your blogger-gathering posts. I’ve got the Neiman Marcus one open in another tab right now, and I loved the last, where you got to make your own lipstick and stuff. I guess I like seeing the “real life” things as well as just looks and swatches and reviews. Life is fun.

    • http://missdudette.blogspot.com Ria

      I’ve loved this one: End of Days, Rouge Bunny rouge and the Solution to Hyperpigmentation Problems. It helped me a lot!
      Congrats on 4 years!! :)

    • http://justmeleah.blogspot.com Leah

      I liked your Rock Your Hair post. Your hair cut was cute :) I love all your hair colouring posts as I’m deathly allergic to hair dye, so I live vicariously through you :) Long time email subscriber here, I’m a bit of a lurker! Thanks for doing this non-US giveaway so we don’t feel neglected in other countries ;)

    • http://makeupscience.blogspot.com/ Xero

      My most recent favorite post was probably the rainbow eyeliner look. That one was really pretty!

      Also, does it count if I retweeted the post you made about the giveaway?

    • http://pearlsquirrel.blogspot.com Silke

      Nice giveaway, I’m in! Congrats on your anniversary, I hope you’ll soon be able to do this for a living :)

      My favorite look from the past few weeks was the one using the new sugarpill palette. In general I like the new roundup posts, because I often miss some posts when I don’t have much time for blogging.

    • https://www.facebook.com/anat.krispin Cupcake

      Why, this is super exciting! The products look lovely, especially the eye shadow pigment things there, such bright and lovely colors!
      This is why I so love your blog, you always use the most beautiful bright colors in the most interesting combinations! I always try to imitate it on my own, it gives me a lot of inspiration :)
      lot’s love all the way from Israel :))

    • Lisa N.

      My fave post was your The Bronzed and the Beautiful, Sophisticated Smoky Eye!

    • http://www.mystylespot.blogspot.com cindy b

      loved your illamasqua foundation post! very helpful!

    • Carla

      Hurray! International people for the win!

      My favourite recent post is the one with the new Meow collection. I drooled all over my desk.

    • Arra Morta
    • http://www.thesmalllittlethingsinlife.blogspot.ca Annick

      Yay something for international readers!

      I always appreciate your honest and blunt opinions of beauty boxes! They give me a giggle!

    • xlinda

      I adore the cobra pistols look you did lately. Thank you for this great giveaway!!

    • http://kosmetiikkakaaos.blogspot.com Johis

      Gongrats on your anniversary!

      I love that you have been posting about animal testing in cosmetics. Other than that my favourite post was the one with swatches of Femme Fatale eyeshadows, had to go and make an order to them :)

    • http://menia-prettylittlethings.blogspot.com Menia

      Loved the Photo Tips for Beauty Bloggers!!! Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for the giveaway!!

    • Florinda

      Congratulations on your anniversary! Joined the giveaway :)
      My fave post was your The Bronzed and the Beautiful, Sophisticated Smoky Eye.
      Thank you so much!

    • Naznin Azeez

      Makeup Brushes 101 is my fav blog post of your’s …. Thanks for this awesome international giveaway… So kind!

      Naznin :)

    • Gothicrise

      I love the post about makeup swatches

    • Chicca Tamburrino

      I like your post of the Girl on Fire Look & Video Tutorial

      Thanks for opportunity!

    • Claire

      Hi! I’ve just started reading your blog and I’m finding the info and swatches for indie makeup companies really useful :) Most recently, the pics of Fyrinnae’s Isis lip colour has me dying to make an order! Thanks for doing an international giveaway :D

    • http://Kookith.Wordpress.com Kookith

      Awesome! Thanks for not forgetting about us International Readers, Phyrra! :)

      BTW, my fave post of yours was the one about Anxiety. I don’t think many people realise how serious anxiety can be.

    • Pingback: Happy 4th Anniversary, Phyrra! « Kookith

    • http://puteriratnasari1987.blogspot.com Puteri Ratnasari
    • http://www.nobullshop.blogspot.com Bennie Martins

      Yay, you are totally awesome and very generous, I do not think this is ever happened for an international blogger to be so thankful for his overseas followers.

      Lots of awesomeness and love back at ya.


      too bad I cannot enter, I don’t have a Twitter account and the rafflecopter won’t open otherwise…

      • Phyrra

        It’s free to create a twitter account :)

    • Lulu

      One of my favorite posts is Sophisticated Smoky Eye Look, I like your FOTD looks!
      And Happy 4th Anniversary!

    • http://amostras-passatempos.blogspot.pt Ana Rute Primo

      I like this one:

      Orly Flash Glam FX Nail Polishes Swatches & Review

    • Silvia Mazzy

      The post about anxiety is very interesting!

    • Carla Mendes

      I liked The Bronzed and the Beautiful, Sophisticated Smoky Eye and More

    • sonia brandolone

      The post about anxiety is very interesting

    • Ivete Pinto

      My favorite posts is Sophisticated Smoky Eye Look.

    • Loredana

      My favourite post of yours is the Girl on Fire – Look & Video Tutorial! :)

    • http://ijustwannabe-foreveryoung.blogspot.com/ Tisha

      I loved the Milani Shadow Eyez Review and Swatches! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • http://tousledkitten.com/blog tousledkitten

      Thanks for hosting. x

    • http://beastandbeauty.wordpress.com/ beastandbeauty (Mystique)

      Great giveaway…love the look you posted about for the blog breakfast too! Hi from Melbourne, Australia!

      M x

    • Sonia Mendes

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • http://federicapergiveaway.blogspot.com Federica

      I love Sophisticated Smoky Eye Look’s pot :3
      Thank you for the give away!

    • helena braga

      Illamasqua Skin Base in Au

    • http://puteriratnasari1987.blogspot.com Puteri Ratnasari
    • http://lanilaa.blogspot.com/ Nila Kussriani

      love this post Darling Girl Mermaid Tails :)

    • ELLI
    • http://niaputrinia.blogspot.com/ Kurnia E Putri

      My most recent favorite post was probably the rainbow eyeliner look. Genius

    • http://natalieroseanne.blogspot.co.uk/ Natalie Peploe

      Thankyou so much for the giveaway! It’s nice that it’s international! I’m from the UK.

      Good luck everyone! xxx

    • Austine Lee

      Makeup Brushes 101 is my fav post by you :)

    • eplefe

      I really like your tidbits. I like the sharing you do with your readers, and letting them know you for you. So yeah. All of those.

    • http://www.facebook.com/angelica.nery angel

      i like the sophisticated Smoky Eye post! happy blogeversary to you! love love from the philippines! xox

    • http://cescraze.blogspot.com cecille

      Reader from the Philippines trying my luck here. :D

    • Sadi

      My favourite recent post is your illamasqua foundation post! very helpful for me .

      Thankss alot

    • http://coffeewithmel.blogspot.com/ melita

      Top Tips for new beauty bloggers :) although I’m not exactly a beauty blogger, I write about it sometimes, this post helped me a lot and gave some great ideas. Thank you for that and for a fab giveaway!

    • http://vennoxes.blogspot.com Venn

      I love your blog tips posts!

    • http://alta-infante.blogspot.com/ Alta Infante

      I like your Birthday Look post. :)

    • http://misslittlesnail.blogspot.it/ Manuela

      Loved the Smoky eyes articles on the blog! :-) I really love your style^^ XOXO

    • courtney b

      i really liked “how to dress for an interview”