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Phaedra and Max

I was in Orlando last weekend, so I missed Phaedra (and Maximus) a ton! This week, their groomer came to clean them. Maximus doesn’t care to go to the groomer as much as Phaedra does. She loves it. He’s like meh.

Here’s the clean and relieved pug.

His cute little tag that says Lucky Dog. The back has our contact information.

Phaedra’s tag says spoiled. The back of her tag says Addison’s Disease and has our contact information.


This is what it’s been like all week. Rainy. I love it. I love the rain misting down through the lanai screen into the pool.

Phaedra waits patiently for her turn with the groomer.

Laser Phaedra is fully charged after getting clean! Stupid cell phone.

You can see how this picture is just heads and tails better than the other picture of Maximus because it wasn’t taken with my cell phone.

This picture of Phaedra is much better too.

I went a lot of places in Orlando this weekend… the Latin Quarter, Disney Hunt Club, Disney Hollywood Studios, Neiman Marcus, and Premiere at the Convention Center.

This is just one of the silks at the Hunt Club.

This is the Ripley’s Believe it or Not building.

This was the beautiful view out of my hotel window.

Me and the girls at the convention center.

How was your weekend last weekend?

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    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

      Yaaaaaaay! I of course love the puppy pictures. I love the way Phaedra looks after she has been groomed. Her skin looks like velvet. And i can’t get over how cute Max looks in his new harness.

    • Sandy

      LOL—-Laser Phaedra. Her eyes glow like a cat’s in that photo. ^^ Both puppies look clean and happy after their grooming. Actually, Max looks glad the session is over; Phaedra looks pretty and proud.